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  • What to do? married 4 years and wife is still not meeting my sexual needs?

    I am so ashamed of myself, having to resolve to staying up late and watching porn behind her back for a quick release but it seems the only way I can survive while remaining faithful in this nearly sexless marriage.

    What do I do>?

    I don't know who to turn to, now our child is grown and sleeps through the night, I cook and help take care of the house just to see her come home, turn on the tv, flip through the channels and deny my advances, or just crash on the couch for a "nap" which ends up being an all nighter. IF we end up having sex, it's either because I nag and argue and nag some more, or because she feels bad from my begging so much. And it's almost always a sloppy job, a late night too-tired-for-it, or a can-you-hurry-and-get-it-over-with kinda performance. But she doesn't see it that way!

    Thing is I didn't enter this marriage to beg for sex. And I shouldn't be making the advances every single time?

    I feel like I'm on my own on this one and I can only resort to asking folks who don't know me personally, can you help me help my wife?

    I don't know what's wrong with her.

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  • how do I help my wife increase libido?

    We've been married for three years and my wife and I aren't 28 yet but even before we've had our first child (6 mts ago) her libido had begun to go way down after 1 yr. I am having to convince her to have sex with me most of the time, she often rejects my advances and wont even offer me alternative ways of getting a release (handjob...). She didn't believe it was that bad until I kept a calendar of our sex life- we have sex on average once a week, where in comparison- in past relationships, I would have sex two or three times a day. I understand that work and our child takes time away from our intimacy but we should be able to have sex at least 3 times a week especially since she is on maternity leave and got a full bill of health from the doctor, I can also see that she's back to her original size and works out daily. I am aware that I am attractive to most women in my environment and it's very distracting... finding ways to avoid women who long to please me... if they only knew...

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  • my wife is not great at making love to me and does not watch porn how do I get her to improve in our sex life?

    I have a beautiful, sexy wife, who, before we got married, promised me that she would give me great at sex, but I'm finding that I rarely enjoy sex with her: she seldom performs oral sex, and when she does it does not stimulate me; she does not know how to give proper hand jobs, she does not kiss properly; she does not understand my body language when i ask her to slow down or speed up or change the angle, and while she was a virgin, her vaginal walls are not very strong (I don't like anal) to stimulate my penis. I seldom ejaculate while having sex with her whereas I can *** on my own and in my past relationships, I enjoyed amazing sex. what should I do?

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