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  • Why won't my sinus infection go away?

    Here's the problem. Yesterday, I started on the 3rd round of antibiotics for a sinus infection (the first two antibiotics were cephalexin then augmentin). I've been using flonase, allegra, dayquil, nyquil and even benedryl. Nothing is clearing this up, so yesterday, I returned to the doctor and was prescribed clindamycin. The doctor told me that if this doesn't clear it up, then I may need to see an ENT and have my sinuses drained. Has anyone had this problem? It's been going on since Oct 17th, and I'm tired of feeling like this. All I want to do is sleep.

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  • why would the child support enforcement agency be listed as a defendent in a court case.?

    Here's the story: I reported my ex-husband to CSEA when he quit paying court ordered child support. I am now being listed as the plaintiff, and my ex AND the csea are listed as defendants. Why would csea be listed as a defendant instead of a a plaintiff? I'm not going after the agency, just my ex-husband.

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  • I have a problem with my neighbor?

    My neighbor (who is elderly, lazy, self-centered and very demanding is driving my mom and me up the wall! If she wants to do something, it has to be done immediately, so she expects everyone to just drop what they're doing and do for her! And, she won't take no for an answer!!! For example, this past winter, she wanted to go to church on saturday night, even though she had gone twice that morning (2 different churches), and she would be going on sunday morning. The weather was terrible (icy roads and the local news was advising against unneccesary travel). She had asked my mom to take her, and my mom said no. She then asked me, and i too said no (and I explained that the roads were very icy). She then called another neighbor, who said no, and then she found one that would take her. This has been going on for years, and finally her daughter and husband moved in to help her, and all she does is boss them around. Well, to make a long story short, the daughter called and left a message on my phone today, saying that she had walked her mom to the neighbors (3 houses down), and could I drive over in a few hours and pick her up because they were leaving to go to a cookout. I am sick and tired of people having to bend over backwards for this lady. I feel that if she wants to go somewhere, she should make sure she can get home without imposing on the neighbors(there's no reason she can't walk back home--she does use a walker, but all she does is sit on her butt all day wanting pity). I understand that people should help one another, but this has been going on for so long(4+ years) that my mom and I dread answering the phone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way, when my mom was caring for my dad, who had alzheimers and cancer, this neighbor would have nothing to do with our family.

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  • English bulldog vomits saliva and food EVERY morning, and is lethargic, but back to normal by afternoon?

    My friends 11 month old bulldog coughs and vomits up his dinner from the previous night every morning. He is lethargic all morning, but seems normal by mid afternoon. He goes to the vet tomorrow, but I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this. I'm thinking maybe it's megaesophagous, but does anyone have any ideas?

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  • My 4 year old female siberian husky continues to have struvite crystals in her urine(even after antibiotics).?

    I've read that a high protein,low carb, grain free diet would help, but i'm afraid of damaging her kidneys. her pH is 7.5(too alkaline). I'm considering switching to "Core" dog food (grain-free). does anyone have any suggestions. (I've asked vets, and they're not sure about the food issue). We're cathing her next week to check for stones, but I want to prevent this from happening again.

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