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  • I'm looking for the name of an old movie.?

    It was about a crew on a submarine when a nuclear war happens. They think they're the only survivors, but then they pick up a radio signal from land (I want to say it was Australia, but I'm not sure at all on that). They head toward the signal, but can't decide if they should go on land and risk exposing themselves to radiation or not. I think it was black and white, but again, I'm not sure. Does anyone have any guesses what movie this was?

    2 AnswersMovies10 years ago
  • Is there a way to create a formula like conditional formatting in MS Excel, but for more than 3 things?

    I have a list of about 25 things that I would like it so when I entered those items in MS Excel 2003, it highlights those fields or changes the color of the text or something. I know how to do it with conditional formatting, but those only allow for 3 things to watch for per field. Basically, I track product numbers of all of our sales daily, and I'd like it so when certain product numbers are entered into my spreadsheet, it automatically highlights them.

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  • iPod Touch Wifi says it's connected, won't browse internet?

    When I'm at home, my Touch works fine on my home wifi, but when I'm somewhere else, it connects, and says it's connected when I check, but when I try to open itunes or the app store, it says it can't connect because it's not connected to the internet. Does anyone know how to get it to browse the internet when it's already connected to a different wifi from my home one?

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