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Hey ,I'm a country boy from Central texas(austin area) but have lived in Florida for years you like nice garden pictures, sunsets, sunrises, and beach pictures? go to this flickr link..200 photos of very nice pictures here! If you e mail me concerning additional info.add your e mail address.when i reply to some they come back undeliverable and i cannot give you the info you request! I am a 37 year experienced painter(retired) and now grow and sell vegetables,seedlings,seeds,and various plants for a living. My Veggie garden

  • Are there any Vegetable garden CHAT ROOMS anywhere?

    I DO NOT want gardening Forums..they are millions of them.I want actual chat rooms..I have searched all over and have found none concerning growing veggies in the USA..I have asked this once before and people keep sending me to gardening forums such as "Daves Garden"..which totally sucks...You have to become a member and then the knowledge you get from thier members are totally incorrect(about 40%)..Chat Rooms Only please...AGAIN NO FORUMS..thumbs down for them

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  • 1986 chrysler lebaron gts blows tail light fuse?

    My lebaron just started doing this so I replaced the fuse and as soon as you pull the light switch on you can here it blow.I am quite literate in how a cars wiring works, and realize I have A direct short, but I have "chased" the wiring and all and was wondering.Can the light switch itself have A direct short within the inside of it?All of this wiring is original, all factory electrical plugs, and the wiring no where has been "tapped into"..I have installed A basic stero/cd player but I bought the wiring jacks from A dealer ship that plug right into the cars wiring,no splicing of wires.The car did not start blowing fuses untill after a month or two of putting the stereo in.Can the light switch actually have a short within?

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  • Do You check Profiles Before selecting Best Answer?

    I was Just curious..I have asked this before and mentioned That alot of the people here will answer a question and state..I have painted 20 years.Or I am a electrical contractor..on and on...But in the same event I am a avid profile searcher before I select a best answer..and often find when I come across a question asked That someone answers that I know is 'bunk" I look at thier profile ..I find that that same person just answered a painting question saying they are a paint contractor for 20 or 30 years..then by searching the profile I also see other questions they have answered..and they were an electrician for 30 years the day before,or a concrete finisher etc...whatever pertains to the question seems they are that particular type of contractor..When I posted this before, I found some of the people in mind..I will mention no names....have then gone in and made thier profile,questions answered and asked private to where you couldn't then view them..for they have been exposed..And may a say..a couple "top contributors" at thatOne of thems favorite phrase was " I ahve done carpenter work every day of my life..and the next question they answered ..they have done electrical work every day of thier life...I suggest if the answer is questionable thier profile and look at thier other answers..or see if they chose to make them "private"..this is the first clue..Anyone else do this?

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  • Do U ever check a persons profile before selecting thier answer as best answer?

    I have noticed a few people here (I want mention names) that answer a question, and whatever the question pertains to it seems they have done that all thier life.I know of one that his favorite phrase is..I have laid tile every day of my life..then the next answer may concern painting..then of course..the same person has painted every day of his life..then same with carpentry, electrical etcetera..then another states his profession in profile as being a plumber..but yet he has been an electrical contractor lol..for 20 years on the next answer he does..I have one that cant make up his mind if he has been in construction 18 years or 26 lol..Do they forget that they have a profile that contradicts thier experience that they mention they are experienced in? Start checking profiles vefore selecting as best answer for your questions..You will be amazed!!

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  • Anyone know Where to Buy wholesale Vegetable Seeds?

    I need to know A link where you can buy the 1 pound cans or quart size cans of vegetable seeds. I am starting a small vegetable plant selling buiseness, on top of the veggies out of my garden I sell and want to also sell seeds. I can seeds from the seed and feed stores here..but thier varieties are not what I want ... I need actual links please...

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  • Is Anyone Getting yahoo e mail about verifying themselves.?

    I keep getting e mail from supposedly yahoo telling me to verify my account or it will be deleted. It asks for personal info to include password etc. Is this fake>?

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  • On Bad answers That Are selected by asker?

    On questions that are answered improperly and the asker accepts it as the best,Don't you wish there was A category here for "Answers that went bad".? I have seen alot of answers that were accepted by the "asker" that I definately know had to mess up the askers project for they were totally wrong.Not that all my answers or the best, for there are many better as well, that I agree with.On this category I would like the askers to reply how it messed up thier projects, but not to mention the question givers all means, I would not want to start a "range war' between users, but would like others to know not to use that solution/method/product in the future after seeing it as best answer...If yahoo could actually block any postings that include a members id in it..would not this be great?

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  • Stupid But Neccessary Question?

    I answer alot of questions here..and very seldom ask one..but I have looked all over at the bottom of the page once I have answered A question and I can find nowhere to click to get immediately back to the question page...I have to click on the "back" arrow at the top of all computer screens 3 or 4 times to get back to answer more questions...Is there A direct 1 click way to get back to it?

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  • Relief Assistance For Ice Storm?

    This is not A question , but it is A link for the unfortunate people that have been through the ice storm disaster.If you suffered personal property losses you may apply for assistance at the link below to recover losses.Keep in mind ,me being through 19 hurricanes, that people will try to scam to haul yard debris off, but once declared A disaster area usually the local city/government will haul this debris for free by simply cutting it up and placing at the curb side. Call yuour local government and ask about this before paying someone.Here is a link for federal aid

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  • How to trace who gives you a bad rating here?

    Is there anyway to see if your answers to questions here have been given a bad rating and by who? The reason I ask is I have a certain question answere that has e mailed me and becuase I got a right answer 10 points over his..he told me he was going to from now on give me a bad rating on every answer he seen me answer ..LOL..not like this is the end of the world, this is his hangup not mine! i am not mad or anything for I enjoy it here..I was just curious to see if hie ego has really goten the best of him..I'm sure glad my life isn't as sour as his seems to be guy..I hope he gets himself straightened out and finds some inner peace..Bet he cheats when he plays solitary lol..please tell me if there is a way to see..I need the laugh

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  • What is the proper heat temperature coming out A vent?

    I don't think my heat strip in a packaged ac/heat central ac/heat unit is enough kilowatts. I know that you can stick a thermometer directly in the vent where the heat comes out and it should be a certain temperature. What is this temperature? We have had an upgrade in the wiring size, an upgrade to A whole new 200 amp service center and there is a 7.5 kilowatt heat strip in the unit. I'm thinking we need a 10 or A 15 kilowatt heat strip instead, now that the wiring has been upgraded and large enough to handle either...Footage wise A 7.5 figures real close but we also have vaulted ceilings in this mobile home... How warm should the temperature be coming directly from the vent? I have had two people at time tell me this and I have forgotten what it was..and the people are no longer here.

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  • How to Delete mash Account..?

    How do I delete this trash..People can come in change my profile..add astrology to my page..which I totally detest...This is supposed to be my page not someone elses..!! I hate mash..and want nothing to do with it..THis stuff really sucks.. Think I will take all yahoo services from my computer..They really messed up with this mash crap!!

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  • Mash smash..I cant get it?

    If you have to be invited to mash from a friend..then how did the first people get mash to start with ..someone had to get it without an invite ..loll...I've searched thru many questions asking how to get mash...viewed many of the links that said here is the official page to et an invite..on and on..then they all make me sign in again..and tell me I need an there an actual page that you can ask for an invite from an administrator or what..btw.I have clicked on the links already many of them... that say here click thsi this is the official link bla bla bla...I am pretty frustrated and thinking about quiting yahoo services totally over this.. What A pain!!!one more time..if I get one more you have to be invited after clicking on a link I asked on how to get invited from..I"m gonna puke..>>>seems I have to throw yahoo in the trash

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  • Is there A way to Track The answers You answered?

    I was wondering is there a setting in yahoo a&q that will e mail you each time someone answers the same questions you have? I would like to check back in and see the other answers on questions I have already answered too...Or some way to go back to all of them without searching and doing it manually? You would have to write all of them down to do that.

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  • Need A Schematic To the fuse block for a 1993 jeep cherokee?

    I need A free link that will actually show what fuses go where on the fuse block of my 1993 Jeep Cherokee..4.0L..Mine are not marked by identity of what they actually make function,only by numbers..I have searched many links, bought A haynes manual,but none of these show me what fuse goes where..The dealer will sell me an owners manual which has it in it..They want 30.00, which I figured I may save that posting here...10 big ones for the first site that brings me here..Thanks

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  • Monopoly download here!!?

    Okay I have the monopoly download here..but I have a question too while I spent 5 points coming here lol.All of my answers the daily quota is used is 12:06 am...shouldn't the new day have just started to answer more? I would figure that yahoo would start your time on the time zone you signed up with on the account..geezz ripped off lol..heres the monopoly link

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  • Why when women find out A male is Multi Orgasmic that they think it is 100% of the time?

    They don't understand the "Mental Orgasm" part of the whole day together(the endorphins flowing) has alot to do with our capability of this

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  • How do I add a audio feed to my yahoo 360 page?

    I am extremely computer literate, however I have never loaded a video feed to anything in 11 years ...can someone tell me how to load one from my music files..or must I go to any sites that have a url etc..and download from there with a code as In photobucket..tell me some sites as well as procedure..thanks

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