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  • My life and marriage is a wreck, any ideas?

    5 years ago, my wife and I split up after a long series of issues. A long time friend who I confided in told me that she had an interest and we really got to know each other well. My wife filed for divorce against me and the long awaited day came, she delivered the divorce papers. Before I signed, she said that she didn't want to get divorced. A few months later we were back together, ultimately I did it for my daughter and I thought we could work it out. 2 years later, my daughter took her own life. It's taken a couple of years but I've finally been able to live with what happened. Now my wife and I rarely speak to each other. We've barely been intiment. She is back in therapy dealing with her depression. I find myself on a different path than her. We've talked about splitting up again. My friend says life (i'm 37) is short and I shouldn't wait until more time has gone by. Is my marriage done? Do I take a chance on the other woman? FYI no sex involved with her either.

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