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  • Are You a photographer or a DSLR expert need your expertize?

    hello about a week ago I brought my very first SLR camera I chose the Nikon D3100 as this is suppose to be a good DSLR I was taking some night photos of the full moon last night this is what I got is this lens flare if so is it a good thing or a bad thing if good is this a good lens flare Just need somebody that knows to tell me what this is or could be thanks in advance

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  • Are you pregnant when did you?

    I don't think I am Ive had an endo ablation but have noticed my jeans are getting tight I have gained about 4 - 5 kgs maybe a little more. I am just wondering at what stage of your pregnancy did you notice your jeans got tight and how many kgs did you put on. you see tho I don't get my periods I would not know if I was pregnant or not other then this weight and my diet or life style has not changed. I am 48 years old while my tops have stayed the same size.

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  • endo ablation and pregnancy?

    Hi I had an endo ablation about 8 years ago. It worked for me wonderful no periods until last year I had about 4 or 5 very light and just as sudden as they started they stopped other then the endo I have used no other birth control as it was my believe I could not get pregnant and as I had no periods for all of them years I did not think about when I got into a new relationship and I the odds are against me due to the fact not only the endo but I also had an ectopic pregnancy but had 4 kids with that but not with the endo as well. also feel that my and my partners age would be against me getting pregnant I am 48 he is 58. however I have been gaining weight I am an overweight women and would not see my tummy bump yet but the scales on the scales before christmas 09 I was about 85ish kilos and comfortably size 14 jeans. Now scales is about 88ish kilos and size 14 jeans are very tight now and more comfortably in size 16 this is australian size's for those in other countries. My diet or meal size have not changed and nothing new in my life style but I don't know why I have gained so much weight anybody knows for sure can you get pregnant after having an endo have you or do you know somebody that have,also would this be about the right weight gain in kilos I had my last light period about early-mid november.... real answers please. thanks in advance.

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  • I'm not a writer but what do you think?

    The Cheaters Curse

    Cheating is Cheating by near or by far

    Flirting is Flirting no matter where you are

    Online Cheating it's a disgrace it's just as bad

    as face to face, Flirting is a cheaters way

    of saying it's all ok, Flirting is cheating doesn't matter how it's done person to person or by near or by far and that is the cheaters curse

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  • Is it still cheating?

    My partner of 1 year is still on a social network site he changed his profile from in a relationship to single and now has very beautiful contacts before he had normal looking contacts Im on the same site and thought I would go and have a look at his profile when I seen single he tells me that he tells the women that he is in a relationship and I trusted that till I went to one of his friends site and saw an image of love hearts and flowers it said if I was naked right now what would you do. I now have some doubts most of his lady friends have there page's closed and one who say's she knew him from his past wants to meet him again she is suppose to be married but her husband has cancer im worried that she liked him all those years ago and thinks he is still signal and even tho he told me about it im just not sure I was thinking about been nice about it and sending her a message and introduce myself to her and over time let her know that im his de facto but worried this could come back on me in a bad way. He is a wonderful man treats better then any man has ever treated me he is to good to lose im 48 years old I was thinking about setting up a very temp fake profile and give him some bait and see's if he bites and tells me that he is in a relationship but I know that fake profils is illegal but I just want to see what he say's to me thinking I was some one eles I need help and advice from this is he cheating on me help please..

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  • endometrial ablation?

    I had this operation a few years ago but more recent started having sex again I have heard it is possible have you had this operation and got Peggie again. I am 47 years old and feel too old for baby's now thanks in advance.

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  • How long is a ***** pregnant?

    I know it makes no diff in the breed but how long is a ***** pregnant for

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  • how to Format a flash drive?

    This is my first time using this thing so I don't know any thing about it as much easy to understand information would be great I did not get any directions when I got it so it was all about guessing. I have a 2 GB flash drive I put some music onto it I put it in the stereo in the car it was working good I tried to put some more music onto it but it would not put the other music onto it but the stereo would just count the songs backwards and not play any of it about how many should 2 Gig hold and how would I format it or is just stuffed now. Easy words please thank you in advance. I hope I put this in the right area

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  • Are friendship rings old school?

    I,m 47 and my new boyfriend is 57 both been around the traps a bit the other nite he was looking at my fingers like he was sizing my fingers getting a mental pic if you like. I know it would not be an engagement ring as I am not divorced yet. it got me thinking maybe a friendship ring ? but that got me thinking again are friendship rings something that people still give any more I was married for 22 years and I just don't know if this is something that was just done in the past (my old days) LoL..... thank you in advance.

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  • Paint Seems to be flaking on my car ?

    I have noticed the paint on my car seems to be flaking in large patches in a couple of spots on my car. What could be the reason for this and how would I fix this or would I have to get a whole new paint job I have only had the car for 2 months. Its a 1997 Kia Mentor colour green dark green. Some help and advice please

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  • deleting 360?

    Is there a way of deleting my page at 360 ?

    3 AnswersYahoo Pulse1 decade ago
  • setting up send only group?

    I would like to know how I would set up a yahoo group so it send only what settings would I need to do.I have seen groups like this and I just want to send out things to the group but have no partitapation on the group it self. Please don't send me links to yahoo groups help I have looked there but either it don't say what I am after/would like to do or I just don't understand there gabble. If you can help me that would be great. Thank you in advance

    (This is a low volume group, only myself will be sending out shares.

    Participation is not required. Just relax and enjoy what I send through)

    1 AnswerPreferences and Settings1 decade ago
  • can I safely freeze crumpets?

    if so how long and what is the right way of doing it. do I just leave them in there little pkt they came in thank you in advance

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  • can I add photos to my mobile phone?

    from my computer not the internet. I have a motorola mobile phone not sure what modle it is boost something. if so how would I do this I have a USB cable. thank you in advance.

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  • command and conquer?

    I am a mother of a 16 year old boy that has been troublesum to say the least. Last night he was playing command and conquer online game. when he went to bed he demaned my hubby to leave that running in the background (all night)

    could you please tell me of reason or possible reasons why he would need to leave it running if he is not on the computer to play the game.

    Need more information please just ask. Thank you in advance

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • do you have a Canon PIXMA MP600 printer?

    I was going to buy a brother printer but lucky for me with help from some people here saved me from that. This is the printer we are now looking at Canon PIXMA- MP600 do you have one or know what this printer is like for photos and other printing needs I know I could do better with more money but this is top of our budget for a printer in price range. Thank you in advance

    2 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • brother printers?

    I am thinking about buying the MFC-440 CN do you have this printer could you tell me what is like IE for photos and other printing thank you in advance

    3 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • does any body know a good site where I can get rank pics from?

    I am building a forum and would love to have some nice rank pics so when some body makes a certain amount of posts they can move up in the ranks. please don't say google it I have done that and have not been able to find any that I like.

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  • in walking what is better?

    1: do a slightly shorter walk but a lot faster

    2: do a longer walk but a little slower

    to get fit and lose weight: I am 45 year old and due to bad health in the past have not exercise much for many years. I have lost 8 kgs but seem to be on a plato at the moment also as I am on a plato should I stop and try and shook my body out of the plato so I will be able to lose weight when I start up again. If so how long would be long enough or should I keep going for my walk just the same and hope I get off the plato

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  • Is it illegal to keep a chicken?

    In a cockatoo size cage it is just the normal size cage you would use for a cockatoo. In N.S.W Australia

    Its not me but have seen somebody with this and would like to know what the law is about this

    7 AnswersBirds1 decade ago