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  • how to tell roof angle?

    Me and brother in law are building a shed. the center of the roof is 6ft from the edge. the hieght to the top is 42" maybe off by two inches, measured to inside the 2x4. Anyway anyone tell me how to obtain the angle of the roof with this info. We were aiming for around 30 degrees but while on the roof it seemed a heck of a lot steeper.

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  • Does an online college degree hold as much weight in the real world, as one obtained from a community college?

    I'm almost 30 and have some credits at a community college. Well life sorta got in the way lol. I sorta like to be around people, but I'm finding a lot of social interaction with the internet; so I was thinking of taking classes that way. I know sometimes online schools aren't acredited and maybe a human resources person generalizes them all that way. What do you think?

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