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  • Do you avoid going to the bathroom right after?

    Trying to conceive, I am going to be ovulating next week 11/1 to 11/6 according to WebMD. My DH and I just started trying and I am just curious if that old high school saying really matters when trying to conceive?

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  • Officers Help Please. Stepdaughter's mother in possible unsafe environment - do we have to let her go?

    My husband and I won custody of my stepdaughter 2 years ago. Recently my stepdaughters mother lives with her current boyfriend w/child # 4 on the way. They have fights that the police have to come to their house. We didn't know about this till 2 weekends ago when SD came home and told us the cops came cause her mom and bf were fighting physcially in front of kids. He grabbed her moms arm, she hit his head, etc. Apparently this is the 4th or 5th time cops came for domestic violence in the last 2 months, we just learned all this. Her mom says he was addicted to pills, and she got his doctor to switch his prescription and they are going to therapy now so everything should be all good again. Well she comes to get her Friday as this weekend is hers. Do we have any right to keep her from going somewhere we DO NOT feel safe for her to go? What if it does happen again & they both go to jail, does my SD goto CPS custody or will we get called to come get her?

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  • Keep original engagement ring or buy a new one?

    I got my engagement ring almost 8 years ago, been married for 7. It has a center stone, and baguettes surrounding it. Saturday morning I noticed one of the baguettes was missing, my husband checked the others & none seemed to be loose at all. Well later that day I went to put it on and the other one right next to the hole was also missing, we checked everywhere. We have often talked about getting a bigger diamond put in over the years. I had the ring insured & filed the claim this morning. I have two options: 1.Get an estimate for replacing the 2 baguettes and they will pay that. Or 2. give them the ring, and they will pay me the $4051 its insured for. (I believe 7 years ago when we bought it we paid around $2000 for it, just starting out didn't have a lot of money. ) Of course what girl doesn't want a bigger diamond or new ring, but i am attached since this is the one he proposed with. Eventually 20yr annv etc we would get new ones anyways.

    What would you do?

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  • 10 year old stepdaughter has a fear of pain... is this normal reactions for her age? Is anything we can do?

    She recently had reconstructive surgery on her foot and the surgery and pain afterwards weren't so bad. She worked herself up before she even went to the doctors that it was going to be painful. When she went to have the stitches taken out she freaked out after she watched them take one out, screaming at the top of her lungs, hyper venilating, shaking, etc. She said it didn't hurt later, but they decided to put off the other 7 stitches for next time because it took them 1 hour just to be able to get close enough to take that 1 out cause she kept kicking them and throwing things at them. Well today was the followup for the other 7 stitches to come out, and my husband said she freaked again and it took 4 doctors and nurses to hold her down, and after they were all done she admitted to all of them it didn't hurt. She even does this with her regular yearly shots. Does anyone else's child act this way?

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  • The mother of my stepdaughter assaulted her boyfriend last night, do we have to let her go with tonight?

    My husband & I won custody of my step daughter in Feb. of this year. We are following the court orders on standard possession exactly. (obviously if a father won custody of his child in Tx courts situation was pretty bad.) According to the orders this year is her year to be with her mom on Christmas break starting the day she gets released from school - Today - thru the 26th at noon. However, we still don't know if she is coming or not, we'll find out tonight. But we just found out she attacked her boyfriend she was living with last night and he filed assault charges on her. (by the way she had assault charges already from attacking her previous husband which was not the same man as mine). Apparently the house they are living in is in his name along with all the utilites. He is cutting off all of them today, & contacting the landlord. She even bragged she was clubbing tonight with her friends.

    Do we have to let her go if the situation is unstable and possibly dangerous?

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  • Texas standard possession rules for the non primary parent over the holidays question/?

    The rules state that the other parent is supposed to come and get the child by 6pm on the day they are released for Christmas break and return them by the 26th at noon in even numbered years. This is our first year, we just won custody of my stepdaughter earlier this year that she would be techinically going to her moms. Wednesday (tomorrow) is the Christmas break release date, and she is supposed to get her at 6pm from our house. What happens if she doesn't get her and wants to try and wait till Thursday or Friday is she still legally entitled to her or not since she didn't get her on the time and date specified. And yes we are sticking to the paper work, obviously everyone knows its hard for a dad to win custody from a mom unless she was in a bad situation and she was, so we are not wavering on this.... Thanks for the help!

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  • Should I change jobs, or should I stay? Boss's wife makes my life at work hell about 60% to 70% of the time

    I have been with my employer for 8 years, its a small business so its a lot like family. However, my boss's wife just came back into the office 2 years ago. I am (was) the office manager/supervisor. As you can imagine she can't stand it that i know the answer to almost everything that goes on, & that i hardly ever make mistakes, & when she does they are huge and blow up. She is a micro manager thats slowly taking over her husbands business. They wonder why our sales are down. She constantly picks on us with the way we do things & trying to change them, & then after a couple months when they aren't working she goes back to the way we were doing them before she came. I am totally unhappy here. I am 27 and work in the insurance biz, I have both my licenses I could go anywhere & probably make more money, but i don't have a degree i have 8 years of experience. I am comfortable with my knowledge, yes i would like to make more money but i mainly want to be able to start a family next year

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