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My primary interest is miniature horses though I do have Shetland ponies as well. .

  • Cititzens arrest in PA?

    An organization has been gathering animal abuse evidence and a cop interfered with the evidence gathering. The PA cop told them they were trust passing and to get off the property. Video evidence showed they were well behind the posted signs. Is it legal for the organization to citizen arrest the cop for interfering with justice? I know if we interfered with the cops working on problems, we would be arrested. Can the same apply for them?

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  • a 320 foot skid mark question?

    This is an actual event that happened in June 2011. I'm not sure whether it is possible to get an exact speed or not but I would like to at least get an approximation. Assuming the ground is level, the road is in good condition and the weather is good. A tandam tractor trailer (it was hauling empty dump trailers) is travelling on a highway. It skids 320 feet before plowing into a train causing an instant explosion. It came to rest half way into the train car. How fast was the truck travelling?

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  • 320 foot skid mark question?

    This is an actual event that happened in June 2011. An empty tandam tractor trailer dump trailer skidded 320 feet before colliding into a train and exploding upon impact. Assuming the ground was level and it was a good road, weather good, etc., how fast was the driver of the truck going? Yes, I'm sure the skid would have been longer if it hadn't have collided with the train. The truck had came to a rest in the middle of the train car.

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  • horse snoring while standing?

    I have a miniature horse that I rescued 4 months ago and one of the things I have noticed is that she sounds like she periodically snores while she is standing up. I do believe she might be napping while she does this however when I walk up to her to take a closer look on what is really going on, she stops. Is this snoring the same as "equine roaring"? Or is this a separate issue?

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  • Non profit organization question?

    I am trying to find out how and/or where to go to file to create a Non-profit Organization. I am hearing rumors that you don't have to pay for filing. Is this true? When I look up information, I seem to be spinning wheels. I read that you don't have to pay anything and then I read there is a minimal fee (which sounds reasonable). Matthew Lesko's book states you don't have to pay anything, but then when I look on line, everyone has their hands out. How and where do you go to file non profit status and does anyone know how much it costs?

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  • fetal death and bone reabsorbsion?

    I was recently in a discussion about a horse supposedly being pregnant and it's fetus dieing in the womb. The horse, if it was truly pregnant, would have had to been AT LEAST seven months along, if not further along in her pregnancy.

    My argument was: she was never pregnant because she did not expell a foal on the ground. Then, when she went in a was palped and internally u/s'd by the vet, there was no evidence of any pregnancy. The other party tried to claim that the foal was reabsorbed. This other party's argument that she was pregnant is because she "looked" pregnant even though there was never a direct confirmation she was pregnant at any time.

    My question is: How long does it take for bone to reabsorb or does it ever reabsorb after fetal/foal death?

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  • pregnant mare nutrition?

    I am very new at caring for pregnant mares. Yesterday, I was told that I should be selenium supplementing my mare throughout her pregnancy even though she is getting selenium out of pasture food. I know a horse can have too little selenium in their diets and there is also a possibility that a horse can be overdosed on selenium.

    My question is: when, how and what should I do about supplementing my mare?

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  • What is the down side of permanent nerve blocks?

    What is the down side of permanent nerve blocks in laminitis/foundered horses, mules and donkeys?

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  • Where to look for low zinc, carbs and sugar foods?

    , I have been doing some research on laminitis/founder. According to the latest findings, laminitis is a result of MMPs (Matrix Metalloproteinase) enzymes reacting with the laminae. From MY understanding, zinc contributes to the manufacturing of the MMPs which destroys the laminae and it is the sugars that activate the zinc. The horses will get minerals from drinking water and mineral/salt blocks and so having zinc in food seems unnecessary. Where would I find low or no zinc, low carbohydrates and low sugar foods for horses, donkeys and mules?

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  • what percentage and business loan lengths?

    If a business was to purchase some merchandise, what is the current interest rate and how long is the loan repayment?

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  • male donkey question?

    In tack male donkeys are called Jacks but what do they call the gelded donkeys?

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  • Has any one heard of fly killer crystals?

    Has any one heard of a fly killer crystal that you put on the ground and is suppose to be safe for horse and human consumption? This lady I know keeps telling people there is a crystal that you can put in a stall/paddock of horses and it kills flies but doesn't harm the horses. Is there such a thing?

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  • coffin bones?

    The horses that have coffin bones fall out of their feet, what exactly happens with them? Do these horses lose a sense of balance? Are they severely lame? Are these horses ridable after this happens? I have heard of this happening from time to time and I would like to know what it does to a horse when the coffin bone becomes non-existent in the horses foot.

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  • laminitis question?

    I have a horse that is foundered and I am looking for alternatives other than the expensive lay down thick shavings for him to stand on, x-rays every month, and farriar expenses.

    I understand you know can fuse the coffin bone to P3. Does anyone know how expensive this procedure is? What are the overall problems and successes with this procedure?

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  • kidney stones and lethargy in horses?

    I met the horse for the first time tonight and I felt something was not quite right with him. One thing I had noticed is the owners had given him straight alfalfa which I understand can cause kidney stones in horses. I had gotten the feeling this horse was quite depressed. His breathe stank really bad. I hadn't smelled a horse's breath that stunk that bad before. When I went to walk him so the people I was with could watch to see if he was lame, he did not want to walk. He was very resistent. Most horses like to walk. But not this one.

    Would kidney stones cause this kind of lethargy and the sense of depression that I got off him?

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  • Horse dumping ground in Kentucky?

    Someone once told me that they live in an area in Kentucky that is being used to dump their unwanted horses. They said it started off as a couple to begin with and now has increased to about 3 dozen that are running in small groups. Someone else stated that there are over 500 abandoned horses in Kentucky alone.

    I have found someone that is willing to pick these horses up and get them placed in permanent homes.

    Does anyone know where these places are located???

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  • Horse dumping ground in Kentucky???

    Someone told me that the area in which they live in Kentucky has been being used to dump their unwanted horses. The person described it as a place that is like a graveyard for horses that is waiting for horses to die. The person said that it started off with just a couple, but now the area has grown to about 3 dozen that are running in small groups. I believe someone else stated their are probably 500 abandoned horses in the state of Kentucky.

    I have located someone that is willing to pick up these horses and give them homes for the rest of their lives.

    Does any one know where these areas are???

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  • farm/ranch loans?

    I am not sure whether I am in the right Y answer site for my question, but I would like to know what the current rate is on farm loans. Does anyone know what the current rate is? Does any one know where I can go to research the farm loans? When I researched what was on the web, I got information back for a regular house loan instead of farm loan rates.

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  • deletions problem?

    There is a person that has been on this site for quite some time and is quite unhappy about the way he/she is treated. Someone has been apparently turning this person in for violations and the person does not understand why. Wouldn't it be fair for the person that has been turning this person over for wrongful yahoo violations to come forward and tell the person why? If it is only a couple, that is one thing. But to turn in the person in massive amounts? And the person not understand why? Couldn't the person be thoughtful enough to explain to this person as to why they are doing what they are doing?

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  • horse breeding?

    Does anyone know any horse breeders that are not taking care of their horses and are breeding these horses to make money? If so, you can email me anonomously at:

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