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  • Can I use a oven liner on my new oven?

    I just purchased a new Frigidaire oven to replace my very old unit. In my old unit I lined the bottom of my oven with aluminum foil for easy clean up, but my new oven says right on the inside of the unit not to use aluminum foil. I'm wondering if it would be safe to buy a oven liner. I tried calling Frigidaire's customer service line to ask, but everything is automated. It said if I had questions to call another number, which I did, but it was the exact same recording.

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  • How much to tip at a hair school?

    I'm curious how much should be tipped at a hair school? My local college has a Cosmetology program, since I'm a student I can receive free hair cuts. I went in a few weeks ago and got a great cut for free but tipped $5.00. The stylist was great and told me to come in and get color done from him, so today I did. He did an incredible job. The bill was $18.00 and I tipped another $5.00. He didn't seem thrilled when he seen the $5.00. Now I feel bad, like maybe I should have tipped more. I did ask the girl that was doing hair beside him what the average tip was and she said $1 - $3. She had just done a perm and cut and only got $3. Should I have tipped more?

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    How to remove water stain from brand new granite counter top?

    I literally just had granite counter top installed in my bathroom 2 days ago. Before I had a chance to seal it, water got trapped under the soap dispenser. I've tried a hair dryer on low, mild detergent, distilled vinegar but nothing has helped. Any suggestions?

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  • Into to Healthcare class?

    Could anyone give me some insight on how difficult the Intro to Healthcare class is? I'm signed up for next semester, and I'm taking the hybrid version. I wasn't sure if I should wait and take a 16 week course, or if I could learn everything without struggling in the 12 week course. I'll be taking it with 2 other classes. Thanks!

  • I want to send my kids back to public school.?

    I need advice from other home schooling parents. This is my first year home schooling my kids, and I've grown to hate it. My kids went to public school last year. My daughter excelled, but had bullying issues. My son, was not only bullied, but he barely passed. He struggled the entire year, even after we hired a tutor, helped him do extra work after school, and he participated in extra classes twice a week after school. He even had an IEP. After several frustrating events with both kids, and both of our kids asking to be home schooled, my husband and I decided that we would give home schooling a try this year.

    My husband and I agreed that we would both take on the responsibility. I work from home. I have a licensed home daycare. I cut way back on my client load so I could focus more on helping our kids have a successful year of home schooling, but I've been the one doing all the schooling while trying to focus on my buisness, and do the laundry list of other responsibilities that are around here. My husband will occasionally help, but there's just not enough hours in the day for me to do what needs to be done. I work over 50 hours a week, and I feel like I'm failing at keeping both kids up to par on their school work. We can't afford for me to quit my job and soley focus on the kids education,(and honestly I don't want too) but I also can't keep pretending that everything is smooth sailing.

    I've talked to my husband about putting the kids back in public school, and he doesn't agree. He keeps saying he will help more, but he's not doing enough to help out. No fault of his own. He works a lot of hours too. So I'm not blaming him. He's just not here during the day to see what it takes to home school and for me to run a daycare. He has just expected for the kids school work to be done, laundry done, dinner on the table, etc. when he gets home. In the evenings we are all exhausted. We do some school work on the weekends, but we also want/need some downtime.

    My kids DO NOT want to go back to public school. I can't blame them, but I'm stressed out, depressed, and starting to resent the whole situation. Also, I've been doing daycare for the past 9 years and I'm at the point where I'm burnt out with the business. I want to pursue another career path and can't successfully do that when I'm working 50 plus hours and home schooling.

    Like any parent, I truly just want what's best for my kids. I want them to be happy, get a good education, and I want to be the best mom that I can be. Some people are great at doing it all. I'm obviously not one of those people.

    At what point do I say "Enough is enough?"

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  • HELP, I have a biter!?

    Thanks in advance for reading and answering. I'm at my wits end with a child that attends my home daycare. He's a biter. The biting just started a couple of months ago. I only have 2 other children I watch. The biters older brother and a little girl around the same age as the biter. (They are both 1 1/2 years old) I'm aware of the problem and have been closely monitoring the situation. Today at snack time the biter struck again. The kids were all lined up in their highchairs and the little girl reached her hand over to him and he bit her on the hand. It was so quick, I was right there but he still got her. I feel horrible. I've spoken to the mom of the biter but she says nothing other than "sorry." I know there's not much more to say, and I feel terrible because even though it's never broken the skin and the mark is gone in a day, it's still a bite mark. The mother of the little girl is understanding, but the father not so much. I've tried explaining that this is a normal phase,but I can understand why a parent would be upset.

    The little boy that bites is not only teething, but his older brother is handicapped and tends to get a lot more attention from his parents. I'm thinking this could be one of the reasons why he's biting, but I don't know. I'm just horrified that it keeps happening. There's no pattern to it. It's not like the kids are fighting over a toy. In fact the biter shows no aggression at all. He's normally a very sweet boy. It just happens so quick. One minute they are playing, eating, whatever and the next he just bites. He doesn't even do it hard, but the little girl is so fair skinned it looks much worse that it actually is. Today she didn't even cry, but it still left a mark.

    I do make it know when he bites that biting hurts. We've done time out, talked about how we don't bite other people,etc. but nothing seems to work. Can anyone offer up some fresh advice?

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  • Other home schooling mom's?

    I'm just wondering what some of the other home schooling mothers do to bring in any extra income. This upcoming school year will be my first year home schooling my two children. Right now I have a licensed home daycare that makes a decent income, but I've decided to quit at the end of this year. I work entirely way to many hours, and frankly I'm just burnt out. It terrifies me that my husband will be our only source of income, but I really want to just take the time to home school our children, go to fun outtings, and be a mom instead of always having to focus on my business.

    I do plan on finding some side jobs to do to bring in some extra income, but I was hoping to get some ideas from other home schooling mom's. (or dad's)

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  • how many megabits do I need...?

    I was wondering how many megabits I need to stream Netfix, huluplus, and to browse the internet? As of right now I have 20 megabits but the cost is outrageous. I'm paying over $70.00 for just internet service. The next step down through my provider is 10 megabits and it $15.00 cheaper. I'm just wondering if 10 megabits would be enough for my family of 4. We all would be using it for streaming movies and internet service, sometimes as many as 4 t.v.'s and 2-3 computers at a time. Can anyone tell me if 10 megabits would be enough speed to power all that or should I just stick with the 20? Thanks so much!!!

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  • Can you freeze Bok Choy?

    Does anyone know if you can freeze Bok Choy? I bought some yesterday and have more than I can use. I plan on using it in stir fry dishes. I just wondered if it tasted okay once frozen and unthawed.

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  • Why is yahoo answers asking...?

    Does anyone know why Yahoo Answers is asking me to log into my Facebook account every time I go to answer a question now? It just started doing this today and it's annoying. I don't want my Facebook and yahoo linked. Anyone know how to turn off this feature? Thank you!!!

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  • Can a 3 day notice to tenant be served to someone at work?

    My husband and I rent a home to a couple and everything was going smoothly until this month. My husband actually worked with the lady and they were friends.(first mistake....I told him!) He offered our home to her and her fiance' for a very good rate. It was a verbal month to month agreement. They have rented the home over a year without missing any payments, but this month when my husband text the lady about rent she blew him off. After a couple of weeks she finally texted him back saying that her and her fiancee' is buying a new home and they don't have the money to pay us because they are closing on the 27th of this month. My husband didn't want to pursue anything, he just wanted them out, but I knew there's no way they would be closing on a home in 2 weeks. I was right, and they are still in the house, so we sent a certified letter with a 3 day notice to tenant pursuant to chapter 83.56(3). She didn't answer the door and there was a notice left in her mailbox from the mail carrier telling her she had a certified letter to pick up. She refuses to pick the letter up at the post office, has ignored any text messages, and removed my husband from facebook. She's obviously trying to avoid us at all cost. We plan on leaving the 3 day notice on the house tomorrow and my husband also wants to drop off a copy to her place of employment. He works in the same field as her, so he knows a lot of the staff. He wants to make sure someone witnesses her recieving the letter. I just wanted to make sure this was legal. I can't seem to find anything regarding this, only that the 3 day notice has to be delivered to the person or left on the house. I know if I mail it she will say she never received it, and she can do the same if we just leave it on the house. She'll just say the wind must have blown it off. This is a sure way of having witnesses that she received the letter from us. I just don't want to go do anything that is illegal or makes us look bad if we end up in court.

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  • How many children....?

    I'm just curious on what other families have decided as far as expanding your family. My husband and I have two children. A boy and a girl. I've always wanted at least one..maybe two more children but my husband is dead set against it. My husband claims that if we have anymore children then we won't be able to provide a nice lifestyle for all of them. I see his point of view, and of course respect it. We're not wealthy, but we make an okay living and are able to give the two children that we have a nice lifestyle and they have many opportunities like being able to travel, play sports, etc. I know if we had one or two more children, we would'n't be able to give them all the same types of opportunities.

    That being said, I'm just curious if you could chose to have a large family but always be stressed because of finances would you? Or would you rather stick to having one or two children, but be able to give them great opportunities in life and have little to no financial stress?

    My husband and I are almost 40 and our youngest just started school. I can't help to think it would be so sweet to have just one more baby around, but at the same time I'm not sure I want to go through the whole pregnancy/baby stage again. That being said, since I'm getting older, I also see how beneficial it would be having a larger family. My father in law is sick, and my husband is one of two children. He's been left to help his mother do pretty much everything. I, of course help when I can, but his sister doesn't do anything. I see how stressful it is for my husband to try and balance everything and can't help to think that this could happen to our two children one day. Will my husband and I end up sick and need to rely on our children for help? If so, I would feel terrible to put that burden on just one. I know it sounds silly to think this is a reason for wanting a larger family, but it's a very vaild reason.

    I also know how it feels to grow up being poor. Both my husband and I were raised without money. We had little to no opportunities as a child. We both hated it, and have often talked about how we had wished we both had more opportunities growing up. I would be really heartbroken to think that the two children we do have would have such sad memories of their childhood.

    I know having more children probably isn't in my future, and I'm okay with that. I enjoy every minute I can with the two that I do have. I'm just curious as to what others think on the situation. There's no right or wrong please no ranting.

    6 AnswersParenting8 years ago
  • Carnival Dream Steakhouse...?

    My husband, kids and I will be sailing on the Carnival Dream in a few weeks. We will be celebrating my son and my husband's birthday on the cruise and was thinking about trying out the steakhouse on board. We've been on several cruises, but never tried the steakhouse. I've read really good reviews on it but was wondering if anyone knows if they offer a child's rate? Our kids are 5 and 9. I can't seem to find any information about children's rates on the Carnival website. I know we can feed them early and send them to camp Carnival, but they love to eat steak and lobster too. I almost feel guilty not letting them go with us. Thanks in advance.

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  • Cave tubing in Belize with children?

    My family and I are taking a vacation to Belize in November and was looking at cave tubing. We have read really good reviews about it, but I also read where there was a lady killed doing this excursion, and there were snakes in the water, so this terrifies me. We have two children ages 8 and 5 that would be going as well. I'm just not sure if I'm sold on the idea of taking the kids' on this type of excursion unless it's safe.

    Has anyone taken children cave tubing in Belize, and if so, how was it? Thanks so much!

    3 AnswersOther - Caribbean9 years ago
  • Does other daycare providers....?

    I asked this question in the business section and no one is answering so I figured I would ask in this section as well.

    I have a small licensed home daycare, and I've always gotten the children in my care a birthday present, but I'm thinking about stopping it.It gets expensive purchasing gifts for every child, and I really don't feel like it's appreciated. I'm lucky to get a thank you from the parents. The last child I purchased a gift for, I asked the father if the child liked the gift and he said that the dog chewed it up, so it really didn't get used.This was 2 days after I gave the child the gift. That really upset me, because as most of you know, toys are not cheap and I have my own kids to think about, so purchasing a gift for their children takes away from my family. I don't buy junk either, it's always a nice, age appropriate toy. I was just wondering what other daycare providers do. Would it look bad if I just stopped giving birthday presents?

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  • Does other daycare providers.....?

    I have a small licensed home daycare and I've always gotten the children in my care a birthday present, but I'm thinking about stopping it.It gets expensive purchasing gifts for every child, and I really don't feel like it's appreciated. I'm lucky to get a thank you from the parents. The last child I purchased a gift for, I asked the father if the child liked the gift and he said that the dog chewed it up, so it really didn't get used.This was 2 days after I gave the child the gift. That really upset me, because as most of you know, toys are not cheap and I have my own kids to think about, so purchasing a gift for their children takes away from my family. I don't buy junk either, it's always a nice, age appropriate toy. I was just wondering what other daycare providers do. Would it look bad if I just stopped giving birthday presents?

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  • How to quit a job overnight?

    I have a small licensed home daycare and I really can not stand one of my clients. I gave them notice that I was quitting about 2 months ago and they've dragged their feet to find new care. I gave them a end date and that's in 2 weeks, but I don't know if I can take another day with them. To sum it up the parents suck and the kid is a brat, that's why I'm quitting. The mom just came to pick the kid up and chewed me out for something stupid.She's high strung and everything is a issue. I seriously want to call them up this weekend and quit on them but I'm not sure what to say. It will put them in a terrible bind because the new daycare they will be attending doesn't have a spot for the kid until the second week of January.They are already going to be without care for 2 weeks once I quit. ( I know, not my problem) but I've tried to be as professional as possible about this because I don't want either of them to lose their job. I just don't have an excuse as to why I'd quit on them overnight.Should I just hang in there for the next 2 weeks or quit? I just feel bad because this is not the type of person I am. Any ideas?

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  • How much money should I give for a baby shower?

    My friend is having a baby shower for her teenage daughter and I'm invited. I consider the mother to be a close friend, so I don't want to seem to cheap.I don't really talk to the daughter. The daughter asked for gift cards because she's moving and it's easier for her to just buy what she needs once she's settled in. She's also asking everyone to buy a bag of diapers and a pack of wipes as part of a raffle. My husband said just give her $30 or $40 but does that seem to cheap? I'd like to give more but with Christmas and Birthdays I don't have a lot of extra money this month. I doubt I'll buy diapers and wipes. I don't really want to be in the raffle, I'd rather spend the money on a gift card. What would you suggest.

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  • Older pregnant mothers?

    I'm looking for feedback from either pregnant or mom's who have delivered after the age of 35. I'm just curious if anyone has had any problems with their pregnancies since they are considered "high risk." Is your baby okay? Any problems during pregnancy or after? I'm just curious because you always hear that mothers over the age of 35 are at higher risk for having a baby with down syndrome or another abnormality, but I've personally never known anyone to have any problems after the age of 35. I'm sure it happens, but I was just wondering how often.

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  • Is anyone not having more children because of money?

    I'm just curious, is anyone not having more children because of financial reasons? I know I would love to have at least one more child,either through adoption or biological, but my husband is against it because he said if we have more than we won't be able to provide a good life for the two that we already have. I admit, we do a lot of activities with the two that we have. We go on a nice vacation once a year, and several mini ones throughout the year. We can afford to give them nice things, they dress nice, we eat well,let them participate in sports, etc. Having another child would definitely change that, so I can see his point, but there's still a part of me that really would like to have another child. Of course it's not going to happen without my husband's approval, but I was just curious if there's anyone else out there in a similar situation.

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