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  • How old do I have to be, to work in a dispensary in Colorado?

    I just turned 18 still finishing up high school but after graduation I was thinking. Can I work in a dispensary? If so what would be the qualifications a company would be looking for? I sure can tell you a lot about everything to do with Cannabis, but I've only dreamed of working around the great plant.

    Another thing, let's say I did want to work around a dispensary. Would it be better for me just to go into work, or to go to college? My dream career would be to work with or own a dispensary, so I'm asking, which would be better? Of Course I can get into college and I think I'd love it, it's just a question. Thank-you.

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  • How do I move out in Colorado?

    Ok, let me get straight to it. I want to move out because of problems I have with my father and mother. I have actually reached a state of depression in which I have attempted and contemplated suicide quite a few times. I have reached a point of pure sadness. I have realized the only thing I can really do is move out. I am currently 16 and 8 months living in Colorado. I have been told to look into becoming emancipated. But here's the thing. What I've read about emancipation talks about me living alone and supporting myself. But my best friend wants me to move in with him. His parents also want me to move in. What I'm wondering is how do I move out? Is it the emancipation process? Because I'm not planning on living alone, but I plan on living with my friend and his family until I finish high school. Please help me out, and no suck it up till 18 comments.

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  • What would I need to work at Jagex?

    I'm guessing in college I want to study business and Java coding. But is there more I need to know. I know I'd like to go into project management. But, I live in Colorado, I know I will need to move to England which I have no problem with. I love Europe. So my question is what do I need to study, and where is a probable place to study. I'm going into my junior year, have a 3.8 average GPA in A.P. classes. What should I plan on studying

    P.S. I have taken leadership classes, technology, video production, and most importantly a video game design and computer programming class. Thank-you

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  • Can I learn Java coding?

    I know a little about it. What I mean in this is are there like small in life classes that I could take to learn java coding from? I live in Denver, Colorado. I'm really just looking for maybe a small class that can show me the beginnings of java coding. Thank-you

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  • Is there a nice car for under $1500?

    Hey I was looking at some 99 oldsmobiles and they seem pretty cheap. But 2 of my friends have the same car. I was wondering if there's a car like the oldsmobile, like design and how it runs, that I could find under $1500. Nothing new! It's a first car, my dads making me find it myself. Any ideas? Thanks

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  • Where should I do volunteer work?

    Ok so I'm 15 and for my Economics class were required to do 12 hours of volunteer work. I am 15 and I was planning on working at a church, but I can't because last minute things came up. I live in Aurora Colorado. Can anyone help, I would really do anything now for these 12 hours of work. I can't complain or tell my teacher I can't do it because he's also my football coach and it would effect me later on

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  • How do I talk to this girl!?

    Honestly I'm not shy I have so many friends, plenty chicks, and have had a few girlfriends. But this one girl, gave me her number the other day, I asked for it, and I think she gave it to me cause she's nice, but I really like her. But I can never figure out what to say! I'm usually good at this, but I really like this girl. I called her and we talked for a while, and we have classes together (high school). Any Ideas what I should say?

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  • Just Failed my Finals?

    ok, well I had my grades on a border line. pretty much 80's and 90's. I know I shouldv'e done more. I really do. But I tanked my finals. Well not really, but I did bad enough on a few, to drop my weighted gpa from a 3.5, to a 2.8. All my grades pretty much dropped cept like 2. What am I going to do. This might ruin my life? BTW I'm a Sophmore. Freshmen year I had 3.5/3.3 GPA last 2 semesters. But now I'm going to have to show my parents my grades. I'm incredibly scared. They don't touch me btw, just, when they look at me, and there disapproval really hurts me. What should I do. No Honor roll, how will I get to the college I want. (just CU Boulder). They will literally ruin my Social life, which pretty much sucks anyway, besides the few friends I have. But I don't want to tell them. But I have to. I'm seriously gonna try harder this next semester. I can't slip anymore, but how do I tell them. They are GIANT BRONCOS FANS. So they are not in a good mood. Plz help! I'm honestly feeling really depressed

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  • Someone stole my bus seat?

    ok well I pretty much have a good day everyday, and I'm super nice, most people seem to like me, and I have alot of rights at my school. You know Varsity Wide Reciever gets me there. But today a Freshman girl sat in my seat on the bus! Now I know I shouldn't make a big deal of this, but it's crazy bugging me. I would like to say "Yo Freshman B*#$ get the %$#@ out my seat. But I don't wanna be mean. I mean she's sitting there with this girl "who likes me! easy to tell, who I love talking too, and she acts like she's super big now. So It's super annoying. What should I do? Don't say don't worry about it, because I guess it's an OCD problem or whatever but I need that seat as mine!

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  • Should I make a move? How should I then?

    ok so theres this girl that I like so much. We've talked a few times, twice riding the bus home I talked to her with my arm around her. I can tell she likes talking to me. She is going out to lunch with me on thursday, but should I make a move on her. I pretty much sit next to her everyday, We'll talk, but what should I say, should I just say "Will you go out with me", "Wanna be my girlfriend?". Thanks whoever answers

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • I have feelings for her but does she feel the same?

    Ok so I met this chick. Were friends now but I really like her. Were going to homecoming together. But she doesn't want to be my girlfriend because she just got out of a bad relationship. What should I do? I want to be with her, but just being a friend with these feelings for her seems so wierd. Please help, thanks.

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  • How should I ask someone to homecoming?

    OK. So I am not populer, I'm a sophmore, and I really want to go with someone to homecoming this year. But I don't know how to ask or who. I have like 3 girls I could ask. One I know, One I don't, and one who seems to like me. I don't want to be big about it like, it's not prom, but I don't want to be small about it... Any tips, Thanks

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  • What show is alot like Girls Bravo?

    I just finished watching the anime Girls Bravo, and it was hilarious. Fukuyama was hilarious. I'm looking for one with like the funny perv, the sexy girls, and the shy boy, the main charactor. Thanks, btw i already trying love hina and zero no tsukaima

    1 AnswerOther - Television9 years ago
  • What is it like to get on braces?

    ok, well, I am getting my braces on 7/20/11. First is it painful. I heard only a little, and it hurts alot when you brush your teeth. Also, I'm going camping, so should i cancel the appointment because i don't want to not be able to eat smores, or for that matter food. Thanks

    4 AnswersDental9 years ago
  • Where can I upgrade my M83?

    Hi, I live in Colorado, and I got an m83, super cheap price, I got it because I wanted to have a good airsoft project. So far, I've replaced the motor, the iron sight, fixed it up with a high-cap mag, but I was wondering where I could get a gearbox upgrade or something of that sort. Basically, I'm trying to find a place I can upgrade the gearbox, hopefully with a reasonable price. Would like to raise accuracy and FPS thats all. Motor pretty much increased the ROF. Thanks

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  • How to I exchange currency?

    Ok, I found a 100,000 bill for mexican peso's. I know it's authentic, I found it in a bag while cleaning out my basement, I used a currency calculator, and it's worth about 9,000 usd. So I was wondering, where do I exchange it! a bank, and if so, do I get cash, a check, by the way im only 15. Thanks

    4 AnswersOther - Business & Finance10 years ago
  • I lost my third recovery disc, now what?

    I got a virus on my computer and I am trying to restore it to factory settings but when it was almost done it said insert 3rd disc. Now what, I'm pretty sure there was no 3rd disc, but I guess there.was. what do I do now because I don't want to start over, and I cannot find my third disc. By the way its a Compaq presario cq60-615

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  • How do i record guitar on my comptuer?(cheap)?

    ok, i want ok quality, i've got a line 6 amp, laguna guitar, bunch of guitar cables, but how do i record guitar with me computer. If i use a 1/4 1/8 adapter, when i record it, it sounds all like fuzzy and wierd, i wanna plug it into my amp, because it has my preset, but theres a headphone thing/record thing, that i plug in, and then use the adapter to plug into my coomputer, but even with the master on like as low as possible on the amp, and guitar, it sounds like so loud, and it skips. Is there a software, like a free one that i can use to record, and how can i connect my amp or guitar to my computer without so much fuzz? Or is it just becuase i need a better type of computer?

    2 AnswersPerforming Arts10 years ago
  • How do i tone myself for hockey?

    Ok, im gonna try out for high school hockey. I am a freshman, i'm not sure how many teams there are, but i think its just 1 team, and ill be competeting with sophmores, juniors, seniors, and my fellow freshman. Well right now i am in a weight training class, but i only have a month to get ready for tryouts. How should i workout, what and how many excercises should i be able to do before i go to try out. How many times should i go to ice skate. Diet. Just, how do i prepare, along with the fact im in honors classes, and got a **** load of homework

    3 AnswersHockey10 years ago
  • What is a trusty buy runescape gold site?

    ok, i just lost all my money, and im pissed, i can't believe i lost that much, i feel so stupid, i got pwned by some revenant, so im curious, i don't wanna lose my money and account, so whats a good site to buy runescape money?

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