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  • Australians: Does your government pay you if you are too fat to work?

    I think a guy my friend "met" on the internet is feeding her a lot of bull. He also claims he is taking care of his mum, so the government is paying him to not work and watch her? If it is true about being too fat to work - uh - how fat do you have to be?

    6 AnswersOther - Australia1 decade ago
  • Estheticians - Where do you work, is work steady, etc?

    I live in the Tampa, Florida area and am looking to become an esthetician or aesthetician. I cannot decide if I want to do medical or spa, and possibly both. No matter where in the country you work how is the business? Do you have steady work - do you make a decent living (pay the bills) with your career...? Was it a long time before you found your first job?

    1 AnswerOther - Beauty & Style1 decade ago
  • Roger Thorpe or James Stenbeck in battle?

    This question is just for fun, and a little thought provoking.

    Who would win, Stenbeck or Thorpe?

    2 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • How often do personal chefs get sued?

    Does it happen? That is one thing holding me back on my decision to get going. I know I can get insurance - and I wouldn't do anything on purpose to get sued for...but when that lady won that McDonald's lawsuit for the hot coffee spilling on her lap - it has me a little nervous.

    2 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • Is anyone else sick of Brangelina vs Jennifer Aniston?

    Alright - we all know that Brad and Angelina met, fell in love, etc. while Brad and Jen were still married. It has been mentioned a few times - we got it!

    Hasn't it been a while now? Why does the media still hype on about how anything Brangelina does and how it affects Jen and vice versa?

    3 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • Personal Chef-ing?

    What do you feel the success rate would be for a personal chef type to teach people to make desserts, candy, etc?

    What would be a good price range to charge per person?

    The personal chef would pick up the ingredients needed and leave what was left over with the host or hostess.

    2 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • Candymaking?

    If a peronal chef type were to offer candy and dessert making classes for you and your friends in your home, how much would you/they chip in to pay?

    $10 per person, $15 per person, $20 per person, $25 per person or another amount.........................?

    Let's say they were going to pick up the ingredients and leave whatever was left over with you.

    There would be no pressure to book more parties or pressure your friends into buying anything, etc. All you would be doing was having fun and learning a new skill. So it wouldn't be exactly like a home party....

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Survivor fans?

    Is it just me, or has anyone else thought of what it would be like if the survivors all ganged up and kidnapped Jeff Probst and demanded food for his safe return?

    5 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Bold and Beautiful fans?

    Would you like to see Eric and Stephanie stay divorced this time?

    17 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Eric Braden and Jeanne Cooper?

    They play Victor and Kathryn on Y&R...........I would love to see them get Emmys this year.

    Would you? If not - who do you hope wins?

    6 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • How much does it cost to get started with Premier Designs?

    I am really thinking about getting started and find that it is difficult to reach people. Are there no personal websites?

    4 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • Donna on B&B? it just me or is she not one of the more prettier actresses on the show? I think it is the eyebrow thing......and perhaps if they would give her hair just a little more body...

    11 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Sharon on Y&R?

    OK - who else wants to see Sharon get a real haircut?

    Also - I think Daniel could use a pair of shears pointed his way...

    17 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Y&R and ATWT?

    Now that Dusty is dead on ATWT - would you like to see him (the actor - not the character) come forth on Y&R at Victor's trial and really be the guy that David Chow owes money to? Maybe he is the one that got G-Min killed...??

    10 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Soap Operas in general?

    No matter what soap you watch.....have the story lines become unbelievable? Or is it just Y&R and B&B??? Would you like to see the soaps off the air until the writers strike is over?

    9 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Y&R - Amber/Marina?

    Give me a break!!!!! Who cannot tell that Marina is Amber??? Maybe they should retire the soaps til this writer's strike gets resolved.

    18 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Italian charms - how do they work?

    OK - I have to admit it - I feel a little stooooopid. I bought some Italian charm links off of ebay and want to link my bracelet and my watch so that I can wear them.

    I cannot seem to do it - I am not finding helpful suggestions on the web, either...Can someone tell me how to do this?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • Survivor China?

    Who else wants Courtney off? What outcome would you like to see? I would love to see PG or Eric win....but they should have told James to pay the idol.

    11 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Forresters and Logans.........triple wedding???

    Wooooooo - Brooke and Ridge, Donna and Eric, and little sister with Thorne???? Wouldn't a triple wedding be something?

    I wonder if Stephanie would attend? BWAHAHA

    Go ahead: Tell what you would like to see happen....

    6 AnswersSoap Operas1 decade ago
  • Real Estate Career?

    Does anyone know of a job/career that can be had with a real estate license that does NOT involve commission? I need a real paycheck......

    5 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago