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  • Older cat, recently started missing the litter box?

    Our cat is roughly 17 or 18 now and in good health, but in recent months she's taken to pooping on the floor. Although she does have some clicking joints she doesn't appear to have limited mobility or anything. I work with a Veterinary clinic from time to time and one of their clinicians suggested that it was likely behavioral, so it may be a case of re-training. We tried re-training by, as she suggested, keeping her in a bathroom with nothing but a litter box until the behavior is corrected....

    This seemed to only really help for a couple of days, despite keeping the litter box in a bathroom rather than a carpeted room where the behavior began...however now she has reverted to pooping on the floor in there as well.

    While she is active and moves well, I am worried that with the clicking maybe is indicative of some pain that might be more painful to her while in the box.

    My thoughts are, as of now, to try one of the 3:

    1. Change the litter. - My mom uses "Feline Pine" with her cat. My thought is that maybe with the clumping nature of the litter she just decided she didn't want to deal with it anymore. I'm thinking if it's a comfort thing a couple of clumps might just deter her from using it in general. I don't know for sure that she is missing the box for urination, but we do occasionally discover the smell...far less frequently, however, than we notice poop on the floor.

    2. Puppy/Pet "Pee Pads" - Since the move to the upstairs bathroom was never supposed to be permanent, I'm thinking about just putting these around the litter box, in case she misses, back in it's original location.

    3. Longer Re-Training/Punishment period - Maybe it didn't sink in? We hate the idea of punishing her since she's incredibly well behaved otherwise (and adorable to boot) so this is our least favorite option.

    I'm hoping a combination of 1 & 2 might just solve the problem entirely...but I'm no expert, this is the only cat I've ever had, and my wife's had her for years and never experienced it with another cat.

    While we do plan to take her to the Vet for legitimate professional advice, does anyone have further suggestions or feedback on my current ideas?

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  • Disputing a credit charge, do I have a chance at saving my credit?

    I co-signed on a loan as a favor to a friend of mine who had practically non-existent credit and it has now gone several months past due. When I initially co-signed for the account I was told if it went past due by 2 payments I would get a bill, and I have talked to the creditors in the past when they called my number for the "primary account holder"

    They called from an "unknown number" so I refused them any information such as my social or my address as they SHOULD have that on file. However now, my credit score has seemingly a taken a ding because this is now 6 months past due.

    I have NEVER received a bill or statement of any kind and being that no creditor has called me directly (they always ask for the "primary account holder") I think I'm in the right here and can dispute this.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I have a fighting chance here?

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  • What do I do with my jersey?

    So for Christmas my wife got me my favorite player's jersey on a particular NHL team. Now he's been traded elsewhere.

    I had the thing all of 3 months! I'm a fan of the team first, so is there any official way I can get the jersey modified or should I look at local shops that specialize in jerseys and see what they can do for me?


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  • Anyone want to help choose some music for my wedding?

    so far on the list:

    First Dance: Ben Folds - The Luckiest

    Last Dance: Band of Horses - Part One

    To randomly be played throughout the reception.

    The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

    Cake - Love You Madly

    basically I'm looking for music with some integrity, and not typical sappy wedding stuff. Particularly I'd like my guests to have fun and listen to some not too crappy music.

    Oh, I think I'm going to have to play Rick Astley at some point, just so I can say I Rickrolled 100 people at once :)

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  • Multiplatform chat client that works with GoogleTalk?

    I need googletalk at work, and i was hoping to find something multiplatform chat client (ie. Gaim, Trillian) that supports GoogleTalk as well...


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  • Ear congestion, having issues hearing out of the left side, suggestions?

    Well, here's the fiancee has had the issue for a few weeks, and I just started noticing muffled hearing today...

    She has been prescribed amoxicillin (sp?) and been using an ear wax removal system, neither of which seem to be working for her at the moment. Her health care runs out at the end of the year, and I am currently without health care in short, we're both screwed from the "seeing a doctor" standpoint

    Any suggestions, remedies or anything else that might help?

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  • Some Wireless commercial with the Clash, I just have to know...?

    Okay, I'm just assuming everyone has seen this one....

    The guys are sitting there like "Hey, I just downloaded that song you like"

    and it's "Rock the Casbah" by the Clash...but they butcher the lyrics the rest of the commercial "Lock the Cashbox"..."Stop the Catbox"

    How did these two morons figure out how to operate a phone?

    How did they find the song if they can't figure out the freaking title?

    and finally

    Who approved this garbage commercial and why weren't they fired before it was allowed to air?

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