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  • I'm looking for a movie from the 60's?

    This movie - which I only got to see the opening scenes - I think was based on a queen or something.

    The character - the Queen - would go to dedicate something - such as a skyscraper. She cut the ribbon and the skyscraper collapsed.

    She went to dedicate a bridge that had a ribbon strung across it. She cut the ribbon and the bridge collapsed.

    She went to dedicate a ship, struck the ship with the bottle of champagne - the ship was released into the water and sank.

    That was all I saw of this movie. I saw it at a drive in sometime around 1965-66. It was the 3rd movie being shown and my mother never would stay for the 3rd movie. I saw these opening scenes through the rear window as we drove out.

    I'd like to know the name of the movie and possibly see it again. Thanks.

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  • Where can you learn to read akashic records in St Louis?

    I would like to learn how to access the Akashic Records. I'm looking for someone in the St Louis area that can teach it.

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  • an underwater movie from the 60's?

    I'm looking for a movie I saw part of - in the mid 60's. It began with 2 men and 1 woman swimming to an underwater habitat. They came up under a bubble habitat. The movie then switched to an "inside" shot where the 3 people climbed over what looked like a galvanized swimming pool wall - and then took off their scooba gear and hung it on hooks on the wall. that's all I saw of this movie. The female was blond - if that helps. one other thing - And it's not the movie with Tony Randall.

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