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  • Does a speeding ticket that is a civil infraction count take points off license?

    I called the violations office to let them know I would like to fight a speeding ticket. The woman on the phone told me that this was a civil infraction ticket, so more like a warning, and points would not appear on my license but if I fought it, the ticket gets reissued as a state of michigan ticket and the judge can increase the ticket if he wants to if I am found to be guilty.

    Is a civil infracture speeding ticket in a town different than one issued by the state of michigan?

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police8 years ago
  • Ontario resident got speeding ticket in Michigan--cop took license?

    I got a ticket today for going 41 in a 25 mph zone. I'm from Ontario and got the ticket in Michigan. What I'm most concerned about is the officer kept my license. I offered to pay as I thought out of towers had o pay at the road but he told me no, I had to come back to pay the fine next business day and that's when I'd get my license back.

    Is this normal procedure? I read on another site that I should have been able to pay $100 bond to get it back and it would be applied to the ticket. Anyone know anything about this?

    1 AnswerLaw Enforcement & Police8 years ago
  • Has anyone used 'Nations Photo Lab' to print professional quality photos?

    Any thoughts on the quality? Price is similar to mpix.

    1 AnswerPhotography8 years ago
  • What kind of questions to ask when buy a horse?

    I'm looking to buy a horse, well more likely a pony. What types of questions should I be asking? I used to ride but its been quite a few years. Also, any suggestions on where to look? Where do people advertise?

    6 AnswersHorses9 years ago
  • Anyone ever trigger without taking clomid/femara etc beforehand?

    I was supposed to take femara this cycle but due to some personal issues, missed when I was supposed to start. If I still trigger, will it do anything? A stonger ovulation perhaps? Anyone ever do this?

    1 AnswerTrying to Conceive9 years ago
  • Great Vegas restaurant?

    My husband and I are going to Vegas to celebrate his 40th birthday. We are wanting a nice restaurant for dinner. Any suggestions? Also does anyone know the URL for that Vegas site that is something like Vegas How To....????

    10 AnswersLas Vegas10 years ago
  • Question for experienced Las Vegas travelers?

    I am planning a trip to Vegas with my husband in a couple of months. We'd like to do a tour and see a few shows. It is better/cheaper to purchase tickets ahead of time or will the deals be better when we are actually there.

    Thanks for any advice!

    9 AnswersLas Vegas10 years ago
  • Whats the best time of day to take pictures to avoid shadows on the face?

    I've been trying to get some of my little girl in the garden but seem to be getting shadows on her face. Is there a time of day that is a bit easier to avoid this happening?

    9 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago
  • When to use a polarizing Lens?

    I'm new at this and shoot only in manual mode so far. I bought a UV filter and a polarizing lens when I got my camera (Pentax K-X). The UV filter I'm understanding that you leave on all the time when shooting outdoors (not sure about indoors). As for the polarizing lens, do you put on and take off depending on the type of scenery you are shooting? What about when taking pictures of kids or dogs outside? Should it be left on or off for that?

    2 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago
  • Get songs from itunes onto my iphone?

    How do I do this? I have some songs that were downloaded onto itunes and I have a new iphone. How do I get these songs onto my phone?

    2 AnswersPDAs & Handhelds1 decade ago
  • Internet Explorer--font size is huge?

    Yesterday it was normal but now when I open IE, the font is huge and all the pages are too big to fit on the screen. How do I fix this? I didn't change any setting so am not sure why this happened.

    4 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • How do I get my dog to sleep in a crate?

    She is a puppy, about 12 weeks old. She will go to sleep but then wakes up in the middle of the night barking. We have tried both having the crate in our room and in another room. Any suggestions?

    6 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • XP printer and new Vista based computer?

    I bought a new computer that has Vista on it. I would like it to be able to print on the printer I currently have hooked up on a network with 2 XP based computers. I keep getting an error message saying it does not recognize the printer. What steps do I have to take for these 3 computers to all be able to share the same printer?

    1 AnswerPrinters1 decade ago
  • + OPK for 2 days and now what?

    This is my first month using an OPK and I got a positive on Tuesday evening and then again yesterday both in the AM and PM. Today it was negative.

    My question--do I continue using the OPK for another couple of days or since I got a negative today I don't need to anymore?

    DH and I have BD'ed for the last few nights and will again tonight. Do you think that is enough or keep going for another day or 2?

    2 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • Ovulation predictor kits?

    We've been trying for a couple of months now and no luck so I'm thinking about trying one of these kits. Do they really work? Is there any brand that is better than the others?

    4 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • Home/bathroom remodelling websites?

    Does anyone know of a good website that shows different layout options for rooms in the home, ie kitchen and bathroom? Or any websites where it gives you the floor space and you can put things in to see what different layouts look like?

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • Birthday present for a 10 year old girl...?

    A good friend of the family's daughter is turning 10 and they are having a pot luck as we will already all be together that day for other reasons. What would be a good gift for a 10 year old girl? Just so you know, we are not expected to bring anything, but I have known this little girl for years and want to get her something nice.

    8 AnswersGrade-Schooler1 decade ago
  • How soon can morning sickness start?

    I'm not even sure if I am pregnant yet or not but we have been trying and I have been having nausea for the last 2 days and normally I have a very strong stomach, like never get upset stomach or anything unless I have the flu (which I don't). So could this be because I am pregnant or is that not possible?

    10 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Am planning my first trip to Vegas this winter--where is the best place to stay?

    Any tips for getting good deals on show tickets? What about tours? Is it best to book these kinds of things beforehand or once you get there? Any great resturants to recommend?

    7 AnswersLas Vegas1 decade ago