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Brief, to the point, not a lot fluff, & sometimes sarcastic kind of guy-I tell it like it is & not what you may want to hear-So don't have a hissie fit if you don't like my answer by not giving you some candy @$$ response-I'm not here to please anyone & I certainly don't expect the same in return-If you want to e-mail & nag me (you know who you are & so do I) with your petty comments you can also stand in line, take a number & kiss my @$$-So before you post another question complaining to others about my response just keep one thing in mind...there's no safety in numbers-I'm known as having an "I don't give a $hit what you think" attitude & don't expect I'd be changing any time soon-Just remember, my % of best answers speaks for Its self which means there are people who agree with my responses-Don't Care 2B Top Contributor-I'm financially independent & I do this to kill some time-I don't run, I don't hide-I ride motorcycles, drive fast cars & prefer faster women & that's the way it is.