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  • How to say thank you to you in the following languages?

    Hi, how do you say "Thank you" or "Thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you" in the following languages?

    - French

    - German

    - Swedish

    Thank you ---

    5 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • Brazil's Portuguese Translation help?

    I got a message from someone in Brazil, but I have no idea what it means. I got to figured out some of the stuff, but there's this part that I'm kind of confused.

    It said:

    "Obrigado para a compra"

    I know Spanish and it kinda looks like "Obligada a comprar" (forced to buy). I'm confused. Can anyone tell me the real meaning of it?


    2 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • Is Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360 region free?

    I have the Xbox 360-Pal, I'm wondering if I can play the NTSC format game? I've been reading around that SFIV for the 360 is not region protected. Can someone confirm this? Thanks!

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • What type of currency is used in El Salvador?

    What's the exchange rate?


    8 AnswersEl Salvador1 decade ago
  • Preparatorias de Mexico?

    Tengo entendido que "Preparatoria" en Mexico es "High School". Hace poco empece a ver una telenovela Mexicana y en ella habia unas sirvientas que lograron terminar "la prepa" porque alguien les ayudo con los pagos. Entonces, para poder terminar los estudios preuniversitarios en Mexico, hay que tener dinero? No existen preparatorias (high schools) publicas?

    2 AnswersEduación Primaria y Secundaria1 decade ago
  • Getting paid in cash, taxes, and welfare?

    My cousin hired a lady to clean, cook, and take care of a 7 years old. She gets pay in cash ($100 from 6:30am to 5:00pm, M-F). Her husband who's a contractor, or plumber, or something of that sort gets pay in cash as well. They have 2 kids, a 17 years old who just graduated from high school and a 9 years old. They are a household of 4 living on welfare. How can they be living from the government if they make enough money to pay their bills, does it mean that they aren't reporting any taxes? How little do people have to make in order to be qualified for welfare, because an approximately $4K-$5K a month for a family of 4 is not that bad (not great, but they won't starve for sure).

    10 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • Adopting from India?

    How hard is it adopting a kid from India? Do you have to be married?

    12 AnswersAdoption1 decade ago
  • Significado de "Naco"?

    Yo creo que es termino Mexicano, o no? A quienes se refieren los Mexicanos cuando llaman a alguien "Naco" o "Naca"?

    16 AnswersIdiomas1 decade ago
  • Telenovela Destilando Amor?

    Como llego Gaviota a Londres y como perdio al bebe? Tambien, alguien sabe donde puedo descargar los capitulos? Gracias!

    5 AnswersTelevisión1 decade ago
  • Son Machistas los hombres Hispanos?

    He conocido a muchos, y he notado que muchos de los hombres Hispanos son machistas. Es cierto?

    11 AnswersOtros - Grupos y Culturas1 decade ago
  • Algo de humor! es de un comercial.?

    Sr. 1: Como se dice "pollo" en ingles?

    Sr. 2: Pollo en ingles se dice "chicken".

    Sr. 1: Que bien! Ahora, como se dice "repollo" en ingles?

    Sr. 2: uhmm..."RECHICKEN".

    Hahaha... "Ingles Sin Barreras"

    9 AnswersChistes y Humor1 decade ago
  • Immigration Question! Please Help!?

    So, here's my problem. I'm illegal, I crossed the Mexican-US border just last year but I took TP-74 boat from my beautiful country of Kazakhstan to Mexico first. While in Mexico, I decided to sneak into the US. But, my neighbors found out and they are going to report me. I would really love to stay in the US to pursue the "American Dream," but what if INS deports me? What should I do? I know that the easiest way to gain residency is through marriage, but I need to find the man first, right? So, any hot American hunk available for marriage?

    Oh, preferably a guy who's at least 5'10, 180 lbs, good teeth, and with great biceps. Thanks!!!

    p.s - this is the second time I'm posting this question, just modified a little. I have no idea why my last question got delete it. Did I offend anyone? I hope not, I would love for all of us to be friends :) Well, but here's again!!!

    9 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • Relationship Question?

    Let's say that you are 25, one more year to finish grad school, but don't have a stable job yet, that is, your career still up in the air (toss up). A year ago, you met this guy who's 17 years your senior; physically, he meets your male standards; never married, no kids, and a great/stable job. You both enjoy doing the same things, eating the same types of food, and even get annoyed by similar matters. Maybe sometimes, your views crash with his, but it can be used as a good source of "learning." So, based on all these, would you consider a long term relationship with this guy? --17 years your senior-- It might not look that weird now, but what when you are 50, he's going to be 67. You might have to help him with his diapers (if he's unlucky enough to be not-so-healthy). What are your thoughts?

    10 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Nintendo Wii Games?

    Which one would you get?

    - Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    - Splinter Cell: Double Agent

    8 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Sims 2: End?

    So, my son moved out, my husband and I are on the top of our careers, my dog has a job. Now what? how do I know that I've beaten the game?

    7 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Dodgers or Giants?

    Will the Dodgers sweep the little Giants this coming season?

    My answer: Yes! :)

    20 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Will the Celtics win tonight?

    ...or are they going for the 17-game losing streak?

    *against the Nets at home*

    8 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Bill Belichick? it me or Belichick has boobs? - check out the pics -


    9 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago