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  • Has anyone downloaded the Nemo's Reef Hack without all the "Offers" or "Surveys"?

    There is supposedly a download that allows you to get unlimited pearls, however whenever I try to download it, it just asks me to complete offers to unlock it. I even completed a couple and still never got the file. Does it even exist and where can it be downloaded?

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  • Would like to create application or program for measuring speed and distance?

    I have a training device that is basically hitting a ball into a net. If you know the starting height of the ball and the distance between the ball and the net, is it possible to create a program for a computer or an app for a phone that will calculate the distance the ball would actually have travelled using just the built in camera?

    If this is possible it is something I would like to create, but I have no programing knowledge whatsoever. I am a very quick learner, I don't expect you to build the program for me, but any suggested resources for me to learn would be appreciated.

    Even better would be if a program did already exist.


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  • is there a gps device for tracking a runner during a race?

    My wife has recently started running. As she starts to get into races I would like to go out and support her since she has spent years watching my sports. While she is doing shorter distances it should be no problem, but as she gets to longer distances I don't see it being much fun sitting at the finish line for hours while she is running. Is there any device I could get her so I could track where she is in the race? That would definitely make it more enjoyable to be waiting to cheer her on.

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  • Tips for running my first 5K?

    My wife and I are attempting the Warrior dash this July, we have a training program that has worked pretty well for us so far, but was looking for race day tips. Ie. what to eat before the race and how much, how much water to drink before hand, food/drink to have available after the race to speed recovery, should we run the day before or rest, and if we should run should it be longer shorter or the same as the actual race. Any tips you have would be appreciated.

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  • Do a lot of women pleasure themselves to stay awake during long drives?

    I've been watching the newer show Baggage, and it seems every other show one of the girls baggage is that she pleasures herself while driving. When it comes time for an explanation it's almost always that they have to drive long distances and it helps them stay alert. Is this really that common or are these women the normal trash Jerry Springer attracts?

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  • In theory NOT in practice shouldn't it be okay to have sex elsewhere if you're not getting it from your wife?

    This is a philosophical question, it is not intended to justify cheating. This question is asked from a logical stand point ignoring subjective morals and emotions, in real life there are subjective morals and emotions, so if you've made a commitment you should stand by it and cheating is wrong!

    There now that I've made my disclaimer here is the actual question.

    If sex is a part of marriage and your wife/husband is not providing you with sex, then are they not failing on there part of the commitment of marriage? And if marriage is like any other contract then by not fullfilling their part of the agreement they are releasing you from the contract which means you should be able to have sex with someone else without it being considered cheating. On the other hand if sex is not a part of marriage, how can doing something with someone outside of the marriage that is not a part of marriage be considered cheating?

    Once again this is in theory not in practice, I do not condone cheating, this is just to stimulate interesting conversation, so keep the rants out of it.

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  • Dell Inspiron 1501 Slow after Reimage?

    My Wife bought a Dell inspiron 1501 a few years ago, when she got it, it ran fine for what she uses it. She mainly just browses the web, sends e-mail via hotmail and uses excel and word for school. It has since gotten extremely slow to the point where it is almost unusable. I have done the following:

    Scanned for viruses, spyware, malware etc. - nothing

    Reimaged the computer - ctrl - F11

    Flashed the bios

    upgraded the driver for her processor and HD

    installed updates from microsoft

    Followed the list regarding services from

    The changes recommended on the XP services list from the did help a bit, the computer is no longer showing 100% usage, in fact usually under 10% occasionally as high as 30% rarely above 60%. However the typing is still slow, and programs are frequently freezing or taking a long time to load. even shutting it down takes about 5-10 minutes.

    Her computer is running XP and has 1GB ram. I would appreciate any help available. Thanks

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  • How can I protect my cottage from drifting Ice?

    I have a cottage on the water in lake simcoe. Every year the ice drifts further and further up the shore, this year it hit the boat house destroying the door, and there have been years where it has come close to the cottage. Is there anything I can do to protect my cottage? The ice is so powerful I can't think of anything that would work, any help would be appreciated.

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  • How to fix galaga arcade game?

    I have an old galaga arcade game I just got from my dad. he had it in his basement not able to turn on for a few years now. I worked with it following some tips I found online and it is now working great. The only issue I have now is that there are parts of the screen that aren't as sharp the colours are all faded. It seems to be diagonally from the top right to bottom left. For example when I move my fighter all the way to the left it is bright white with the little red and white dots, when I move to the right it is a dull white with little orange dots. Is this something that I can fix or is my tube going?

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  • Is it possible to insulate a car?

    My wife has ford escape and loves it. It's great in the winter, while everyone else is getting stuck including other small SUVs she is able to drive right through, the only problem with the car is it doesn't hold the heat at all. you have the heater on get the car nice and comfortable and then as soon as you turn the heater off it is freezing again, we're talking less than a minute. Is there anything I can do to make it hold the heat better because with the heater on it sucks gas like nobody's business.

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  • What are some songs that mention mustangs?

    Look for any songs that mention Mustangs in them for when I go cruising in mine. Obviously mustang sally, but does anyone know any others?

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  • Smash brothers brawl SSE how do you go back to 1 player?

    In the adventure mode, once you let someone join how do you go back to one player mode or am I stuck with 2 player now?

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  • Do I have to accept when asked to be a groomsman?

    My wife and i have a couple we have been friends with for years, they are now getting married. We have recently had a falling out, doesn't really matter why, I am very hurt and angry about it, which they are aware of. We still spend time with them because my wife still likes them, and previous to this fight they were our best friends. The issue is I would not be surprised if I was asked to be a member of the wedding party, but if we have not resolved the other issues am I obligated to accept or is it okay to say no?

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  • Swinging with friends?

    My wife and I have 2 couples we spend a lot of time with, we have all discussed swinging in a joking manner but never serious. I would like to try it, but don't know how to get past the joking stage, I am sure none of us have ever swung before.

    We can call the couples A/B and C/D.

    From the joking it seems my wife would go with the flow, she has said she is most likely to do something with A. A would be quite willing to do something with my wife or with D. D seems to be open to the idea. B is completely against it. And it is hard to tell with C but I think he would want to do something with my wife.

    So basically 5 out of 6 seem interested, any suggestions on going further? Preferably answers from people with experience, not interested in peoples opinion on the merits of swinging.

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  • Don't want to annoy neighbours but like being friends with their daughter?

    My wife and I recently moved into a home close to the area i grew up, as it turned out one of our new neighbours is a family I used to know as a child. I used to hang out with there son, and now have been spending time with the parents on the weekends. I have now met there daughter and have been spending a fair bit of time with her, both with and without my wife. I really enjoy her company, and my wife is ok with the friendship, she likes her company too, but I get the feeling her parents are uncomfortable with the friendship. Any suggestions?

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  • Does anyone know any good outfield drills?

    I have played baseball for 21 years, been a batting coach for 6/7 years, and last year started my own team. I know lots of drills for working on infielders and batting, but since I have never really played the outfield I don't know any outfield drills. Hitting and solid infield helped us win the championship last year but we are in a more difficult division this year and either way I don't want to neglect my outfielders. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Baseball: Simple Question?

    How many ways are there for a batter to get on base in baseball?

    List all of them

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  • 1=2? Best anwer to whoever finds the mistake first. (1=2 doesn't count as the mistake!)?

    Let x=1 and x=y


    xy=y^2 multiply both sides by y

    xy-x^2=y^2-x^2 subtract x^2 from both sides

    x(y-x)=(x+y)(y-x) factor

    x=x+y divide both sides by (y-x)

    1=1+1 since x=1 and x=y


    Happy Hunting

    8 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • How do married/involved men avoid cheating?

    I am not suggesting cheating is ok, and I would never do it no matter what. That being said there have been times where it has been difficult, and not because of the physical/passion/lust that traps so many, I find that very easy to ignore, but sometimes I develop for lack of a better word a crush on someone, and while I just ignore and remind myself I am already in love it is difficult. Once again I would never act on these feelings and am not suggesting it is right to do so, I'm just wondering if there is an easier way to deal with these feelings, and also if other men have had the same problem.

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