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  • Traditionally male names...?

    All of these names were ORIGINALLY MALE names until they became girls names. If you HAD to pick one of these names to name a boy, which would it be?












    Please be nice! This is just a curousity thing. Ashley would be my choice.

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  • What do you think of these names?

    Which of these names do you like best?


    Afton Brianna

    Hazelle Katharina

    Darcy Angelina

    Lorien Rose

    Natasha Alexandria


    Donovan Francis

    Jackson Henry

    Jasper Matthew

    Keenan Alexander

    James Nicholas

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  • How would you spell this name?

    Pronounced: KAY-LYN

    What are some other spells besides - Kaylyn / Kaylynn / Kaylynne.

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  • What would you name their child?

    The parents names are:

    Cornelius Henry

    Alyce Mae

    What would you name their daughter?

    (This is for a project of mine and I can't come up with anything. I would like something a little different sounding.)

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  • What do you think of these names?

    Pick your favorites for both girl and boy. Thank you!! (Nicknames are in parentheses next to the name)


    1. Alastair (Allie)

    2. Alexander (Alex)

    3. Ashley

    4. Carlisle

    5. Dimitri

    6. Dominick (Nick or Nicky)

    7. Donovan

    8. Erik

    9. Evan

    10. Francis (Frank)

    11. Henry

    12. Jackson (Jax)

    13. James (Jamie)

    14. Jasper (Jaz)

    15. Jonathan (Nate)

    16. Keenan

    17. Laurence (Laurie)

    18. Matthew (Matt)

    19. Nicholas (Nick or Nicky)

    20. Sebastian

    21. Tristan


    1. Alexandria (Alex)

    2. Anastasia (Ana)

    3. Angelina

    4. Annabelle (Anna)

    5. Audrey

    6. Claire

    7. Cora

    8. Daphne

    9. Elizabeth (Eliza)

    10. Evangeline (Evie)

    11. Jayne

    12. Josephine (Josie)

    13. Karoline

    14. Katharina (Kat)

    15. Kimberly (Kim)

    16. Lorien

    17. Macy

    18. Marcy

    19. Mary-Alice

    20. Melanie (Melly)

    21. Natasha

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  • What are some unusual sobriety tests?

    I am doing a project for school and I was wondering if any one had experienced some unusual sobriety tests that make you say "I can't even do this sober!" For example: reciting the alphabet backwards. Thank you!

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  • Robert Frost's Poems - "Road Not Taken" & "Stopping by Woods"?

    Compare and contrast Frost's "The Road Not Taken" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" as poems that emphasize the importance of making choices. What choices do the two speakers in the poems make, and what are the consequences of those decisions?

    This is for a paper and I suck at poetry so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Suggestions for a title of a novel?

    I am working on a story and I can’t come up with a title to save my own life. It is a romantic fantasy about elves. So here is a rather long brief summary of the plot:

    Marcy is a young woman about seventeen years old. The only clue she has about who she really is the fact that her ears have a slight point at the tip. Her ears have proven a difficultly she has had to endear as children tend to be quite cruel. However, she has grown into an independent and self-sufficient person. She has become the best archer in at the local renaissance faire, a fact that she prides herself on. It is one of the last days of summer when her life will completely change. She has found an unusual stray cat that will not leave her side. It is this cat that leads her into the woods and through a misty veil, which lands her in a different world.

    Aside from not being familiar with the surroundings, she realizes that this place seems right to her. She learns that the people and herself are not really human but elves. She is not accepted into their world, because most people believe that she has committed an awful crime. She is forced into the Guard which is traditionally all male. How will she deal with being the only female in an all male group in a society where females are considered subservient to men?

    She starts a rather scandalous relationship with the Prince (Laurie) while earning animosity from the Captain (Donovan). But why must their relationship always be kept secret? And why is Donovan suddenly starting to be nice to her? Finally, what is up with this curse that is preventing anything from being normal and why does it have to affect Marcy and Laurie from being together?

    Any thoughts as to a possible title?

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  • Names for consideration...?

    I am working on some pairs of names to help a friend who asked for help in naming her baby. She was hoping for something a little special. Any thoughts?

    James Merlin

    Donovan Francis

    Carlisle Jackson

    Jasper Alexander

    Nicholas Jonathan

    Marcy Eliza

    Lorien Rose

    Karoline Melanie

    Natasha Alexandria

    Claire Marie

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  • Which of these names do you like best (or more than one)?

    Which of these names do you like best (or more than one)? I am looking for something different and unique.


    1. Marcy

    2. Arielle

    3. Bianca

    4. Imogen

    5. Alyce

    6. Olivia


    1. Laurence (“Laurie”)

    2. Donovan

    3. Tristan

    4. Cornelius

    5. Damian

    6. Erik

    7. Henrik

    8. Ashley

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