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16, outdoorsy, like to ride my bike and atv, im goofy in the sense of ill take our lawn tractor to get the mail or get my brother from the bus stop, i love to laugh, and thats all i can think of

  • in mass does a dually pickup need to be registered commercially?

    i live in massachusetts and drive a dually pickup registered with passenger plates. i have owned this truck since august of 2009 and have driven and gotten it inspected without any issues. a few days ago i received information from a state trooper stating that my truck is registered illegally and requires commercial registration, something i was never aware of and threatened me with fines. is the trooper correct, or was i simply getting hassled by the trooper, as i stated i received the plates legally from the rmv, re-registered it without issue, passed inspection in 2009&2010 and have driven it without any sort of issue. any help is greatly appreciated

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  • i recently got a tattoo and have concerns for the way it's healing, does this sound right?

    this past tuesday i got my first tattoo. i have been following the instructions to the letter and have seen the color coming off leaving either faded or white underneath. does this at all sound right and do i have any rights?

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  • (MA) i re-registered my vehicle, do i need to get it inspected again?

    As stated in the question i live in MA. The other day I re registered my vehicle, the inspection sticker expires in august and it says it is voided "either upon transfer of ownership or the last day of the month noted". Going by that I should be good, even though the sticker has my old registration number on it...

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  • what is love?

    what does being love feel like for you? i want to know because i think i am, but don't want to jump to conclusions

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  • how come i haven't seen any questions about...?

    farrah fawcett, it's been all about michael. honestly i don't care as much as the media says i should, yes it is unfortunate she died of cancer, although she had a good career, michael i respect more as a musician than a person, he's just too sketchy by my standards, whats your take on this entire thing? on a final side note before i get accused of being an insensitive bastard, i do feel sorry for both parties families losing loved ones, as i would for most anyone else

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  • Oh boy, now i think i've done it...?

    girl i like, i think i drove her away, she posted a status on her myspace about wanting a boyfriend, and i responded join the club....same for me only with a girlfriend, about an hour ago on face book I posted a status sorta calling her out so to speak and she "went to bed" and logged off about a minute later. my bottom line is did i essentially shoot myself in the foot or may i still have something resembling a chance?

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  • where could i find this?

    i'm looking for websites to download entire soundboards, adam sandler, jack black, etc. i can find the sites where they are, but can't download the, off these sites

    any help is greatly appreciated

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  • Which one would you prefer??

    Jimi Hendrix, or Jimmy Buffett?

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  • is there any way to...?

    swap a gm transmission behind a 5.9l cummins? i'm looking at potentially buying a 95' dodge ram 2500 4x4 diesel. the only catch is it has a slipping transmission... before i make an attempt to conatact the seller i'd like to know if there's any way to bolt up another transmission while i scrape up funds to add the proper piece. also for the record the tranny is an auto and i don't want the hassle of cutting the truck up for a stick. my bottom line is is it more financially feaseble to have the existing tranny rebuilt or swap in something else? thanks for any help

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  • how do i activate a virus scanner?

    on my computer i have norton internet security installed and windows security center fails to recognize it, how can i change it

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  • does it sound like she likes me?

    there's a girl in one of my classes that i got my eyes on, i'm no expert but it seems that she likes me. i say this because i sometimes look over and see her staring at me with a smile, also she is the only person in said class who always says hello and goodbye to me when i come and go. my bottom line is does she like me, or is just being friendly and i'm just wasting my time

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  • how long would this last in a mason jar?

    a couple weeks ago i found a mason jar in the basement. it still has what appears to be a tomato sauce in it judging by the leaf of basil floating in it. said basil leaf looks like it was just picked, and the sauce don't look too bad either, i checked the lid and it's unopened and marked "85" which i'll assume is 1985. for the as long as i know it was stored in very consistent conditions, about 58 deg. and somewhat damp. bottom line, is it safe to eat, as i'm curious as to how well my grandparents made sauce.

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  • can anybody help me figure out how tall i'll get?

    i'm 16 and a month, just got measured last weds. i was told i was 5'7" and 3/4" or something like that, so if anyone could help me figure out how tall i will be that'd be great. links are greatly appreciated

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  • ways to pull fuel economy out of my truck?

    i have an 86 gmc sierra 2500 4x4 (reg. cab, 8' bed) the driveline consists of a slightly bored 454, a th400 trans., unsure of transfer case and front diff. but i know the rear is a 14 bolt stuffed with a detroit locker and 4.10's. i plan on adding an aftermarket fuel injection system and a gear vendors overdrive, any other tips without anything drastic like drilling holes in the frame, pulling the mirrors off, and taping over all the gaps? i already know the obvious things like accelerating slowly, keeping the tires inflated, and driving in general with sanity.

    thanks in advance for any help

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  • what are the torque converter stall speeds for a 1986 th400 transmission?

    i'd like to know because i have an 86 gmc sierra 2500 which i might be getting into and is in the process of getting the 6.2 diesel swapped for a warmed over 454

    2 AnswersGMC1 decade ago