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I am a 34 year old mother of 2 children, 3 cats, 2 strays that think they are mine :), and 1 poor little chihuahua. My husband and I love them all!! :)

  • Has anyone had a normal NT screen and abnormal quad screen?

    I am 35 and preg w/ my 3rd child. No problems with 1st 2, but with this one, I had an NT scan, which came out fine, but I just found out my quad screen showed an increased risk for Downs. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, how did it turn out? By the way, I am in my 18th week. Thanks.

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  • Are there any men who became Dads after the age of 49?

    I recently asked for opinions about having a child with my husband, although I am nearly 35, and the responses were great and very positive and supportive. I did not mention that my husband is 49, though, so I wondered if any men became "dads" later in life and how they felt about it? Thanks everyone!

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  • If you had 2 children, ages 7 and 12, would you consider having a 3rd at age 35?

    Our children are from my 1st marriage, and my youngest never knew anyone but my husband as his Dad. We were not going to have any more children, since my deadline was 35, anyway. Well after really talking it over, we think we would like to have a child composed of "our" genes. So, I will be 35 in July, and have talked to my doctor, but I would really like the insights and opinions of some readers. Do you think it would be crazy? By the way, my 7 year old son would be fine with it, but I have a feeling my 12 year old would be mad or embarrassed. Thanks everyone!

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  • Does anyone have a child with adhd so severe that they have been prescribed anxiety medication by their Dr.?

    I have a son with ADHD, and I get anxious every morning when it is time to get him up- or when he gets up. I actually feel panicky at times, because the first 1/2 hour he is up- before his meds kick in, are a nightmare. He is completely out of control, and we have tried everything. I am desperate to cope with this, without losing my temper or patience- I am not a patient person- or a morning person- to begin with. Has anyone had a similar experience, and had to be prescribed a short acting anti anxiety medication? If so, what & did it help? My daughter has ADD, also, but she is able to control hers without medication, whereas my son is completely out of control- help!!!

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  • Does anyone know a simple solution to try to fight fatigue?

    I am a 34 year old mother of 2 school age children (7 &12), I work out 3-5 times a week, and I am a stay at home mom who does regular housework and things. I recently began getting tired around 3 in the afternoon every day- really tired. I get plenty of rest, and have no idea why this started. I also get terrible headaches during my period, which also recently started. Does anyone know if these sound like I am deficient in something, or have any homeopathic suggestions to render? I would appreciate the input. Thanks

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  • Can someone please tell me how to check history of visited web sites?

    I do try to moniter my children closely, but I am a little concerned about my 12 year old daughter. We use windows xp. Thanks!

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  • Can anyone give me a website for build a bear clothes- other than build a bear or ebay.?

    My 7 year old finally got to go to build a bear with his Grandma, and has wanted the spiderman costume forever, and they no longer have it. He cried so hard, and we feel horrible. (He has been a huge spidey fan for 3 years). I would like to get it for him, but didn't want to pay 40 dollars. Any help or ideas, please?

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  • How can you keep pen from washing OUT of clothes?

    Yes, I want to keep the pen in! My son got his "champs" t shirt signed by our high school football team. He is so proud, and wants to wear it, but some signed it in ordinary pen. Is there any way to wash it, without washing out the pen?

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  • Does anyone know how to shrink a tee shirt?

    I know it sounds dumb, but my son is kind of small, and tee shirts I order in his size are, half of the time, too big. We just got a 6-8, that looks like a 10-12, and it's a 100% cotton. I just need to shrink it a little bit. Any Serious replies? Thanks

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  • Help for my chihuahua- part 2!?

    I recently posted a question about getting financial help for my sick chihuahua. Although no one had any specific financial answers, many answers were given. Unfortunately, I have tried everything everyone suggested, and nothing is working. He seems to have an allergy, and probably does need a doggie dermatologist, like I was told. I just can no way afford $400 to help him. Does anyone, again, know any organization that can help- besides the ASPCA- I am miserable and desperate, and so is my Chi!! PLEASE, PLEASE help. Thanks, Zipper and I

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  • Does anyone know any good books about parenting a "tween" girl? Serious only, please!?

    I have a 12 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. My son is ADHD, which is tough, but he does quite well on his meds. (Except A.M.) Anyway, it's my daughter. She is just so moody, argumentative, difficult!! I know it's mainly hormonal, because she is normally good, but I need help fast. If I can't figure out how to get through to her now... I just want to keep our relationship from getting ruined!!!

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  • does anyone know anything about family law in Ohio? serious only please!?

    I just would like to know how often it would happen that some other family member could gain visitation with my children, if they haven't had contact with that person for 4 years, and do not even know them?

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  • Know anything about the Admiral Inn on Ferry Street?

    I was thinking of staying at this hotel with my family, but I just read tons of horrible reviews about it. Does anyone know anything? Help, quick please!!

    4 AnswersNiagara Falls1 decade ago
  • Is it expensive to eat out in Canada?

    I'm getting ready to take a trip to Niagara Falls, Canada, and I have heard eating out, buying snacks, etc. is incredibly expensive there. Does anyone know if this is true? Serious answers only, please- I have a family to consider, and can't afford any surprises.

    13 AnswersNiagara Falls1 decade ago
  • What is the best medication/ solution for "irritable bowel syndrome."?

    Can anyone give me any success stories on dealing with IBS, without ruining my life? I tried an herbal remedy, which worked for a while, but now I am starting to have trouble again. It's very depressing, especially because we are a very busy family, and I never know when I will have an attack! Please only answer seriously, as I am depressed enough as it is, since I am only 34! Thanks.

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  • Does anyone know how to get veterinary help for a chihuahua who needs to go to a dermatologist in Ohio?

    I have a little chihuahua I took in several years ago from someone who did not want him. Recently he has developed a skin allergy, causing him to be bald from the neck down, on the inside of his legs, and now patches on his body. My vet cannot figure it out, and we have tried several medications, and taking away possible causes. Now we are told he needs to go to a "dog dermatologist." After all the expenses we have already incurred, we are now looking at around $350 to $400, or more. This is really not an expense we are prepared for, as we already spent a bunch on our 3 cats- 1 who was diagnosed with FIV. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any organizations who will help- I have not found any we qualify for. I feel bad for my little guy, but I really need help with the cost. Any ideas would be great- and please be serious. Thanks.

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