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  • Which thing to buy? A ps3 or a pc?

    which thing should i buy ? a ps3 or a pc ? i am 15 and studying at college i have a computer but the problem is that its kinda slow :D i can't afford both the things as i am doing part time job and earning $780 and i get 3500$ from my parents for college fee and expenses.... i can buy a ps3 under 315$ but i can give more money to pc as it is multimedia.but ps3 is for fun! which one shud i buy ??? :d sryy for my eng i wrote this in a hurry :(

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  • Open GL problem Please Help?

    Hi my name is Ron.... lets get to the point :-) I purchased a game called worms revolution from steam.... after purchasing i installed the game.. when i try to open it says "The application requires graphics hardware that supports the OpenGl extension ' GL_ARB_framebuffer_object please make sure you the the latest for your hardware and try again" I had already updated my Intel drivers and i have windows XP SP3 my Graphics are :-

    video card - Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset

    and Intel (R) graphics media accelerator driver . Thanks in advance ! :D

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  • where can i download worms crazy golf (fulll version)?

    Hi my little brother wanted to play this game called worms crazy golf ..... first i didn't know what steam was... then i got to know that it is a gaming platform .... i don't want any torrents or any viruses in my computer as i have recently bought it ....... and please i want a step by step instruction.... i already have wasted enough time on downloading and completing silly surveys any help would be appreciated and pls give me more details about steam thanks in advance :D

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  • Fatal Eror Steam must be running to play this game?

    I have recently download worms crazy golf and it says steam must be running to play this game.. then i download steam platform and created a new acc .... the steam platform is running ...... when i launch worms crazy gold same plzz help me and i downloaded worms crazy golf by doing a long survey ..... thanks in advance :D

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  • Looking for a song, what song was this called?

    i don't know some lyrics but i know very little it says shuck shuck everybody i badly need that song for my school plz help

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  • will the world really end in 2012?

    will the world really end in 22 dec 2012 ??? feeling a bit scared bcz of rumors ..... above question says all

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  • Should I buy a PS3 or i Should Wait for a PS4?

    hi guys i really need your help the problem is that ps4 is gonna release Next Year as per this link . I want a ps3 because i am a Naruto Fan and one of my favorite games are their on ps3 like uncharted ,infamous etc if i buy ps3 now ... will it be a good choice or wait for ps4 as to come as for backwards compatibility???? so that i can play ps3 on ps4 and of course ps4 games on ps4 what Should I DO ?????? please tell me guys i am in a big problem......

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  • my transcend 500 gb storejet is not responding?

    HI, guys actually i bought i storejet of portable hardrive 3 or 4 months ago and i have 1 desktop and i laptop my os of my desktop is windows xp system - fat32 laptop - windows 7 system- NTFS the problem with my transcend is that yesterday i was connecting it many times one after another i did it 5 times on different computer/laptop and at last i finally connected it to my laptop after downloading some thing and the problem is that the blue light is not lighting so first i thought it was a virus it took 5 mins to delete 10 mb file and after that i even can't copy delete, and i want my data back first then i can format my portable drive but i can't.............. any help will be appreciated pls a i want a step by step instructions..... srry for my bad english

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