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  • What is the Franz Joseph Haydn symphony played in The Money Pit? (it is NOT listed on IMDB)?

    In case you didn't catch it in the question line, I don't need a regurgitation of the incomplete soundtrack list off of IMDB. There is a Haydn symphony played for just a short intro piece of it right after Max makes his first appearance.

    The point in the movie I'm talking about is when Max enters the auditorium and says the following lines:

    It's a great pleasure

    to be back with you again.

    I'm sure you feel the same.

    When I left, you were

    the finest orchestra in the world.

    God knows what a season under

    the heavy hand of my esteemed

    colleague has wrought.

    Let us assess the damage...

    with the Haydn,

    from the beginning.

    .... and then the music begins. What is the name of the song they begin to play before it cuts to the loud rock music video scene with Tom Hanks? Anyone??? It is driving me crazy!

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  • Does anyone remember Oktoberfest in Vancouver, BC in the years 1971 to 1974? (picture attached)?

    I hope this link works. If not it is of a picture of the 1973 version of the official Oktoberfest mug for Vancouver. I have 8 mugs total (2 for each year dating 1971 to 1974). I want to know if there are more years that I don't have mugs for? I also want to know if anyone out there knows what happened to such a festival and if we could organize one again on an annual basis starting 2009? Anyone out there potentially interested in organizing something... and bringing back a beautiful celebration? Mainly I'm looking for information so any that you can give is appreciated.

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  • If the sticker price is $27,180 before taxes (12%), what is a good starting point for negotiating the price?

    The car I'm interested in is right on the lot at the dealer I'm interested in doing business with. It is brand new (like less than 8 miles on the odometer) and has about $4,000 in extras already added to it. I've been pre-approved for what the full asking price (after taxes) would come to and at 0% financing over 5 years. Obviously the lower the payments can be the better. I just don't know how low is insultingly low. Should I open my offer with a final payment I'd like to have or should I name a before-taxes price instead and see what they say? ...and what should that price be?

    Helpful answers only please. No "offer them $50 bucks" kind of answers.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I need a way for Homer to break his arm?

    I'm attempting to write a Simpsons. I've got a really good plot idea but it needs to be kicked off with Homer breaking his arm. I was thinking that Otto could see something/someone just as he's picking up Bart and Lisa in front of their house that makes him run off and Homer has to jump in as school bus driver for the day.

    What could that someone/something Otto sees be? His ex fiance? Phish band members? A tumbleweed full of weed? And then what would be a funny way to have Homer break his arm?

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  • What's the weirdest piece of knowledge you know?

    Mine is the discovery that it is a ticketed misdemeanor offense in the United States to impersonate a member of a 4-H club.

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  • Anyone ever mounted a 57" flat panel LCD to a composite wall before?

    I live in an apartment with a really crappy wall system. Somewhere deep in the wall is cast concrete. Directly on top of that is chickenwire lath that has about an inch and a half of really crumbly sand-based scratch-coat pushed into it like they'd do on the outside of a stucco house. Then on top of that is about a 1/4 inch of finishing plaster.

    I know that there are special concrete screws and those plastic plugs to stick in the pre-drilled holes but many of those plastic plugs are only about as deep as the first two layers on my wall and those are the least strong. The concrete is almost 2 inches into the wall. I'm concerned that a 200lb TV that sticks out 5 inches plus the thickness of the mounting bracket will be enough downward prying force to bend the first 2" of the screws that go through the scratch coat and gravity may eventually rip the entire thing off the wall. I do not want to buy a table for it to sit on. Has anyone mounted heavy things on walls like mine?

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  • How do you tell a good friend he's really creepy around women without being insulting?

    I'm a guy who's friend in question is part of a tight knit circle of friends who are all, one by one abandoning ship around him because he says and does some pretty creepy things with regards to women. As each friend leaves the group and creates a new circle of which I am also a member and pretends to act like a shadow of its former self whenever he's around, I feel like I've got a foot in both circles and that I'm the only one left who sees two circles.

    I guess I'm reluctant to ditch this guy because when women are not the topic of conversation, he's really funny and great to be around and we both go back a number of years plus if I left that would just be the nail in the coffin for his confidence. It comes down to a lack of any kind of sex life for him. Its almost "40 year old virgin" like but with a guy who's got some game but never makes it past 2nd base before freaking the girl out. He's confided some quotes of his with me thinking he's normal to say them. I just don't know

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  • Does anyone recognize this french song?

    I've been trying to figure out who does the first song on this little mini featurette of the movie A Good Year.

    It is not on the soundtrack nor does iTunes have it in the list of other songs that are apparently missing from the soundtrack but are in the film and/or trailers. Does that make any sense?

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  • What hatchback/sport wagon should I buy?

    I'm in the market for a much needed new car. I currently drive a gas guzzling Ford Ranger. I want something more efficient but still fun to drive. I also prefer something that will handle the occasional ski-trip to Whistler, that I can strap a snowboard to in the winter or a kayak or surfboard in the summer. AWD is nice and might come in handy on the weekend camping trips I do that require driving on logging roads to get to trail heads.

    Cars I'm considering range in style, price, and features and I need some help. The list so far is:

    Audi A3 (or S3)

    Mazda 3

    Suzuki SX4

    Subaru Imprezza (Outback Sport version)

    Saab 9-3

    Volvo C30

    Up until recently, the Audi A3/S3 models were the favored choice, before that it was the Mazda 3, but now I'm thinking more and more about the Volvo C30. It looks pretty sporty although I'm concerned about the lack of rear doors and the small size of the hatch opening and high bumper for possibly getting a mountain bike in there. Cost isn't an issue...

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  • If I want to buy a new car in Oregon (no sales tax) but I'm not *from* Oregon, will I have to pay sales tax?

    I'm actually from British Columbia but the particular car I want (same car both sides of the border) is $12,000 cheaper in the US than it is in Canada even after the exchange rate. I'm thinking of getting a ride down to Oregon to buy the car and then import it into Canada. I'll be faced with paying Canadian sales taxes on it when I cross the border with it, as well as import and registration fees as well as pay for any safety modifications to bring the car up to Canada's more stringent standards.

    I have 3 questions:

    Will I have to pay sales tax if I don't have an Oregon address? Has anyone from Canada bought a car in the US and driven it across? What is involved in getting a temporary (i.e. 1 week's insurance) in order to drive it up and across the line?

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  • Do interest rates go up, or down, in a major recession?

    I seriously don't know what rates do in recessions and I'm about $23,000 in the hole on my line of credit and it is going to (sadly) have to go up to about $36,000 by May 2007--just in time for many 4Q earning results. I'm worried about the rate going higher in the face of a major US recession coming in 2007. We're already seeing major cracks opening in the economy. If it goes higher, how much higher could it go? Could it go as high as say like 1982 where it was up around 20%?

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  • Can anyone explain the neurological cause of cravings?

    Cravings seem very strange to me. What causes them to spring up and why certain things? It all seems completely random at times but it is always something very specific and when you get the craving, you can almost taste what you're missing.

    I heard one pregnant woman was craving cardboard of all things... Just the other day, I myself was really craving dill pickle potato chips and couldn't leave it alone until I found some.

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  • Why do rainy days make us sleepy? (REAL answers please... no quoting from websites)?

    Is there any physics to do with barometric pressure involved? Why would it make us sleepy? If it does have to do with barometric pressure and lower pressure reduces our alertness, is there an ideal pressure for maximum alertness and maybe even learning and memorization? Maybe we should pressurize schools so the learning environment is maintained at "fair weather" levels through the dreary winter months. I will be choosing a serious answer as the best answer.

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