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  • dream interpretation?

    I dont usually remember my dreams unless in the dream is someone who had passed. However last night was different. Icwas in an airport walking . I saw a man with a rifle walking. No one seem to notice him which I thought was odd. He stood before me pointed the rifle and shot me in the right shoulder. It was a small hole with sime bleeding but not much. I found a security office and told them about the man. They had me fill out papers??? Then I woke up.. usually I can figure out my dreams however this one has me stumped

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation6 years ago
  • my printer slef cleans when its off?

    I have a brothers printer that is really annoying me. I keep it turned off when not in use. The problem im having is when its off some of the times it starts to self clean. Usually its not a problem however when it happens 3 in the morning its quite annoying..any sugfestions ?

    2 AnswersPrinters7 years ago
  • custody of granddaughter?

    we have had our granddaughter for 5 years..she was 3 1/2 when we got her..her mother is petitioning for custoday..she currently has visitation every two weeks on the weekends..she doesnt want to with mom even though she tells her she does.doesnt want to hurt her feelings..i heard there was a law in nys now that a grandchild living with grandparents for 24 months or more has to be given serious consideration to keeping the child instead of child automatically going with parent. she is in counsleing and has told counsler she wants to say with us..

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  • head of household question?

    my daughter recently moved back to ny from the state of florida..she worked in a day care center from jan 09 to april of 09 ..she begain working in a deli ..she made about $4000.00 all total as there was a period of time she wasnt working..the question i have..on dec 31 she gave birth..she is not married to the father ..he works off the books. they live with his parents. she went to H&R Block and was told to have one of the grandparents claim keegan and give her the money..why cant she claim him..did she not make enough to claim head of house hold..?? he wasnt due until jan so this was quite unexpected...

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  • why would a one year old rock back and forth constantly when in a sitting postion?

    from what i understand he does this all day..even while playing, when he was sitting on the couch he was rocking so hard i was afraid he was going to bounce off the couch. when he is placed on the floor to sit he rocks back and forth..i've never seen this before..

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  • has there been any legal action taken ?

    against the makers of tony little's machine the gazelle due to injuries? i cant seem to find anything online..

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • I cant seem to find if there has been any lawsuits filed in regards to the exercise machine the gazelle?

    i've searched online and i cant find anything at all..i would appreciate any help at all..thanks

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  • i have shoulder impingement/partial rotartar cuff tear ?

    i've been doing physicall therapy for almost six weeks 1-2 times a week..there has been some improvement but some days boy its hurts so bad..night time is the worst as there is no comfortable postion position to sleep pain in the back pain in the shoulder when you sleep on it pain in the arm when you sleep on the other side. i really dont want to have surgery..i go back to the doc on friday and i'm really nervous as to what he will say..will extending physiclly therapy benefit me at this point?? i know he might suggest injections? do they help??

    5 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago
  • my 7 year old grandson was recently diagnosis with adhd?

    we have custody of him. we already tried one medication vyvance which he had a terrible reaction we are trying focalin xr..these medicines really scare me. interestingly his counselor (we have him in counseling) doesn't believe in the existence of ADD or ADHD..

    my grandson is not have behavior problems in school..he is good..but he is having focusing issues when it comes to his school work...he can pay attention when he plays with his toys or is on the computer but he is all over the place at times...i guess i'm really asking a couple of ADHD real??? and do these medicines really work. i hate the thought of giving him these medicines..are they herbal or natural things that work??? my husband and i are very confused about all this..

    thanks in advance for all your answers.. ..

    7 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • i'm a bit worried about the pain in my right arm?

    i believed i might have injured it while exercising but i'm not sure..i'm 54 years old and suffer from i'm in pain all the time..but the pain i have in my upper arm is different from what i'm use to is severe..if i turn my arm the wrong way the pain can aactuallybe eexcruciating.i try to work out when i can which consists of my tread mill and using my gazelle..i bbelievethe gazelle is where i might have injured my arm..i've already had an shoulder xray which came back neg..i got to the ortho ped doc on friday..i am fearful that i might have torn my bbicepmaybe?? or done something to a tendon?? does this make sense..mind you i'm not an avid exerciser so i'm just a bit concerned..thanks for you help..

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  • fun web products is killing has infected my lap top?

    and i cant get rid of doesnt show in my add/remove file..its linked to anti virus pro 2009 any help at all will be appreciated..i have limited use on my lap top...thanks!!!

    3 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • we are going to disney in a few weeks and i've tried to

    plan our trip the best i can what i think we want to see and should see..does anyone have any suggestions..also i read somewhere that when we check in to our hotel (we are stayng at the all star sports) that its not uncommon for people to ask for free upgrades..we are going the last week in august..this is considered off season or one of their slow weeks..has anyone ever asked for an upgrade and actually gotten it???? just curious...cant wait to go!!!!!!!!!

    4 AnswersAmusement Parks1 decade ago
  • grading student assesment tests at home?

    in watching live with regis and kelly this morning a caller was saying that she grades assesment tests at home for a company..this apparently is world wide...i'e looked on line to see what i could find to no avail..this would be perfect for me as i am disabled and i am no longer able to work outside the anyone familiar with this??? thanks

    2 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • home based business?

    i am on disability and i need to find something i can do from home..i've been looking and everything that interests me turns out to be a scam..even those commericals on tv that is endorsed by tv personilities are scams..does anyone know of any home based business that is legit ????

    11 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • autisum in florida?

    my daughter just uped and relocated to sanford florida..she is trying to find a job working with autistic kids/adults..she is located in semoniloe county....the only thing i can really find is out of orlando....does anyone have any insight to this...oh she has no car so transportation is limited...thanks in advance for your help..

    2 AnswersSpecial Education1 decade ago
  • my doctor just called me to tell me?

    that my mammogram shows some breast density that it didnt show last year and wants me to have some additional views taken..which i will...should i be really worried>>> i am almost 54 yeras old...i thought maybe my age would be a factor in the increased density??

    5 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • titling a car?

    of course motor vehicle is closed now..question i live in NY and a car be titled to one persn and a different person have it insured and registered to guess is yes

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration1 decade ago
  • wearing white at a wedding?

    ok my step son is getting married sept 14th..its a very elegant wedding..his aunt and her boyfriend are coming which is great..wilie who is a big black man (and that is fine) was first going to wear a canary yellow suit...after being tease by other family memebers he decided not to wear he is wearing an all white suit with a tourquise tie and daughter in law is very upset..i always thought the only one to wear white should be the bride...

    what is everyone take on this??

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  • rehearsal dinner?

    i'm planning a wedding rehearsal dinner for my stepson and fiancee..i know the parents and step parents and bridal party are quiestion is does the bridal pary also bring dates or significant other or is it just the bridal party

    15 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • i am so confused?

    i have a male dog 4 years old..he has been fixed since before he was a year old..we just got new neighbors..they have a 3 year old little girl..why is it everytime the little girl comes over the male dog "humps" her...i thought once they got fixed this didnt happen...what can i do

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