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  • Why is it that people...?

    Why is it people give a bad rating to an answer that is based completely on fact, just because they don't like what the facts say? If someone asks a question, I answer it as best as I can using the facts. With the questions I answer, that usually has to do with legal precedent, court decisions, or what a specific law says.

    I see the question, present what the law says, what the courts have said, and what all that means in relation to the question. My answers do not often include my own opinion. In those cases, I can understand someone who doesn't agree giving me a bad rating. That's their right.

    But when I explain what the law says, how does that qualify as a "bad" answer, just because they don't agree with the law? If you don't agree with the law, use the system to change it. If you think I'm wrong, bring out facts that show I'm wrong.

    Just because you don't like what the law says, doesn't mean that it's not true. So why do some people give bad ratings to the truth?

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