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  • First time tanning in Orlando, Florida?

    So, my best friend and I are going to Orlando, Florida this Friday and since it's been a really long winter, we've noticed that we're really pale. For this reason we are planning on going tanning on the first day we get there however we don't know how this process usually goes. We've never tanned before so we need some help. We don't wanna end up looking too fake, just a natural color, so which method would be best: booth, bed, or spray?

    Also, how long should the first time we tan be? Around five minutes? Do we gradually increase?

    What are the prices for each time in the tanning salon around Orlando?

    I think that would be all, thanks a lot!

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  • AT&T Phone Upgrade - Simple question.?

    Alright, so I am on a phone plan with my mother and father. Recently, my phone's screen has been acting up and I am planning on going to AT&T to get a new phone. I went on the AT&T website to check if I had an upgrade available on my number and turns out I don't. The upgrade for my number is in February. However, I really need a new phone and both of my parents, my mother and father, have upgrades available on their numbers. Is it possible to use one of their upgrades on my number? I was planning on getting the new iPhone 4.

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  • Horrible tan-lines question. Suggestions please?

    Okay so last year i went to the beach wearing really tiny booty shorts. I was with my brothers and i didn't feel comfortable taking them off so i decided to keep the shorts on. Turns out, that was a really bad idea. I got really horrible tan-lines on my thighs. I thought they would dissapear over winter but it's been a year and i STILL have them. Now i feel really uncomfortable stripping down to a bikini because instead of having common tan-lines from a bikini bottom, i have tan lines from my shorts instead at the top of my thighs.

    Is there any way they can be removed? I'm dying to know!

    I don't have a problem with my body but these hideous tan lines make me really self conscious.

    Would going tanning in a tanning bed help resolve this? Would it even out my skin tone?

    Help pleaseee! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  • Sip N' Grip slogan . Help?

    Okay, so i'm doing a project in my Marketing class. We have to come up with our own Energy/Sports drink and we have to target a specific target market.

    I'm creating a sports drink targetting weight lifters, ages 20-45, heavy on the male population.

    My sport drink is called Sip N' Grip . I'm having difficulty coming up with a Slogan. I was thinking 'Sip it, then Grip it!' but it seems too plain . Any suggestions ?

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  • Question on vegetables either gaining or losing water in a bowl of water.?

    A chef chops vegetables into a bowl of water. Would you expect the vegetable slices to gain or lose water? Explain your answer in terms of water potential.

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  • Question on water potential.?

    Imagine that you are an agri-science consultant to a large corporate farm that raises 7,000 acres of wheat on desert land adjoining the Mediterranean Sea. Just before the wheat matures, all the wells used for irrigation water run dry. The farm manager wants to irrigate the fields with water drawn from the Mediterranean. From previous tests, you know that the average solute potential of root tissue taken from the wheat fields is - 11.13 bars. You test the seawater and determine its solute potential to be -24.26 bars. What will you advise the farm manager and why?

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  • Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder?

    Okay, so i've been reading Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder and i had a couple of questions to answer after i finished it. I finished all of them except one which i just can't quite grasp and i need all the help i can possibly get. :/

    Question: Choose one philosophy you agree with and explain your reasoning in no fewer than three paragraphs.

    I know it's simple but it just won't come to me and i disagree with basically all of the philosophers in the book. Help please?

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