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Christian Navy Wife and Mother living in coastal Georgia on base. I have been married 11 years now and have 2 kids.

  • What is the title to this horror movie. I can't remember.?

    I can't remember the actors or the title. Can someone help me out?

    A family moves to a house in the country. The young teen daughter keeps wandering into the back yard where there is a hill. She falls asleep on it. She then starts making odd nests in her bedroom closet out of twigs and stuff. Then you later find out that creatures live under the hill in the ground and want to kidnap her and make her their queen and breed with her. Creepy I know. What is this movie?

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  • What is with the avatars?

    Why does yahoo make all the men's avatars have such little necks? They make the female avatars complimentive and the males they give them skinny necks. They all look like 12 year old boys, only some have little goatees and such. I know I'm sorry silly question for a spiritual forum, but this is usually where I hang out in yahoo answers. Anyone else hate the guy avatars?

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  • For the you fall for false pretense?

    I was just wondering if you all noticed the false pretenses that are repeated over and over in here. Wasn't it Hitler who said that, If you say it loud enough and long enough, people will start to believe it?

    "How can you believe something not based on fact?

    Notice the pretense is that our faith is not based on fact.

    "How can you believe in a God with no proof?"

    Pretense..."proof" is what is required to believe in God and not evidence which is not something science deals with. It is an interpretation of "evidence" not proof. And if "evidence" is what they really mean, that there is none to stand on in believing in a creator God.

    I see this over and over from more of the RABID atheists. Not all of them are like that, but for the ones that are...why not just deal with the truth. Points to an agenda of not really being open to a real discussion but to evangelize and cause strife.

    Just curious if anyone else noticed a common theme.

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  • Vasectomy Reversal?

    Just curious if there is anyone out there who became pregnant after their husband/boyfriend had a vasectomy reversal. My husband is planning on getting one in a few months and I was wondering if it was easy, how long it took, and what to expect with the surgery. Anyone?

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  • An earnest question to the atheists.?

    I'm a christian. Here's a question.

    Is it rude to badmouth muslims at church? Like if the pastor said, "Next week we MAY have a muslim coming in to the church, just so you all are aware".

    Is it rude to badmouth and mock Islam in the church service the next Sunday, even if I don't see a muslim there?

    Interesting thought ran across my mind.

    For those who answered that this is not something we should do...that we should be more careful, even IF we don't see a muslim in church the next Sunday....

    Would some of you mock God even if you can't see Him? I'm not talking to the atheists who have been very kind and understanding of me in here, but the rude ones that don't just mock christians, but mock God directly. Is it any better for you to mock God even though your not sure He's there?

    Just a thought that I hope softens the hearts of atheists, not to me, but to God.

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  • To make it clear...christians please.?

    I've heard a lot of commentary and questions about how much christians have actually studied their faith. I have. I wasn't born again in a church. It was on my face realizing what a mess I was. I believe there is a good deal of christians who have studied their faith at great length and ...AMAZINGLY, they still believe. Not only that but their faith is validated again and again. How many christians have actually studied? It can be anything from the bible in general to christian apologetics to creation science to prayer etc....Just curious.

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  • Are animals more peaceful and moral than humans?

    Someone commented on this in here and I wanted to address it. I have to say no. I'd be interested in others thoughts on this however.

    Dogs and cats sometimes eat their own young.

    Many animals kill the babies of another to protect their food source.

    Many male mammals kill the offspring of another male merely to bring the female back into fertility so they can mate with her and propogate their species.

    Ants raid other nests and enslave ants from other nests.

    No animal decides not to eat the babies of another because they are babies. They have no mercy in that way.

    Many species of insect invade habitats and takeover with no regard to sustaining the environment. Locusts, parasites, germs.

    No animal logically controls their population to protect a habitat. The equalibrium comes by starvation and one critter killing off another critter.

    There is no peace in the animal world, no morals. The do what they must to survive. Survival of the fittest.

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  • Fundies???

    Hey I'm a fundementalist christian. Otherwise known, apparently, as a "fundie". I thought it was such an adorable way to insult me. A derogatory nickname with the word "fun" in it. How cute! So it got me thinking. What are some equally adorable nicknames us christians can call atheists, agnostics or secular humansists? Are jewish folks (God's chosen people) are they "choosies"? Ok any suggestions?

    I think secular humansists should be "secs sies". What do you think?

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  • The consumption and recreational habits of the contemporary atheist...?

    Have you ever noticed how atheists congregate in spiritual forums? Especially ones where christians hang out? Maybe I'm biased because I am a christian. I'm not sure but I suppose I have never really spent a great deal of time in forums of other faiths before. But I do find it interesting and it makes me wonder why they are here. I was thinking of some possible reasons...

    1. They wish to understand.

    2. They wish to enlighten.

    3. They wish to collect information for a paper?

    who knows. All 3 of these are negated when they mock and ridicule someone for having a belief they adhere to that differs from there own.

    possible 4th...

    They have egos hungry for validation that can only be filled by continually surrounding themselves by those they perseive as inferior. If they really wanted enlightenment, they'd go to a room of superiors and glean knowledge from those they perceive as superior in intellect. Just a thought. Any other possibilities?

    *ducks and covers*

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  • Cohabitation and new christians...?

    What if after a couple becomes born again, if they are unmarried and living decides they should be married and the other does not...what should they do?

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  • In a christian marraige, how should finances be handled?

    Should the husband or wife or both make financial decisions? If one of the couple makes a decision to make a huge purchase that will place a big burden on the entire family and the other disagrees, what should be done?

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  • Can you be an intellectually honest atheist?

    Can a person really truly be an atheist? Considering you cannot really prove a negative, can you prove that God doesn't exhist. If humans are limited in intellect and knowledge and are not omniscient, can they prove God does not exhist, and if they cannot, how can they prove God does not exhist? I don't believe you can be a practical atheist.

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  • Could the big bang theory create the intricate design you see in the universe?

    How can an explosion create the delicate balance we see in the universe? Have you ever seen an explosion create order instead of chaos?

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