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  • how do i contact yahoo administration?

    i have a stalker situation, and he has accessed MY 360, sent himself an invitation from MY 360, and accepted it. he has invaded my privacy and i would like to know what actions I can take. Will they take off HIS account? can he open a new one?

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  • 30 year old virgin???

    i met a guy on a dating service... we talked a little while and we are supposed to meet... he is a really sweet guy and we have gotten to the mushy stuff in our conversations....

    he told me that he was a virgin...

    ok, that worries me because...

    **why would he lie?

    **if he is saving himself for the right girl, why is that girl me?? he doesnt even really know me... we havent met yet.

    just wanted someone else's opinion on this... thoughts, suggestions, etc.

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  • i joined a dating service, what do you tihink about...?

    i am new at this, so i am not sure what the proper etiquette is...

    i know that the reason for joining one of these things is to date, but once you start talking to someone (on the phone, not in emails), what should i do about the other's???

    my mom says to go for it... and date as many people as possible...

    but i don' t feel comfortable doing this

    other question is... how to i tell the others that i am seeing somene right now, and need to "put them on hold" until later???

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  • i am a christian female, and have been approached by a muslim male, with what i believe to be a proposal.?

    I have been researching the quaran, and there are what i believe to be some very good points, but there are some other points, which i am not sure of.

    In the Christian faith, we have several different beliefs such as Catholic, Methodist, baptist, etc. Are there different beliefs for Muslim's as well?

    I am not supposed to speak about religion, actually we are not supposed to speak at all. Since I am a Southerener, a Woman, and Me, you can imagine that I am having a problem with this part. How, exactly are we supposed to decide if we want to be together? What if he is not the person that I have in my head that he is? What if I don't live up to the Woman that he has decided that I am? or that he thinks that I am?

    Any advice? Should I entertain this as a possibility? Should I just decide that he isn't worth my time? Are the religious/cultural differences just too much?

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  • OK, I'm coming out from under my rock now... What happened on The View?

    I had to work this past week, and there is a rumor... now confirmed on here... that Rosie had some sort of falling out with Rosie.... can I please have some details????

    Thanks in advance for your answers/thoughts/etc...

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  • I need to ask an opinion about a name for a business in the mall?

    We wil be selling fake Lampe Berger... and I wanted to get a few opinions on a name...

    "Scentful Delights" (a play on words as in Sinful Delights)?

    "Lite of my Life"??

    my boss likes "Mystical Lights" or "Magical Lights" but I am not sure how people here in the "bible belt" will like those names. ( I live in Louisiana.)

    Do you like any of these names?

    Any other suggestions?

    FYI- the name will go on a kiosk and needs to be short... Lite of my Life may be too long.

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  • My boss wants to open a kiosk inn the mall...?

    that sells these little oil lamps like lampe berger... do you like the name Scentful (Sinful) Delights?

    Any other suggestions???

    Thank you in advance for youe help with this :)

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  • i've recently upgraded to a yahoo premium acct...?

    and i forwarded my yahoo emails to a gmail account. how do i un-forward them?

    thanks for all of your replies.

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  • So, what happened on Grey's Anatomy tonight?

    I missed it tonight because I had to work and it is not available on yet.

    Thanks for your answers.

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  • why does everyone have candle pictures for their avitars?

    I just logged in and I noticed that there are lots of pictures of candles for avitars. they are very pretty, but I just wanted to know why???!!!

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  • will yahoo tell me if i am getting close to my limit?

    I have a free yahoo account and I am having a problem sending e-mails in yahoo. when I try to send an email, it says that I have reached my limit. does that mean that I have reached my memory limit? how do I know how close I am?

    thank you for your answers.

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  • why are all of my stats in the negative today?

    this is what my stats look like today:

    2,930 points

    Level 4


    Best answer

    Activity Summary Activity Details

    Total Points 2,930

    Points this week 15

    Points to get to Level 5 2,070


    Total answers -933

    Best answers 71

    And the last question that I answered has been erased from my history of answers.

    Just thought that was a little weird. What is happening? Is it a glitch? Is your YA doing this, too???

    Thank you for your answers

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  • I have a high IQ, and when I am asked what my hobbies are, or what I do in my spare time,...?

    I find that I sometimes just get this look of astonishment...

    I don't want to dumb-down my answers, but I am learning that there are a lot of DUMB people in the world.

    My hobbies are Photography, Egyptology, studying Haiku's, Reading, working on models, Sculpture, and I collect Hatori's and Obi's.

    (the egyptology thing always freaks them out and so does the haiku's, and the obvious question of what are hatori's and obi's).

    -it actually gives me a chance to explain some of my life to them when I explain what these things are... I kind of like that little break- and it makes MY INTERVIEW a little more personal. I was also told to make an impression that they will remember...

    should i just start saying something like "shopping, family and friends"?

    once i get the job, won't they know about me anyways?

    i think it is important to be honest, I also think that it is important to sound smart.

    I don't think that these make me sound all that over- the -edge, do you ???

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  • How do i prepare myself to be ready for any type of question on an interview?

    I was thinking that I should just focus on being a positive, upbeat person who had a gift for b.s.

    (bull sh*t)

    any advice???

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  • Another resume question... Do you put all of your past jobs on a resume?

    I have been working for a lot of years... do i just put the relevant ones? How do I explain the gaps in employment?

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  • Let's say that you had a job that only lasted a few weeks, and you did not make very much money...?

    And you were paid cash...(not very much, by the way)... hypothetical question... to see what the perameters of a resume should be...

    Would you put it on your resume?

    Would the past employer get upset with all of the calls for employment questions?

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  • On your resume, if you take a temp job (2 weeks) for few hours, do you put that down on your resume?

    Just wondering.... to see if I should re-do my resume. And my interview has nothing to do with the temp job...

    My interview is at a dentist office for customer service... and my temp job was in the mall selling puzzles.

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  • I have an interview tomorrow, and if you can see from my questions, I am in need of advice?

    I am 6 feet tall, and I have a job interview tomorrow.

    Should I wear heels?

    I don't want to tower over the interviewer, but I do want to look confident. I also cannot afford to go purchase new shoes just for this interview.

    (I do have some small heels, and my interview shoes have a 2 inch heel on them, look very nice... from a second hand shop.

    I do have some flat shoes, but they are sandals, and I am in Louisiana... I think that it will be cool tomorrow, so the weather does not permit sandals.

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  • What is your strongest point? What is your weakest point?

    of course, these are as related to a job interview...

    How would you answer these?

    My answer to the first one is that I can walk up to a total stranger and talk to them...(which I have just learned a lot of people can't do)

    My answer to the second one is... I have to find a way to say it... I have been told by previous employers that I try too hard to help people. It's just that I always try to do my best in every given situation, and for instance, I had a problem with call time at a previous employer because I could not assist the customer, make sure that they had all that they needed, and get them off of the phone in under 3 minutes. I have been working on this, though.

    Is this a good answer? how can I word it better? I don't want to sound like a flake.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

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  • Interview questions?

    So far, I have been in customer service, and all of my answers were bubbly and sweet and positive... and I guess that my resume looks ok, because I always get about 70% calls for interviews when I send a resume.

    What types of questions will they be asking other than the usual "What is your strongest point?" and "What is your weakest point"?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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