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  • downloaded gtalk but i cant run it,,,why?? help?

    i have toshiba laptop and i downloaded gtalk free downloaded and saved in windows c: when i run it,,nothing comes,,,,no desktop shortcut,,,,i have finished correctly,,,i hope these info is enough,,,,pls help,,,,,,pls help

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  • i missed one tab my contraceptive pills?

    i missed 10th tab and i have taken it on 11thday 2 tab and 12th day we had sex ,,,,,,this day again i took 2 tab;,,,,,,,is ther a chance of pregnancy

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  • can i get pregnant without any actual intercourse?

    am 19 years old.I have been fondling and petting around with each other for quite some time. In other words, we do not have any actual sex or sexual intercourse.Could I be pregnant?

    he has ejaculated into his underwear.

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  • my father says to my brother to leave business and without any financial help, wh?

    we are 3 brothers and 1 sister. all are married. 2 brothers work in my father's business and i work as manager in bangalore.i never joined family business.

    now the problem is 2 brothers are fighting for the business property, both are working as salesman from past 16 years, my father/mother is alive and property is in my father's name.

    the business is in loss and both the brothers wants their share

    my father self earned one property, but what about my brother, he has worked ther for 16 years without pay and now he has to search job at this point of time and no financial help from my father

    no remuneration is given to my brother, as all each and every expenses of full family is taken care (even children school fees) by my father. so no cash benefits given to brothers, and in the books of a/cs also salary is not mentioned

    now what steps can he take?

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