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MarriedmomE of 2 w/1 n da oven

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Hi... I am a fun loving mother of two beautiful children, I have a wonderful man that is the greatest. I have a as is personality you either like what I say or you don't either way I will say it. Please no rude comments because I will cyber fight you! LoL. I am pro co sleeping (in fact my kids are in the bed with me right now) I will let my children cry it out if they are crying for no reason(in fact one of my kids is crying right now) I have a 4 year old little girl and a 2 year old son , they are my everything and though being a mother get's hard sometimes I wouldn't change a thing! I am blessed to wonderful kids, a wonderful man, a great job and a wonderful home what more could a woman ask for??? *** Just found out I am baking again**** Due April 12th and ITS A GIRL!!!!!

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