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  • Not Ovulating, Says the Gynaecologist. What will be the Best remedy?

    Me partner went to see the Gynaecologist today and after series of test she was told that she is not ovulating.Is that the end of trying to get pregnant or is it something that can be resolved?

    7 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • Skeeter Davis?

    can anybody tell me where to buy a classic skeeter Davis CD?. I have checked almost all retail stores including HMV and others

    3 AnswersMusic1 decade ago
  • HP IPAQ HX2490B Pocket PC with Wifi and Bluetooth.?

    How can I sell My HP IPAQ HX2490B Pocket PC with Wifi and Bluetooth Without going on ebay?. I bought it about 2 months ago. I hate to Pay sellers fee on ebay I need LONDON UK answers.

    2 AnswersPDAs & Handhelds1 decade ago
  • State Of Sabotage or Sabotage for real?

    Can anybody give me an insight about the State Of Sabotage(SoS). It says on its website that it is a Virtual State and yet issue out passports to citizens that can not be used for travelling purpose. I find that ridiculous or is there more i should know?

    1 AnswerGovernment1 decade ago
  • Corruption amongst African Government Leaders?

    Why do western Governments support corruption in Africa Through the use of their Banks? Why don`t banks like HSBC, Barclays and others question huge deposits of Money from individuals within African Government? Why dont the Banks reject this huge deposits from individuals and report to the appropriate channel if really they are really up in fighting corruption amogst African Government leaders.Do you know that this deposits will never be retrieved if the Depositors Die?-The Home Government of tht Bank pockets the account Balance- Who else believes with me that the so called Fight against corruption in Africa is a charade and a ploy to suck us dry.To make matters worst, western press especially SKYNEWS, don`t seem to be doing anything about it, they are only interested in painting the whole of Africa as backward continent when actually their leaders( western leaders) are enjoying profits in ARMS DEALING and DRUG SMUGGLING. To them, after all NO BODY CARES ABOUT AFRICA.!!!!

    2 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Is there a special way to make love to a woman and get her pregnant or its just mere luck? been trying 4 1year

    Is there a special way to make love to a woman and get her pregnant or its just mere luck? Me and my partner have been trying for 1year. I satisfy her sexually because I have got what it take.You know what am talking about, but that positive result is what we`ve been looking out for. Help ME

    11 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • I have not been able to log on to Yahoo messenger for more than 12hrs .Is there a sort of network problem?

    messenger will not sign me in, i try to log on to my other ID and still same.

    4 AnswersNotices and Errors1 decade ago