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  • This is not a joke I am serious.. Can a dog be gay?

    I have a mixed breed male dog who is 6 yrs old. he is not neutered yet. I also have 2 other males one is 10 yrs old and the other is 3 they are both neutered. They are all inside during the evening and at night and outside in a invisible fence during the day. There have been females in heat in the neighborhood but my 6 yr old has never seemed interested at all. (a good thing) however he does seem interested in my 10 yr old male. he is always following him around and trying to hump him. he also is always licking his privates. I know humping can be a sign of dominance but this is different then that. Also if I take my 10 yr old to the groomer the 6 yr old goes nuts when we bring him home. he will even try to get into the same room with him and wont let him out of his sight. He never acts this way with the 3 yr old one. I don't know what to do about it. its embarrassing when people drive by or stop by. I just don't understand why he does this.

    I know he needs to be fixed that's not the question here. and I do plan on getting him done just I cant do it rite now.

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  • How do I get a 6mo. not to be afraid of the sweeper?

    My granddaughter is 6 months old and when I try to sweep as soon as I turn it on she is scared to death and just cries and cries.

    I guess it's our fault but we didn't do it on purpose. But my daughter always cleans when she is asleep and I always do mine on the weekends where she never use to hear it. But now I have her every Sat and Sun. I work all week. And at my home its to small for her not to wake up if I do it when she is asleep. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Please help me if you can. Before I go crazy.?

    I have a wiener dog who is now 13 yrs old. He has always been the best dog. never potty in the house. never chewed or barked.

    well the past couple of months he has been going to the bathroom in the house. both on my carpet and vinyl floor. I took him to two vets to be checked out to see what is wrong with him. they said other then being 13 he is fine nothing wrong. no worms no kidney problems nothing.

    So to save my carpet I had to put him in a spot in the kitchen he has room to move around. But if he goes there I can clean it easier.

    Well now he poops in his bed or on the floor and still pees everywhere even rite after I let him in almost like a puppy who is not broke yet. And now he barks and whines all night long. He has always been the type of dog who would not even walk in his own pee outside and now he is laying in his poop and pee.

    I can't take this anymore I drive for a living and I gotta have sleep What do I do? I have had him since he was 5 wks old. and love him. and I am an animal lover. But I am seriously thinking of putting him to sleep and that is not like me. But he is leaving me very little choice.

    Any ideas suggestions would be great.

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  • Is it ok for him to hurt my feelings?

    I have a really good male friend. (I'm female) for the last 7 months we have talked and text ed on the phone several times per day. he has never not answered when I call him. We also work together we are suppose to go to a picnic together and we need to sign up by Tues if we are going to go.

    Last Wed I called him and it rang one time and went to vm. later I called again and it went to vm.

    Thurs I spoke with him for just a few min. About work then I seen him at work and he acted fine. On Thurs evening after a meeting at work he ran out like he was in a hurry and wasn't going to even say bye to me. but then he came up to me in the parking lot and said I cant make our plans on Sat I have a date. I said ok and he was gone. On Fri I spoke to him and he was ok again. Then I left him a note about the picnic asking if we were still going to go together. He never called so later that night I called him and again it rang once and went to vm. that tells me he is rejecting my calls. It really hurt my feelings that he done that so I sent him a text telling him that its ok for him to have a g/f but its not ok for him to reject and ignore me and my calls after I have been his one true friend and the only one who has been there for him when he needs someone. I still have not heard from him. Am I wrong to be upset? No Im not jealous of this other girl. just feel like now he has no use for me. We have been through alot and helped each other through some pretty rough times lately.

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  • Smoking inside or out?

    Ok so I would like to know what you all think about this. I grew up with a father who smoked around me all the time back then we didn't know what we know now. I have been married to a smoker for 22 yrs. and It really has never bothered me before. But last few yrs I get sick more. a lot in my chest. the Dr. always says it due to 2nd hand smoke. Also I notice now that my house has that smokers smell to it and I don't like it. I have asked my Husband to only smoke outside now. But he refuses and says that he pays the bills just like I do and shouldn't have to go out its his home to do as he pleases. I feel like I pay the bills too and its my home too and shouldn't have to deal with his smoke. So who is rite? and I would like to know when you answer if you are a smoker or not.

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  • Doesn't the bible say its a sin to have sex before marriage too?

    I know someone who is in the middle of a separation and she met a man. They had sex twice then all of a sudden he said he started back into church (pentecostal) and that its a sin to be with her because its adultery. while I agree with this he has now said to her that he met another woman and that she was going to spend the night with him. not asking if this could be the reason why he dumped her. all I want to know is isn't it just as bad for him to sleep with a single woman before marriage as it is with a married one. I thought they were both sins.

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  • Is it ok to keep a Male friend?

    My husband and i are separated and have been for a couple of months. We are trying to work things out. At work there is a Male co worker who I am very good friends with and was friends before the separation. But since I separated he has been there for me. We are best friends we talk on the phone a lot and really enjoy spending time together. We like to do a lot of the same things. He also has some issues he is working on and talking to me helps him as well. There is nothing romantic or sexual between us. We have talked about that and that's not an issue. I am afraid that if I get back with my husband he is going to ask me to stop talking to him or be jealous of him. And I really don't want to stop talking to him. and feel I shouldn't have to. What do you think?

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  • What is the difference between Church of Christ and Penecostal?

    I think its Pentecostal where they speak in tongue. Anyway I am interested in a man who is that religion and its very important to him. I use to go to Church of Christ so that's all I know. How do these two differ and could two people from both religions see it the same? Or would this become a problem down the line.

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  • this is a personal question but it is for real.?

    Ok so I have been dating a man and we have now had intercourse twice. both times using a condom. Something I am not use to doing since I was married for years and have had my tubes tied.

    Anyway both times the condom has come off inside of me. He says he has never had this problem before so it must not be him. What am I doing wrong that is causing this? and how do I fix it?

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  • How do you tell your hubby you want a divorce?

    I have been married for 23 yrs now. I am very unhappy in this marriage and have been for awhile. there are lots of reasons why. the main is because he drinks. Anyway he swears he loves me and I think he does the way he knows how but that's not the way I want to be loved. he never wants to spend time together and other then sleeping in the same bed we really are just room mates and that's it.

    I know though when i tell him he is going to be crushed and he will beg and cry and I am not or have I ever been good at hurting people. So how do I do this without giving in when he gets upset?

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  • Should I talk to my son before or after?

    I am very unhappy in my marriage rite now. My husband is an active alcoholic. And is not the same person he use to be at all. My son is 17 and he knows how his Dad is and also gets very mad and aggravated about it.

    I am really thinking of telling my husband that i am done with this type of marriage. If i do that then my son and I will have to move and our whole worlds are going to change. So I feel that it is only fair I ask my son about his feelings on this matter as well. So should I tell my son what i plan to do before I talk to my husband or wait till after? I have thought about this so many times and I always back down and stay and nothing changes. I am hoping to dig in this time and just do this. And the only way to say i am staying is if he goes to AA. Or rehab. But Its such a huge step after being married since the age of 19 and being married for 22 yrs. I am so confused about all of this. And I just want what is best for my son. Yes I know I should have left sooner but Things didn't get this bad until the past year. I am guessing that my husband is now in stage 3 of alcoholism.

    I know this is long and winded and not punctuated rite but I am at a public place and we only have so much time. so please don't reply about that. thanks in advance for the help.

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  • This is very important. Can psoriasis kill you? A friends life depends on this.?

    I dont know much about this. A friend of mine has it really bad and says the meds make him sick and he can't work on them so he cant take them.

    The other day he told me he was going to leave me something when if he dies in a few months from now. I really need to know if he is talking about dying from his illness or if he is planning on killing himself.

    I have asked a few people and most say psoriasis wont kill you. So I need help to know for sure so I can stop him if he is planning on suicide. Thanks.

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  • Why does my 2 yr old g/d act like this?

    Hi I have a Grand daughter who is 2. I keep her on the weekends while her parents work. She is a great child Never into trouble never cries or throws a fit. Even when its bedtime she gets in her bed with no problems. Anytime she does act up like not picking up toys or something like that (very rare) she gets put in time out.

    My son is a very very good daddy to her. and she is a Daddy girl. Her parents also put her in time out at home when she does not behave. They do work A lot but her dad is home 2 days per week plus in the late evenings. Here is the problem. Anytime Her parents walk in esp. her dad No matter what she was doing or how she was acting she instantly starts running to him to pick her up (he does and loves on her) and then cries and throws a fit the whole rest of the time they are here. Even if they bring her to someplace like for Christmas we could not enjoy ourselves for her throwing a fit and crying and throwing fits. And when they are around she acts like she doesn't know any of the rest of us.

    I cant get over it she is like 2 different kids completely when with us alone and when they are around. They do put her in time out and try talking to her but nothing works. I have even tried to talk to her before they get there to tell her that i expect her to behave and that mommy and daddy like to see her smile not cry but it doesn't work. any ideas on why she does this and how to fix it? And now to top it off she has a new baby sister.

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  • Mother In-Law help before I loose my mind.?

    I Have always gotten along with my husbands mom. She has always been a nice lady and easy to get along with. Until now.

    about 15 months ago she was very ill and moved in with us. My goal was to get her better and then she get her own place. Now she has decided that she is not ever moving out and that we invited her to live with us forever.

    My husband wont tell her different because he does not want to hurt her feelings and I don't either. I mean how will I look to everyone if I kick her out?

    Here is the thing she is taking over my life and my family and I am sick of it. I feel like a stranger in my own home. I try to teach my 17 yr old son responsibilities like if you don't bring your clothes to the laundry room they don't get washed. she will go in his room get them wash them and lay them out for him. I have asked her not to do this several times. If i ask my husband to help or to do something she will get up and go do it for him. She buys the grocery's for living here (Not agreed on at all) and she buys stuff we never eat and then she decides what I am going to cook for dinner.

    Today she had bleach in a cup and spilled it all the way through the living room. and made spots on my hardwood floor. when i went to get a mop and stuff to try to fix it she poured vinegar on it. to clean it. she has also been known to put fantastic and other things on my floor to clean it.

    she leaves stuff lay out all the time. she washes clothes and dishes all the time even if we don't have a load. our water bill has doubled due to this. and now when we go out to eat she always goes with us then makes us pick up the tab for her.

    Every time I complain to my husband about this he says I am putting him in the middle. and asks me what he should do just kick her out? I really want to say yes. but if that were to happen then everyone I know would think the worst of me plus that would be the end of our family relationship because she is going to be very hurt and mad. any ideas?? please help if you can.

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  • is this the same as cheating? Would like to here from both men and woman please.?

    First let me say that I am not looking for an affair. But my husband is an alcoholic and does not ever want to do anything with me. In fact I am lucky if I get to see him once a week when he is not already drunk. He goes to the bar from work. I know I should leave him but due to money that is out of the question rite now.

    I know this man who I have no feelings for other then friendship. In fact I think that he might be gay or bi. Anyway the two of us have so much in common we both like the same tv shows and he is just so much fun to talk to he is one of those people who is always happy and funny. So unlike what I am living with at home.

    Since my husband refuses to do stuff with me is it cheating if I were to ask this guy to hang out sometimes? No sex No romance just hanging out.

    For example I asked my hubby to go to my office Christmas party and his response was I don't want to its boring and all the people there think everything is so funny. It gets on my nerves. It kind of hurt my feelings because I do stuff I don't want to do for him all the time. Such as go to his family reunion. And let his mom live with us.

    I really don't want to go alone and if i were to go with this guy I know I would have a blast. And as for woman friends. I have lost 3 very good friend to death since 2000 . And the 2 I have left are not really into just having fun. or even getting out to do things. I want some opinions on if you think this is cheating on my husband or not.

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  • What could be wrong with this dog?

    My mom in-law lives with us and has for over a yr. now. She has a Yorkie that is 5 yrs old. I have 4 other dogs of my own. They are all spoiled rotten and are mostly house dogs but my bigger dogs play outside most of the day.

    All of the dogs have always gotten along great with no problems. On Sat I heard a dog fight in the living room I came running and my Rott/boxer mix. was trying to hold the Yorkie with his front paws. At first I thought he was the problem I ran over and picked up the Yorkie who still had a hold of my dog with her teeth I had to make her let go.

    There was no blood or any injury so i figured it was a one time thing. Well the next day I let the Yorkie out to potty and before I knew it they were at it again this time I ran out and my big dog was just standing there growling and trying to get away from her. The Yorkie was not stopping she was biting my dog hard enough to make him yell out in pain. I quickly tried to push the yorkie away so I could get my big dog inside to split them up . and the Yorkie was having none of that she kept coming back for more.

    I don't understand what happened to make her want to hurt my dog all of a sudden. this has never happened before they have always played so well together and even ate together. I am sure it is the Yorkie who is starting it because If my 100 lb. dog would be the aggressive one here he could kill her with one bite. We are trying to keep them away from each other as much as we can but that is very hard to do.

    A few other bits of info. they are both fixed and up dated on shots.

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  • is it to late for my friend to fix her boobs w/o surgery?

    I have a friend who was about a 42DD. she was in a bad wreck and was in the hospital for a very long time in this time she never had a bra on and lost a lot of wt. now her boobs sag. and she cant afford surgery to get a lift. is there any way to get them back up by exercising or is this now a lost cause?

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  • Can you help me. How do you tell someone you don't trust them?

    I work at a small company there are about 20 of us. We all decided to play the big lotto twice a week.

    We figured with 20 chances we have more of a shot. One lady that we work with decided to be in charge of taking the money and buying the tickets.

    Here is the problem in the 12 weeks we have been playing she has only brought copies of the tickets for us to see 3 times. everyone has brought to her attention that we want copies of them and each time she has an excuse.

    she has stated also that she plays on her own also. So here is the red flag we all are wondering if first she is even buying our tickets or just putting the money in her pocket that is 40 per week. or if she is buying them and we do get lucky and hit she can just walk away with all our money stating that she won on her ticket not ours.

    Everyone wants someone else to be in charge but no one wants to hurt her feelings or to cause a problem with someone we work with. So how would you handle this? what should we say to her?

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  • Married couples or couples who live together. am I right to feel this way or is he right?

    My husband is an active alcoholic. Every single day as soon as he is off work he goes to a club/bar and drinks. (too much most times) if he has a day off through the week he is at the club from the time he gets up till evening. Every single free min he has he is there.

    Of course by the time he gets home all he wants to do is either argue or sleep.

    When i talk to him about it this is what he tells me. "Well you always go to lunch when you want to with your friends or shopping or anything else that you want to do".

    Ok he is right I do go to lunch with a friend usually once a week and about one time per month I go shopping with our daughter. And I do go every 2 wks. to get my nails done.

    But its not an everyday thing and when i do come home i am sober and there for my family and I do the house work plus hold a full time job.

    His whole life revolves around that stupid club. he goes to work Mows the lawn and that's about it.

    Is he right though and i really should not say anything because i do what i want to do too? please don't be rude.

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  • Do you think that people should be interviewed before getting a dog?

    I have just answered 3 questions from people who have dogs that are either very sick or very hurt and they want to know what to do for there dog. What is wrong with people don't you know if a dog is sick or hurt you go to the Vet?

    If you cant afford the Vet you really should not have a dog. Sorry but its the truth they deserve to be taken care of. I am so sick of people getting dogs then not taking care of them,

    They tie them outside and don't even care if they have water and food let alone pay any attention to them. Or they just let them die or suffer in pain from an injury instead of calling a Vet. It just breaks my heart I don't get it.

    I have a dog rite now who is having an itching problem nothing serious or life threatening but I have been on it. I have called the vet I have treated him for fleas. i sent him to be groomed and dipped with a anti itch cream. and now that he is still itching i did ask for help on here and I am calling the vet first thing tomorrow to find out about allergy's or what ever else i can do to help my dog. He is my baby he did not ask to be here I went and got him so its my job to take care of any needs that he has.

    Why cant people get that?

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