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  • need some support?

    i would like to know if anyone has been through a couple of miscarriages and finally had a baby cause i already gone through 3 miscarriages and i am so scared to try again i really want a baby and i was so happy with my last pregnancy cause the first two i lost but i did not know i was pregnant untill i lost them and my last one i got to see the baby and also hear the heart beat then when i went for another ultrasound they could not hear the heartbeat so they did a d&c i just dont know if i should try again cause if i lose this one i dont know how i would take this lost the last one i did not take to good i lost it in nov and i am still upset

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  • need help.....?

    Ok i just found out i am pregnant but i dont go to the docotor tell two weeks. I should be about 6 weeks pregnant cause my last period was on nov 2. I need to know the things I should eat

    or the things I should stay away from. Cause I was pregnant in aug but I had a miscarrigae and I dont want to have another one so please help me out

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  • need help............?

    does anyone know were i can get a Wii Remote Controller online thats not out of stock

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  • help......?

    my last period was on sept 7 and as of today i have not got my period i took 4 pregnancy test all came out neg did all a week apart and first thing in the morning could i still be pregnant has this happen to anyone and they were pregnant but there test came out neg

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  • I am pregnant and have a headache.?

    i am pregnant and having headaches i need to know if i can take any medicane

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  • do puppies lose their baby teeth?

    today my dog was bleeding from her mouth and when i check it she was missing a tooth

    26 AnswersDogs1 decade ago