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Pregnant with Baby #2

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My name is Autumn and I have a beautiful boy and another baby on the way. I love being a mom. I have an A.A.S. degree in Early Childhood Development, and I am working on getting my Bachelors in Child and Familly development at Missouri State. I also come on here and ask and answer questions about television. Being a fulltime student and mom I don't get much of a chance to get out. So, I watch a lot of television. I love soap operas and reality tv. I try to be as honest and polite as possible with my answers. Hopefully any advice I give will be helpful, if not I apologize.

  • Just moved into a new house and have been feeling ill.?

    My whole family has been suffering from fatigue. My two year old who usually does not want to go to bed (especially in new areas) has been going to bed here on his own. My husband and I have had body aches, and I've had some wheezing and a runny nose. This home was very filthy and the owners who lived here before did not have electricity for months. It's a nice home, a little older, but we replaced the tiles and shampooed the carpets. There were mice because of the filth, but we have been killing several mice and got an outdoor cat to help. We cleaned and sanitized the home with bleach and lysol. We removed all mice poop. My 3 month old seems to be unaffected. We don't know if it's a new home and adjusting, or if perhaps there is something more. We have natural gas, which is new to us. We also have noticed an odd odor in our masterbath by the sink. We see no signs of anything. All of the walls were repainted prior to us moving in. Will this go away or should I call to talk about my concerns. How long should I wait to see if symptoms disappear?

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  • Native American burial ?

    Ok so today I saw something pretty crazy. I live in Missouri, and while at Christmas dinner my brother and father told me about this scaffold in a yard. On the scaffold is supposedly the body of a Native American wrapped in a leather blanket or something. I did not believe them so my brother took me to the spot, and sure enough, in this yard there it stood. It really looked like a body wrapped tightly in a blanket on a scaffold. There was dream catchers and a bunch of other stuff around the scaffold. My question is this; is this legal? I know that this is a traditional burial custom but, I did not think that it was still practiced. There are no reservations anywhere in the area, and I know for a fact that it is drawing the attention of the local youth. I'm just afraid that one of these kids will do something like steal the body. Anyway is this tradition legal and still practiced?????

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  • Is my pacman frog done growing?

    I have had my pacman for four months now, he was about half dollar sized when I got him. He is currently about the size of an american toad. Will he continue to grow? I've just noticed his growth starting to slow down. I was just wondering because about a month ago he started to croak. Does this mean that he has reached sexual maturity? Do they stop growing at this phase? The adults that I see in the pet stores are 2 to 3 times his size.

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  • Shed problems with my red tailed boa?

    Ok so I am having horrible problems with shedding and my red tailed boa. I have made all of the adjustments that I need to in order to keep the humidity up, but its he is really lazy and refuses to rub up against anything to sluff off his skin. What can I do to get this guy to be more active. I tried to feed him today, and he is having horrible trouble getting his mouth around it. Someone with more experience than myself please help!!!!

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  • Eco earth for a red tailed boa?

    O.K. so someone with a little experience in boas please help me. I have a small BCC and I'm having a hard time keeping humidity in my tank. We had shed issues last go round and now I'm afraid that it might happen again. I have 3/4 of cage top covered, I spray the tank once a day, and I have a humidifier in my herp room. Even with all of this I'm still having issues. I'm wondering if I could use Eco-earth (compressed coconut fiber) for a substrate. My only concern with using it is the risk of respiratory infections. If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it.

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  • What kind of bottles do you suggest I use?

    I'm shopping for the baby now, yay! I'm 30 weeks and setting up the house. Bottles are expensive and I figure I need plenty of them. I can't breastfeed this time because I have Crohn's disease and need to get back on my medication as soon as the baby is born.

    What kind of bottles do/did you use. What did you like about them?


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  • Question about my 5th grade sister's homework lol?

    A train is traveling at 120 km per hour. What's it's speed per second in meters? per minute?

    I have 2,000m per minute and 33.333m per second

    Am I right? Or am I not smarter than a 5th grader?

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  • How do you make chili?

    I know this sounds like a retarded question, I can cook. I don't want a fancy recipe just hamburger, seasoning, etc. I am going to put it in my crock pot after I brown the hamburger. Any recipes or just basic ingredients will be helpful, thanks!

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  • Who does Dan plan to put up as a replacement nominee BB10 USA?

    Haven't been watching the feeds for a few days. Who is Dan going to put on the block after Memphis takes himself off?

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  • How well does/did your newborn sleep?

    My first son was a preemie and he was up every 2 and a half hours to eat until he was 9 months old. He slept through the night at 12 months. I'm pregnant again and wondering if I'm in for another bad year with no sleep and a toddler too. Since he was a preemie, I'm not quite sure that's normal. So, when did your newborn sleep through the night?

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  • Y&R- Is Sabrina going to be killed off?

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether or not Sabrina is being killed off the show. I kinda have my hopes up that shes going to make it, I love her on Y&R. If you know the spoilers please post!

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  • What is the best parenting advice you can think of?

    What do you think the most important thing you've learned since becoming a parent is? What advice do you give to new parents?

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  • Do you like the name Reed for a little boy?

    My husband and I have decided to name our second child Reed. What do you think of it?

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  • If your mom won't talk to you about issues, should you pretend like they don't exist?

    If a parent or close relative refuses to have a mature conversation about issues that you have with them, should you cut them out until they will talk with you, or should you allow them to pretend like nothing is going on because their family.

    The reason I ask is... My mom has not been here for me. When I tried to calmly discuss it (not to make her feel bad, but because I want her to be a bigger part of my life) she got defensive and hung up on me. She refuses to call me back, and won't answer my text messages telling her I love her and I want to talk.

    She is really bad about discussing problems and gets very defensive. When we've had issues in the past she has went weeks without talking to me and then tries to act like nothing ever happened. I really just want to tell her how I feel in hopes that she will be a better mother to me. I love her so much and just want her to be a mom to me.

    When we see each other again should I act like nothing happened or wait til the issues are

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  • Do you really love your second child as much as you love your first?

    Is that feeling you get in the delivery room there with second child?

    When you have a newborn and an older child is it hard for you to focus on the older child when you have a cute little baby?

    My son is 2 and I'm just so curious as to what this will be like. I tried for this baby, but now I'm so scared sometimes I don't even want to think about it.

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  • Anyone ever substitute craisins for raisins in there recipes?

    I'm thinking of using my oatmeal raisin cookie recipe to make oatmeal craisin cookies, as I have craisins and no raisins.

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  • Is it rude to have a baby shower during your 2nd pregnancy?

    I know traditionally women only had one shower, but I want to celebrate the birth of my second child too.

    Do you think I should write on the invites not to bring gifts or do you think it's okay to have a baby shower with your second child?

    What do you think if they are the same gender, does that matter when deciding?

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  • What are some good books to read to your unborn child?

    I want to get my husband a book he can read to the unborn baby for father's day. I've heard that if you read the same book over and over during pregnancy that the baby will be soothed by you reading after it's born. So, just looking for suggestions.

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  • At what age do you think co-sleeping becomes weird?

    I didn't co-sleep with my son because of safety and better quality of sleep for myself and my husband. But., my little sister is 11 and still sleeping in bed with my mom and whoever she is dating at the time. I think it's odd. Could this be negatively affecting my sister, or is it just none of my business.

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