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  • Trimming a butterfly bush?

    I have a butterfly bush in front of my house. Last summer it grew way too big (maybe 8ft). I really think it was wayyy too big. Can I trim it throughout the season before it blooms to keep it small??... I would like it to stay around 4ft. Will it still bloom if I trim it????

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape8 years ago
  • How much water does a 15 pound beagle puppy need daily?

    If I leave water available to him at all times he is constantly urinating... like every hour and having accidents in the house. I was then giving him like 1/2 cup every few hours but he's so thirsty that when I bring him outside he's constantly licking snow. I don't know what to do about housebreaking him if he keeps having accidents and o don't want him to be thirsty. Please help advice needed!!

    9 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • How much direct hot summer sunlight can a dwarf alberta spruce tolerate?

    I want to plant one in front of my house that gets really hot during summer and with sun on the area until 3pm. I don't want it to burn. Can it tolerate this

    2 AnswersOther - Home & Garden8 years ago
  • Boxelder bugs destroyed my beautiful white balloon flower?

    I researched on the internet and box elder bugs don't do harm to plants but they have taken over my balloon flower. It does not bloom anymore and some stems have just fallen off. Does anyone know why and what can I do for my plant????

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape9 years ago
  • How to train a hydrangea tree?

    When do I prune and how often to train a hydrangea to grow as tree form? How long does it take to achieve this look?

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape9 years ago
  • When will my mums start growing?

    I live in NY zone 5 and my mums haven't come out of dormancy yet. When and what temperature conditions do they finally start to emerge? I hope they survived the winter I planted them early last fall. Will they start growing when the temperature gets warmer? But all my other perennials have started to grow already.

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape9 years ago
  • anyone use SimpleGuard3?

    anyone familiar with tthe product? side effects? safe? should i stay with using Frontline Plus?

    1 AnswerDogs9 years ago
  • advice for cheating marriage?

    my husband and i have been married for 10 yrs now. we had alot of problems in the beginning with his drinking, coming home very late from work, texting and calling other women (he always insisted they were just friends). I was always a stay at home mom with 3 kids so i had alot of stress, and always had this suspision of something not right with our marriage. I made a wrong choice by becoming friends again with an old friend from school. He was good to talk to and made me feel good about myself but it led to me cheating on my husband. It only happened one time and i felt deep regret about it. My husband found this out about a year later. We went through a very tough time but he found it in his heart to forgive me. We made a decision to start over and be the best we can be together. Our marriage slowly became better and we were finally at a point were it was the best it has ever been. We were both happy and everything was fine. Out of nowwhere i happened to check his cell phone bill and he has been texting another woman ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! even when im in the other room cooking and putting my kids to bed and when i fall asleep at night. I am extremely hurt by this because I thought we had no secrets anymore and i was giving him my all. He again is insisting that this is only a friend and they never had any sexual relationship at all. Deep down i dont believe him ... i dont know what to do. Do i trust him and believe him? He says that he fogave me for my betrayl and why im not when he didnt do anythinkg wrong. Is this about forgiveness or the principle that we started over and this should have never been an issue? Please help!

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • help with puppy wormer?

    I was sent home with a liquid wormer to give my puppy. It is pyrantel and the bottle says to give 1cc per 10lbs. My puppy is 10lbs. The syringe the vet gave me iis in ml units. They are telling me to give my puppy 3ml... doesnt 1cc equal 1ml?? I am hesitant to give him 3ml ... am i wrong???

    8 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • advice with puppy training?

    i got my 8 week old puppy and had him on a schedule for potty training for 3 days and he was doing very well in a common area of my yard. I had to take a trip out of town for 3 days and had to bring my puppy with me. During my trip the puppy used my mothers yard and was walked. When i get home my puppy is having so many accidents everywhere ... what can i do ??? HELP PLEASE!!!! He is totally out of control. Did this trip ruin his good behavior?

    6 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • help with a shirt i have to wear?

    i work as a bartender and all the girls have to wear this t-shirt. Its sides are cut and then has several pieces tied together along the sides hence its all open on the sides... what should i wear under it??? dont wanna look sluty with just my bra... should i buy a sports bra? would a tank top under be too much covered up?

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • need to know what the bottles of liquor look like?

    I'm a new bartender and I know how to make the drinks but sometimes can't find the bottles of some certain liquors. Is their any website that lists bottles of liquor with a picture of what the bottle looks like???

    5 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits1 decade ago
  • is this outfit ok to wear?

    would a grey sweater dress go with grey suede ankle booties?? what color shoes will go with the dress and what color dress would go with the shoes?

    10 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • 5 inch heels cut down?

    im having my gorgeous 5 inch heels cut down because it was just impossible to walk in them without my ankles hurting... they are just too high. I took them to a shoe repair and hes cutting the heel down a little bit. do you think this will help?? has anyone done this before?

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • can tailbone pain be a cause from a knee injury?

    i had a knee injury on July 9 and couldnt walk for like 10 days and hurt me for a while after that. Since last week now Ive had pain in my tailbone and lower back and it hurts bad when i sit and when i get up from sitting. can this pain in my tailbone have derived from my knee injury or could it be from something else???

    4 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago
  • How to dress down an outfit?

    I need some tips on dressing down an outfit. Im going to a communion party and picked out my dress and heels but now i feel i will be a little too overdressed ... my husband, son , and father are all wearing dress pants with collared shirts and ties.

    5 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • EITC ... when do i get it?

    I filed my 2008 taxes ... we qualify for the EITC. Is it included in our regular tax return for 2008 or is it a separate check that comes later on. I dint really understand how it works. When will i get it? Is it like the stimulus check that i got 4 months after i did my taxes?

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • how to cut down acrylic nails at home?

    is it ok to use an ordinary nail clipper. it costs $2 per nail at my salon to have them cut down. Will i crack them... do i need a special tool?

    2 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style1 decade ago