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  • Is anyone else disturbed by the poor grammar and spelling in many of the questions on here?

    I'm constantly seeing severe deficiencies in the grammar, punctuation and spelling of many questions on here. Not that I'm perfect, but a lot of this is so far over-the-top it's disturbing. What's up with this? I have the following thoughts but I'm wondering about yours.

    1. Users are using Instant Message lingo and abbreviations.

    2. Hooked-on-phonics ruined this country.

    3. People have become so dumbed down they can't even perform basic sentance construction.

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  • What rental car and hotel chains insist on credit cards for obtaining reservations?

    I keep seeing posts from people who say that you need a credit card to make a car rental reservation, or to get a hotel room. I have traveled a fair amount, and I have always been able to use my VISA Debit Card for those things. I have never been denied a reservation for car rental or hotel rooms becase I didn't have a 'Credit' card.

    Apparently some have different experiences than I regarding this matter. Which hotel chains and rental car chains did you have this issue with?

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  • My title company is not providing me post-closing documents. Should I get an attorney involved?

    I sold my house and the title company closed well over a month ago. I'm still waiting for final copies of the paperwork from the Title company. What I want are copies which were signed by both parties. I believe it is my right to have copies of these documents in my posession. I have tried calling the Title company. The person who processed my closing does not return my calls. I also left messages with the Title Operations Manager, and he is not returning my calls either. My Realtor's office has also been calling on my behalf and they say the Title company is not returning their calls either. I've since moved out-of-state so walking in the front door and getting in someone's face is not an option. Should I get an attorney at this point or should I wait a little longer?

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