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I am a life-long animal lover and have had hundreds of pets. In 2007 I lost my horse, my companion for over 26 years. Currently I have 9 cats and 3 pet rats. My husband and I enjoy making their lives as nice and fun as possible and I constantly keep up with the newest ways to keep my 'family' happy. I work part-time as a Professional Organizer. My biggest love is making a enriched, functioning home for anyone -- human or animal! I am in my mid 50s and I really enjoy my life!

  • At what age to a kitten's eyes become their true color?

    We have 3 eight week old kittens, 2 have blue/gray eyes, the other one, pure black, has dark blue eyes. When will their true eye color come in? Is there any hope that the black kitten will keep her stunning blue eyes?

    2 AnswersCats6 years ago
  • Why won't my dog let me throw the ball for her?

    I'm trying to understand my little dog. She's part Jack Russel and part Corgi. She LOVES running after tennis balls, so much so that I don't like to let her have them in the house, because she's such a pest. But sometimes. when we haven't been able to get outside to play enough, I let her have a ball inside. She obviously wants me to throw it for her, she's DYING for me to throw it and yet, when I reach down for it, she grabs it away. I've been working with her for weeks, trying to teach her to bring the ball to me and drop it. I'm pretty sure she understands what I'm asking because she does it sometimes, but most of the time she won't bring the ball to me, or if she does, she'll grab it as I'm reaching for it. I always turn away and won't play with her when she does this, and she understands because she will come closer and put the ball down and sometimes she backs away... but WHY won't she do this consistantly? She WANTS to chase it, so why won't she let me throw it for her? I really don't understand.

    8 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • My dog just some VERY moldy dog treats?

    I moved a piece of furniture and the treats were underneath. I went to get a broom, never dreaming that my do would EAT that horrible stuff - they didn't even look like food! (Yes, I know, I should do better housecleaning.) Will she be OK? She weighs about 19 pounds and she ate about 6-7 small treats. Thanks!

    5 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • How do you keep a stone fireplace from getting dusty?

    I love the look of stone or brick fireplaces but I wonder how hard it is to keep them clean? I'm not talking about soot, I mean ordinary household dust. Such a rough surface must collect dust! Should I opt for a smoother look, like marble or tile? Or is keeping the stone dust-free not that big of a deal?

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  • How do you tell your mother that she needs to go into an assisted living home?

    The family has been taking care of my mom since my dad died 3 years ago. But now she's gotten too weak and too ill and we just can't take care of her anymore. Getting someone to care for her at home would cost 3 times more than an assisted living place and she simply can't afford it. She's lucky she can afford to go into assisted living instead of a nursing home. We've talked about her needing to go into assisted living 'someday' but I'm sure she never really believed that someday would come. How do we tell her that someday is now? She loves her home and she'll be so unhappy. She's just stubborn enough to decide to STAY unhappy too, even if she could ever actually like being in assisted living.

    I just don't know how to to tell her. We simply can't take care of her anymore but I hate to break her heart. This is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do - and as the oldest sibling, most of the burden is on me.

    How do we tell her?

    3 AnswersFamily7 years ago
  • Could my dog be 'ball obsessed'?

    What is the definition of ball obsessed? My dog LOVES her ball, she will play with it for hours. But she will play by herself. She likes it when I throw the ball for her but she doesn't plead or beg. She will eventually play with other toys too.

    Should I be worried? I've been around ball obsessed dogs before and it is NO fun. Should I take her ball away or just let her play with it?

    She's a corgi/jack russel terrier mix, about 2 years old. We've only had her for 5 weeks so we are still learning about each other. In most ways she's VERY good, she's such a sweetheart - I don't want to ruin her!

    4 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • Can't turn 'aging' back on in my Sims 2 game?

    I know I'm hopelessly outdated, still playing Sims 2 instead of Sims 3, but I like the old game. I recently installed Apartment Life and it's not working very well at all. I can't use the apartments but I can still play households. I used a cheat to turn the aging off and now, no matter what I do, it won't turn back on. My infants don't grow up! Lots of other weird things are happening too. Can this be fixed without uninstalling and losing everything? Thanks for any help you give!

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • Why is my voice hoarse after a cold?

    I had a bad cold a few days ago and although I feel fine now, my voice still is very hoarse. I'm just wondering what makes this happen. Are my vocal cords inflamed? What makes a voice hoarse?

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases8 years ago
  • Survey questions about The Avengers?

    Just for fun!

    The Avengers are: Captain America, Ironman, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Thor. Just because it's my question, let's include Loki.

    Of those seven characters, which do think is:

    1) the toughest/ most badass

    2) the nicest/most noble

    3) the LEAST nice/noble

    4) the most attractive

    5) the hardest to kill

    Tell me as much as you want with your answers. Have fun!

    9 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • What does 'book' mean in the credits for musicals?

    When reading the credits for a musical play, they often list 'Music by...., Lyrics by.... and Book by.... ' What does that mean? They don't really write a book, do they?

    3 AnswersPerforming Arts8 years ago
  • Are you superstitious?

    I try not to be superstitious. It's really silly to think that I can actually jinx myself by talking about things before they happen and yet, I can't seem to get over it!

    We have been looking for property to buy so we can build a house. Every time we see something we like and I tell people about it, the deal falls through. So today... and I want to TELL SOMEONE, EVERYONE but I'm afraid if I do, it won't happen!

    Please tell me I'm being silly so I can go share the good news!

    10 AnswersMythology & Folklore8 years ago
  • Keeping tiny dogs when you also have cats?

    We have nine cats - and yes, they are all indoor and we take very good care of them. We used to have a dog and are thinking about getting another dog soon. Our old dog was medium sized, so keeping him out of the cat room, where their food and litter boxes are, was easy - we just kept the door open wide enough for cats, but not for the dog.

    However, now we've found two tiny dogs at a rescue shelter who need a good home. They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. My husband and I have talked a lot about how we could modify the house so that the cats could still have their cat room and the dogs couldn't get to their litter boxes or food, it can be done.

    Our cats grew up with our old dog so they don't mind dogs at all. In fact, they like dogs better than they like other cats! I don't expect there to be much problem with them getting along and of course we'll make sure of it before we adopt the dogs.

    I'm basically wondering if you have any advice or tips for me about keeping small dogs along with cats. Thanks in advance!

    4 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • What is life like for actors on the road?

    My husband and I go to a lot of theater. For nearly 30 years we have had season tickets to the Shubert in New Haven, CT and the Providence Performing Arts Center in RI. We LOVE the shows! The enthusiasm and talent shown by the actors and dancers, night after night, is amazing.

    I've always wondered what it is like for these people on the road. Do they stay in nice hotels? Do they all travel together on a bus or do they bring their own cars? Do they ever get to see the cities they visit? Do they make decent money?

    If I were really wealthy, I would host parties for every cast, just to show my appreciation. It would be so fun to be among such talented people!!

    2 AnswersTheater & Acting8 years ago
  • What kind of plumbing pipe is better?

    When building a bathroom, what kind of pipe should be used? PVC or copper? And why?

    10 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • How big are the bathrooms on cruise ships?

    We are thinking about taking an Alaskan Cruise. However, both my husband and I are fairly big people and I'm afraid of getting stuck for a week trying to use an airline sized bathroom. We would be booking a mid range room, maybe a little more upscale - not the most expensive but certainly not the cheapest. How can I find out what the bathrooms are like on whatever ship we end up on?

    12 AnswersCruise Travel8 years ago
  • How do you use capers in cooking?

    I recently had Chicken Picatta in a restaurant and I LOVED it. Everyone told me how simple it was to make, so I tried it and it came out OK. But the capers I bought have a somewhat sour taste - is this normal? The ones in the restaurant were MUCH better and added so much flavor to the meal. Did I just get a bad batch? Or is there anything I can do to reduce the sourness? Thanks

    6 AnswersCooking & Recipes8 years ago
  • How far north can you drive?

    In Canada, how far north is it possible to drive in a regular car?

    Also, I know it can't be predicted, but is there anyplace we can go where we are almost SURE to see the Northern Lights?

    2 AnswersOther - Canada8 years ago
  • Why do them make movies and TV shows in such dull, drab colors?

    Some shows are so drab, they might as well be in black and white. In the show about Sherlock Holmes - Elementary - the house they live in is SO drab and muddy looking, it just looks filthy. Some shows are so dim it's hard to see what's going on. Is this some 'artistic' thing? Is color too 'traditional' nowadays? It really bothers me!

    2 AnswersOther - Television8 years ago
  • Was the gift my cousin sent rude?

    A few months ago my cousin and her husband came to visit. We happen to have a guest house, located about 20 minutes from our house, and we offered to let them stay there. We held a big family cookout so that they could meet all the members of the West Coast part of our family (she and her husband live on the East Coast).

    Some background... I used to ride horses, and one of my horses had a foal, I'll call him Joe. I still own Joe but I no longer ride or have anything to do with horses. Joe currently lives in a paddock right next door to our guest house. My sister-in-law lives in the next house and she takes care of Joe. Joe lives by himself, which isn't ideal since horses like to be around other horses, but he isn't neglected - he has a paddock, shelter and is fed twice a day. My sis-in-law sometimes grooms him too.

    My cousin is also a horse person and she spent some time grooming Joe while she was staying in the guest house. We talked briefly about how Joe really needs a better home. She seems to have assumed that I would look for a home for him, but honestly, I don't intend to.

    Anyway, after she left she sent a 'thank you' gift, for letting them use our guest house. She sent a set of nice brushes for Joe, saying that she had noticed that his were a bit run-down. She also asked a couple of times - over the phone - about Joe and if he would be going to a better home soon. I think she finally got the hint that I don't intend to move him because she's stopped asking.

    My question is - don't you think it was rude of her to send brushes and say that the ones he had were run down? And to keep insinuating that Joe needs a better home?

    13 AnswersEtiquette8 years ago