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  • Can you give me a Good website please?

    I need a good website on vasovagal syncope. It needs to talk about the two types: where they just passout and then the milder cases where they jerk like a seizure. I found one before but i can't find it again.

    Thanks :)

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  • Do you think this would look stupid?

    In the summer right before school starts i wanna get my hair done. I was thinking about getting the bottom layer a really dark brown. And in the, i guess u could call it the corners of my head, in the back, getting like a litter brown through the black. and get blonde highlights at the top. I have a lighter brown color of hair but its not close to blonde. i also wanted to get my hair cut scene. would it look okay?

    Please don't say anything about not going with the scene style because I wont listen :D

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  • Do you know what this song is?

    Well i saw my friend add this song on myspace and it reminded me of a song i used to listen to.

    the thing is i cant remember barely any of the lyrics and i dont know the title..

    the part i do remember is we are better together..

    i think it was something like apart or together, we are better together..

    no its not we are better together by Jack Johnson

    if you have any idea or any guess on what the song is please tell me. it will be greatly appreciated.

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  • What do you think about girls..?

    what do you think about girls with thick eyebrows? my eyebrows are thick but i want them thin. my sister and mom says they look fine but everyone i see has thin eyebrows and mine just seem to stand out to me..

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  • Can a hairstylist tell where?

    Can a hairstylist tell where the layers are if the layers blend in?

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  • is there something wrong with me?

    ok well there is this guy and i went out with him once but he dumped me for someone else way back when.

    we stayed friends and he is starting to like me.

    but i don't find him attractive.

    i mean he is prolly one of the sweetest guys and he knows how to treat a girl right but i dont find him attractive.

    is there something wrong with me?

    --p.s. i know this is random but how can i explain scene hair to my hairdresser? and if u could give me pics of scene hair it would be great.

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  • what would cause children to...?

    what would cause children to be driven to extreme measures from their parents? and how would the child react to that kind of treatment?

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  • what kind of hair should i get?

    i want a sort of different look.

    thats my hair now.

    i really like scene hair.

    like these:

    i like the bangs and how the sides are sorta thin.

    how can i change my bang part without it being uncomfortable like the ones in the picture?

    if any one has suggestions with what kind of hair i should get..get a pic and post it.

    ohh and how can i make my hair do the 'poof' thing without it being really poofy? (in the scene hair)

    and how can i get my eyeliner darker?

    3 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • past decisions effect my future?

    well lets get to the story.

    i've played basketball the past 2 years (7th and 8th grade)

    i started going to workouts this year and i didn't like it that much so i quit..

    its like half way through the season now and i miss it..

    will people judge me if i try and play again next year?


    4 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • i really like this guy.......?

    ok so im going to be a freshman.and i really like this junior..the bad thing is he prolly doesnt know who i am..i am his friend on a website and i want to start talking to him but im not exactly good at shy and i care what other people can i just start talking to him without him thinking im a major geek or some stupid freshman?

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  • how to loose the lower stomach weight?

    well im bigger in my love handles and in the lower lower in volleyball and basketball so i do run quite a bit. how can i loose the lower stomach be4 aug. 27?

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • How do you unjam a finger/thumb???

    well i jammed my thumb at a summer league basketball game. I'm a setter for volleyball and alot of the time the ball will hit my thumb a certain way and it hurts it really bad.I had my sister pull it today but i dont know if she actually pulled there a way to tell if she unjammed it? and is there anything else i can do to stop it from hurting?

    6 AnswersFirst Aid1 decade ago
  • highlights?

    I'm getting blonde highlights for my birthday,but i dont know what color of blonde to get..

    i have light brown hair and i was thinking about like a darker blonde for highlights..

    any segestions?

    4 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • mixed songs?

    what are some really good mixed songs?

    i dont like any screamo,heavy metal..

    i like punk rock but no regular rock..

    im more of a pop,hip-hop,country type :]

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  • how do you?

    how do people take really good pictures of themselves? i really need picture taking advice because all of my pictures turn out horrible..and the pictures im talking about are the ones with perfect lighting and their hair is perfect along with their make-up.

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  • what about this?

    do u think that the bangs of demi lavato *the short ones in camp rock* and the layers of the main girl in the life of an american teenage would look bad? i want to get my hair cut and thats how i want it but i dont think it will mix.

    2 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • uuuggghhhh!?

    i have dark hair..and its notice able and it looks like i have a it more effective to bleach it or wax it..and does waxing hurt as much as ppl say it does?

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  • is it true..?

    is it true that if you wax it will make the hair lighter?

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  • do u think?

    do u think that the bangs of demi lavato *the short ones in camp rock* and the layers of the main girl in the life of an american teenage would look bad? i want to get my hair cut and thats how i want it but i dont think it will mix.

    1 AnswerHair1 decade ago
  • Getting Different Bangs.?

    I have the long bangs now...but one of my friends have bangs that i want...she said they were side swept bangs. I looked them up and they dont look like my friends. It might be because her hair is up all the time and its hard to tell. Has anyone found good pics. w/ bangs?

    1 AnswerHair1 decade ago