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  • can i improve my A-level grades ?

    I got my exam results and were BCDD. In sociology, art, law and business. I am now considering dropping business and continuing on with my strongest 3 subjects but will this be easy for me to improve for A2? I worked pretty hard for my law exam and got a B in one unit but the D in the other unit pulled it down. Could i still get a B or a C overall in the future? That is if i work even more harder. Plus will it be alright after dropping one subject?

  • where can i buy essie, o.p.i nail polish?

    I know you can purchase them online however i like looking at the colour in real life on my actual skin tone. Do you think in the uk boots and superdrugs sell those brands? If so where because i can never find them near the cosmetics section

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  • why do british people complain about the EU?

    Like what is so bad about being a part of the European Union and why are they so salty towards immigration? I may just be a 16 year old but i thought i'd directly ask as i'm genuinely curious

    London is one of the most diverse cities in the entire world and that's what people love across the world love it for. All cultures coming together. As long as the people are working doing their thing why are others so butthurt to see non british people do better than them? How can they take a job that wasn't even yours in the first place? If we didn't have migrants the country wouldn't even function properly. British people are so quick to go on holiday or retire in places like spain but are so hesitant when other people do it. They demand migrants to speak english so perfectly but forgien people are never like that in their own countries demanding tourists to speak their language. Not to mention some of these migrants are bilingual

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  • is it normal to have period 2 weeks earlier?

    Not on any medication. Don't have any medical problems. My periods are always around the same time every month but it's occoured 2 weeks earlier that's almost a half ? Is there a reason as to why? I'm not stressed either (although exam season is cropping up) i've been working out more often too. Could it be that? Is this normal for teenagers

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  • glue my real eyelashes back on?

    I watch a youtuber AndreasChoice as most people do. She sticks on individual lashes from her fake eyelashes instead of putting the whole band and it looks much more natural. I was just thinking could you do that with your eyelashes that have fallen off or is that gross? I mean people can make wigs from their own hair so cant they stick the individual lashes back on and remove them. Obviously keeping them clean and kept seperately

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  • how do i call up for work experience?

    (UK) So i want to call a firm rather than emailing or letter because i'm determined to get this work experience. The people are our customer of ours so we have some sort of relation. What do i mention? My name? School/sixthform? Year? Etc? Thank you!

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  • how should i contact for work experience?

    Hey so i'm looking at some solicitor firms in my area for work experience and i was wondering how should i contact the places? Through e-mail or phone? What's the best option? And how likely is it they'll respond back? Also do i need to give anything like my CV? My school never talks about these things and it's irritating. Thank you :)

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  • is merchandise at concerts converted?

    For example say an artist is doing a world tour. In usa if a t-shirt was $40 dollars then in the uk concerts would it be around £26? Or would they charge £40? Wouldn't that be cheeky and sly of them to do that?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Ariana honeymoon tour merch?

    Does anyone know if cat ears are available for everyone or is it just the V.I.P? If so how much are they? And is there other merch t-shirts because the ones i've seen are just as pricey as the tickets if not more!

    What other merch do they have do you know? Thanks :)

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  • concert clashes with exam?

    I have concert but it clashes with an exam i have the next day however the exam is late in the afternoon and the concert finishes probably around 9.30 the day before. Do you think if i work hard and revise now i'll be alright? I have months left and if i study continuously

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  • are alevel mocks accurate or not? As level?

    In my mocks i got BDEE and honestly i wasn't bummed out at first but i decided not to tell my parents as they're only mocks. But i worked so hard revising for them in contrast to other class mates who got A's (i barely ever compare myself to others but it just annoyed me how all that hard work was such a waste. I don't boast about how much revison i do at home so my teachers never know)

    so now i want to have a positive mindset and it gave me a reality check. Can i improve in the 3 months i have left and if so how? How different were your mocks compared to your real grades?

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  • i don't seem interested in any guy?

    I just don't seem to find any guy interesting even though they may be interesting or be a 10/10 have everything but still i'm just like eh? Is there a reason as to why? Right now i kind of just prioritising myself (self-care, exercise and friends and education) but i want to talk to guys but there's just no spark in any you feel?

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  • natural things with folds?

    for my art alevel theme. i have fabric with folds now i want to find natural things that have folds

    for example i did some sketches of the brain but are there any other things in nature that have folds

    1 AnswerOther - Visual Arts6 years ago
  • how to deal with a sinus infection?

    currently my ears feel clogged up (not ear wax)

    my nasals and nostrils are very narrow typically and find it difficult inhaling other than my mouth. one nostril will bleed when blowing my nose not blowing forcefully.

    also is the skull and brow bone meant to hurt? my orbit bone (eye socket) feels so sore as if there's a bruise

    it's really preventing me from doing everyday simple things. is there a natural way to treat this?

    2 AnswersAllergies6 years ago
  • why doesn't he understand i'm not a little girl anymore?

    if you're asian you'll probably know the struggle of having an asian dad.

    i'm 16 and i still go clothes shopping. nope not with my mum but my dad. i can't ever purchase tight jeans or any sort of skirts because of how provocative it looks. and it honestly pisses me off.

    i barely hang around with my friends outside of school, i spend most of my weekends doing homework so anytime i ask to hang around with my friends he'll always come up with some pathetic excuse as to why i can't go.

    i feel like guys nowadays are too afraid to talk to me because of how asian daughters are in asian families and it honestly sucks. i've never really experienced what's it like being a REAL teenager.

    even though i know parents are protecting you from doing things i'll regret in the future.

    i can't find a way to tell him i'm not a little girl anymore. Asian parents aren't like whites how you can just sit and talk (trust me i tried, it's the most uncomfortable thing) sometimes i just feel like rebelling but i know it's not worth it because i'll just lose more trust from them.

    i feel like this could continue on in the future. if i do meet the guy i love and they might not accept him. i feel like they're moulding my life instead of me.

    2 AnswersFamily6 years ago
  • who are your favourite youtubers?

    am i the only one who prefers youtube over TV nowadays? my favourite channels are

    - Cloudy Apples

    - Infinite Waters

    - TrueStoryASA

    - ClothesEncounters

    - That's Heart

    - Niga Higa (of course)

    - iiSuperWomanii

    - VanossGaming

    - Kingsley

    - It's My Raye Raye

    i'm curious to know who are your favourites so i can watch some more awesome people!

    3 AnswersYouTube6 years ago
  • can you love someone you've haven't met?

    and why? why not? how.

    8 AnswersPsychology6 years ago
  • is inflation man made?

    so i came across a picture on twitter saying "why can't they just print more money" but obviously it would decrease the value of the currency whether it be dollars or pounds but

    how the germans would use money for fire.

    but on to the actual point of my question

    how is that? who decided that the value would decrease? is inflation man made?

    3 AnswersEconomics6 years ago
  • do you feel like life is like a prison?

    recently I feel like our earth in general feels like a prison. there's no need for me to question what hell is like since we're already living in it. no need to question what prison is like when we're already captive but in disguise.

    we're supposed to be the most intelligent species yet we're the only species who need to pay to live and eat. With all these man made systems. i've opened my eyes. i want to explore every inch of the earth. the rural and urban after all being free is our birth right.

    Am i the only one who despises it when people are categorised? separation leads to all this conflict. colour, gender, values, religion.

    how we're told not to talk to strangers? why is that? they're just another infinite being. we're told not to interact? we're supposed to fear people we don't know? fear is false evidence appearing real.

    do you ever just think about how much freedom you really have? how you could go on a plane to somewhere you've dreamed of going and never come back. it's that simple?

    imagine the amount of opportunities we're missing out on because of this. do you want to look back and not regret not doing certain things when you've gone past the peak of your energy?

    i don't know man. does anyone else feel like that? for a 16 year old too?

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  • do guys mean i'm in love you in a joking way?

    i've known this guy for over a year. we video chat, have eachother's twitter, instagram, snapchat and i know he's not a catfish. we know quite a lot about eachother: personal things and our background after hours of video chatting throughout the years and have a lot in common which is cool. but we've never met yet due to a large expensive distance. the other we were catching up with eachother and he started saying how one day i should visit him and his city and said "i'm in love with you". now i thought the second part was a bit woah as i wouldn't expect a guy to says that to someone they've never met. I replied back in a joking way in case he was joking or wanted a reaction out of me. but it didn't sound like he was joking. after he said "just remember if you need anything, i'm always here for you" on a real note i would honestly love to meet him in the near future.

    guys if you said this do you mean this in a joking way? i love you is very different to "i'm in love with you"

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