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  • Should a deadbeat parent pay support to their grown child?

    A friend is telling me about someone who is trying to get money from his father because he was abandoned as a child since the father had an affair with his mother, but I said to my friend that this person you know is too old to collect child support (he's 30), but he insists that he should be able to get money and entitled to some things when the father won't acknowledge him and has made it clear he wants nothing to do with this guy. I know that in many states child support is cut off between 18-21 and after the child gets grown the parent is no longer obligated to pay support. In this case this individual has threatened his father because he wants him to pay for his pain and suffering and I am saying the man is not responsible for him at 30 years old. I said that because in a court of law they won't grant him a dime he's grown. Don't matter what his father had done this guy is too old to be trying to get his father to financially compensate him for something he clearly needs to move on for. Who's right here me or my friend?

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  • A guy is threatening to post some questionable photos of me online?

    I met this guy online and he was a nice guy and later on he kept pressing the issue of meeting here's the thing this guy lives in California and I live in Illinois. I was not going to go 1200 miles to meet someone I met on the internet. This guy was all for exchanging pics and webcamming and doing all kinds of stuff, but then I decided that I had enough and stopped. Now this guy is acting nasty and insulting because I don't want to meet him or continue webcamming. Now the photos I have of him I deleted them from my computer and the ones he's got of me he continues to hold on to them threatening to post them online. He's mad because I refused to meet him and continue sending him questionable photos of myself. He also asks if there's a chance for us to have a relationship and I told him NO and continued to do so and then he's threatening to post photos of me online doing stuff sexually. Then he made a snide remark saying "Well you obviously don't love your boyfriend if you sent pictures of your stuff"'s the thing the photos were taken in 2007(before I started dating someone from early 2008-summer 2010) and later my current boyfriend starting from October 2010 to present. 2007 was over 6 years ago why is he still mad because I told him NO then and he kept asking me recently if there was a chance for us to be in a relationship and I said NO and told him I had a boyfriend and that what he wanted was not up for discussion and he got mad threatening to post those old photos from 2007 and it's 2012 I am happily taken in a relationship and I have NO intentions of meeting this guy EVER and he's threatening me for a decision I have a right to make. How do I stop him from posting provocative photos of me that was taken in my house? Again he keeps pressing the issue of a chance at a relationship with him and I tell him NO and I am happily taken and he threatens to post 7 year old provocative pics of me online because he can't have what he wants. What can be done to make him cease and desist because the photos were not taken in public, but in a private residence. I am well aware of how stupid it was to do it, but I am looking to hear from someone who's got a legal background who can give me some advice on how to deal with this.

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  • I had my credit run using my husband's last name and it came up as having no credit?

    I have poor credit due to having my identity stolen and defaulting on some credit cards when I lost my job, but using my married last name a lending agency sent me a letter when I used my EIN number that I have no credit history and how can I get accepted for credit so I can re-establish myself credit wise so I can qualify for financing to get a car and house in the next year.

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  • how much is a stark piano with elephant tusk keys worth?

    My grandfather purchased a Stark piano for my mom when she was a kid to study piano and now that both my grandfather and mother are deceased it's time to look at selling the piano and letting someone who has musical experience take care of it. It's made of mahogany wood and the white keys are made of geunine elephant tusks at the time pianos were stull being made with them. I am wondering what the piano like that goes for especially to a music collector or someone who has a desire to add to a collection. I am estimating that it's worth a lot and it's still in working condition just needs to be tuned up.

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  • Ex wife crossing the line?

    I've been dating my bf for nearly 2 years but I've had to address him about his ex wife and that she cant be calling him for things if her son(by her current bf)'s father won't step up and handle his responsibility. He agreed with me when I said something when she called asking for money to get her hair done. I told my guy his ex wife needs to deal with her son's father and she has no reason to call my guy for things because her son's father is irresponsible and a deadbeat. If my guy agrees with me that boundaries need to be drawn why did he get upset when I addressed her calling for favors when she needs to respect that my guy has moved on with me. He thinks I'm trying to keep him away from his friends when I'm asking him to tell her to respect our relationship....does that sound like I'm trying to keep him from his friends?

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  • Does an ex spouse need to return wedding ring and earrings when marriage ends?

    My boyfriend's ex wife has jewelry that he's being sued to pay for or return and she refuses to give it back and he's being sued by the jeweler to pay or return it. Why do ex spouses think that they're entitled to keep something that is still being paid for when the marriage is over? I am thinking she's doing it because she's mad at my boyfriend for ending the marriage(way before we got together) and moving on with his life. Is there a legal way to make her return the jewelry so that the suit can be dropped or chuck it as a loss and keep paying for it? Anyone who's a lawyer or paralegal licensed in the state of IL will get the 10 points to answer this question.

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  • How to deal with an abusive and nosy grandmother?

    I have an issue with my grandmother she's been verbally and physically abusive since I was a child. I am 36 years old and I am also helping my sister to care for my grandmother after my mother passed away. The thing is my grandmother's extremely nosy she thinks that what grown adults do is her buisness. She doesnt have a lot of friends because most of them have either died, moved in with their adult children, or don't want to be bothered with someone who's always negative and has a nasty attitude almost all the time. She gets angry when my sister and I go out with our friends or do things with other people and we don't do anything with her because she's always complaining about everything from how the person is dressed to the way food is prepared. Recently people around my grandmother had started to comment about how much she complains about things. If my sister and I are doing something like going to a party with our friends my grandmother calls my uncle with some frivolous lie saying that we had a lot of people at the house-which is not true. My friends don't visit me at my place because my grandmother's been very rude to them. Even relatives have stopped dealing with my grandmother all together. Relations are more strained because she refused to attend the funeral of her niece's husband and this niece had gone out of her way to help my sister and I plan our mother's funeral and the least my grandmother could have done was be there for the person who was there for her. Yet she lies on people and tells other family member and even what friends she's got left things that are untrue. She's mainly telling lies to my uncle (mother's brother) and she even went as far as to lie about my boyfriend saying how he bothered her and causing problems when my boyfriend's been nothing but polite and respectful and this is how she treats him. She also has a problem with the fact that my boyfriend is white and has asked me when I will be dating a black man. My grandmother has never been the nicest person she's been nasty and selfish for much of her life and I also came to the realization that she never wanted me and my sister around when we were children. She treated my mother like garbage and when my mother was dying of cancer she acted as if my mom's illness was nothing. She's also in denial that she is the majority responsible for my mother's unhappiness and it's stuff like this that makes anyone want to seriously snap the %^#$ off. If anyone out there has dealt with this the best answer gets 10 points.

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  • Getting a neighbor ejected?

    I have a neighbor who has lived on my street for more than 40 years, but she moved to Indiana and her daughter who's an alcoholic and uses crack cocaine does not work and her granddaughter also lives there. In recent years problems arose in the neighborhood resulting in homes being broken into. One of my neighbors got three televisions stolen in a break in and another got her car broken into just a week ago. This neighbor has a history of having police raids for drugs and prostitution in the house and she has men coming in and out of the house at all hours of the day and night. Every tenant that has rented from them has moved out due to the raids and the drugs. The neighbor also goes around bothering neighbors to sell clothes and other useless items for money to support her alcohol and drug habit. Is it possible to have them move and their property seized as a result of the raids and police complaints?

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  • Why do the elderly complain so much about trivial stuff?

    This seems to be a growing problem with the elderly....complaining about stuff that is frivolous and trivial. My grandmother complains a lot about things that she can't do a darn thing about and if I do something like going out for coffee with friends she calls my uncle citing that my sister and I are spending money and I'll get a text message from him commenting on what my grandmother said. To be honest it's none of my uncle's business how my sister and I live our lives. What do the elderly benefit off of excessively complaining about frivolous and trivial stuff along with telling lies about people and involving other family members into things that isnt any of their business? Keep in mind that my sister and I both work.

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  • Why do elderly women make comments that don't really concern them?

    A week ago my grandmother made a comment about my sister taking a long bath from midnight to 4am, and I told her that she takes hot baths to relax her muscles when she has cramps from her period. She went into a 10 minute discussion as to how you should not take baths when on your period not only did I find this gross, but in this generation as a woman you have to be clean because you have odors when on your period. I don't agree with not taking baths during a woman's monthly period because it's gross and disgusting to not exercise appropriate hygiene. How many of you ladies out there have had your grandmother tell you that and you found it repulsive to know that they think that you should not take a bath during your period? I felt that it was not my grandmother's place to make comments about my sister's hygiene habits during her period. I won't ever go my entire period not taking a bath it's unacceptable as a woman to conduct myself like that. I don't get how my grandmother's generation could be that nasty.

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  • My boyfriend is a huge disappointment?

    I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half and I've been seeing some things in him that indicates he's immature. I feel I am pulling the weight of the relationship by paying for dates since my boyfriend can't seem to be financially responsible. My boyfriend gets miffed whenever I or someone in his family has to tell him that how he behaves is unacceptable. My boyfriend is 40 years old and he can't even keep his apartment clean or do things that's age appropriate. I live in my own place and I don't just have stuff thrown around everywhere from the doorway to the bedroom which is partly why I refuse to live with him. He thinks I should just be OK with seeing crap everywhere, dishes piled up for days until the dirty dishwater smells, trash overflooding the can, and sleeping on sheets that are soiled and havent been changed in over a week. He made a statement to me about how people have to get on him about things....that's the thing nobody should have to get in a 40 year old man's a** about what he should be doing for himself. He doesnt have an active social life and spends his days off at home in front of the tv, computer or stuffing his face. He always wants to hang around my friends which is not cool because he needs his own circle of friends. I put him on notice about an ex boyfriend of mine from high school who I had not seen in 19 years who still had feelings for me. I told my boyfriend I am not staying at his place anymore because his place smells and it's messy and he got somewhat angry at me for it. I had every right to tell him that nothing is expected of him and I blame his mother for that since she didnt expect him to be responsible and that's why he's the way he is spoiled and awnry. My bf even began discussing marriage, but how can marriage be possible if he can't clean up after himself and do it without being asked or told to because when you have children you have to set an example for them. I told him a month ago things have to change or I am leaving and it's something I don't want to do, yet it's become necessary for my own sanity and well being.

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  • Why are elderly people so nosy?

    I ask this because my grandmother came into my apartment the other day asking me about some papers my mom had(which she didn't) and questioning me about my tv(which my mom bought 3 years ago), about why I bought new shoes, new clothes, DVD player, a foot spa and a small toaster oven and other things that to me is none of her business because I'm a responsible adult who pays her bills on time and I have the right to buy myself something new if I wish. Is there a point where some old people cross the line when it comes to respecting privacy and other people's spaces? My grandmother doesn't seem to see a problem with asking other grown adults their business and since my mom passed away she thinks she's entitled to go through her stuff. Do any of you out there identify with a problem like this and if you did how did you deal with it. The best answer gets 10 points.

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  • The status of My Dear Diary and what's going on with it right now?

    Does anyone know what's going on with the site right now since it's still down. I know some people who have maintained diaries here are not happy since many of them are hundreds and even a couple thousand pages long. The email that was listed in previous questions to contact this guy Eric, but he seems to not be responding to any emails since I emailed him almost 3 weeks ago. Has anyone heard anything so far? They could at least give us an explanation as to what's happened to our diaries. If that's the case if they had this many problems they should have mass emailed us

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  • The status of My Dear Diary and what's going on with it right now?

    Does anyone know what's going on with the site right now since it's still down. I know some people who have maintained diaries here are not happy since many of them are hundreds and even a couple thousand pages long. The email that was listed in previous questions to contact this guy Eric, but he seems to not be responding to any emails since I emailed him almost 3 weeks ago. Has anyone heard anything so far? They could at least give us an explanation as to what's happened to our diaries. If that's the case if they had this many problems they should have mass emailed users and told them to download their journals if the site was shutting down. Most people can't go back and recollect the stuff in those diaries over a course of months and years. I hope nobody's journals were deleted because too many of us have put in a lot of time to them.

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  • Why is there no oversight for Yahoo Answers?

    When a violation is given why a specific user is either suspended or banned without an investigation to see if the question or answer given is legitimate?

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  • My boyfriend's brother micromanages him and its affecting my relationship?

    My boyfriend had surgery earlier this summer, but what comes into play is that his younger brother is a serious micro-manager. He helps manage my boyfriend's finances after he had a period of irresponsibility. The fact that my boyfriend gave me permission to take out money from his account to help with my expenses when I had to take time off from my job to stay with him at the hospital. Yet he makes a fuss when $800 turns up missing from the account and the worst thing is that he's looking to blame me for it. When I told him that his brother gave me permission to take the money for expenditures like gas and food for the 2 months I was staying at my boyfriend's place. I kept telling my boyfriend that I feel like when his brother micromanages him he's also micromanaging our relationship. I am to the point that if the accusations and micromanaging does not stop I am walking away from the relationship. Nobody should have to put up with this kind of insanity. The best answer gets the 10 points.

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  • Who makes more a school psychologist or a nurse?

    My friend who's getting her masters as a school psychologist said that she'll be making more than a nurse when her starting salary will be about $41,000 for the first year when a starting salary of a nurse(especially one with skilled specialties) can be upwards of close to $50,000-65,000+ a year and pay goes up with the more specialties and skills you have and in nursing there's a couple hundred + speciaties. The skill level of a school psychologist is limited because they are not utilized nearly as much as a nurse. Also nurses who work at the administrative level or as a unit supervisor makes more than a school psychologist. My friend thinks I am wrong when I see nurses making close to $100,000 or more a year if they're skilled in various areas of health care from surgery to rehab.

    Whoever can answer this complicated question will be the one worth 10 extra points. Answers that are considered well thought out will be considered for the 10 points.

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  • Dating and loving greek men?

    I hope someone out here can give me some insight because I had started dating a greek guy a long time ago and then he abruptly dumped me because his parents threatened to cut him off financially in his last year of law school. Are greek parents manipulative like that. Currently I like a guy who's greek and I don't come to the table with baggage or things that would turn off the average parent(s) like out of wedlock children and I am well educated with two degrees. How do you appeal to a mother so she'll open up to you and not reject you. I've studied a bit of greek history and other elements of greek culture. What are the chances of a black woman dating a greek man especially an educated, never been married or had children black woman? If there's someone of greek decent that would be ideal for my question to be answered best answer gets 10 points.

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  • When a male friend can't take NO for an answer?

    Here's my issue, I have a friend who I've known since high school who's had feelings for me, but I was 14 at the time and not interested in dating. Now that I am 32 he's 33 he keeps making references about going out on dates, having a relationship-I tried dating him it didnt work out, marriage and recently he said he wanted children with me and his then wife.

    I keep telling him after all these years I don't want to be more than friends with him. Reason being is that he's immature he was like that then and now, he's irresponsible both in life and financially, he's clingy, needy, and posessively jealous and trying to act like my boyfriend when he's not and especially when he was married. I believe that's the reason his wife left him she was fed up with his immature behavior. I believe it's resentment for me saying NO and meaning it. What can I say to finally make him realize I don't want a relationship with him. Best answer gets 10 points.

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  • Do you think that Howard K. Stern will be disbarred as a lawyer for his involvement with Anna Nicole Smith?

    Do you think this will warn lawyers of the consequences if they're caught having a personal or intimate relationship with a client while they're retained to represent them? Real honest and well thought out questions will get 10 points and 5 stars.

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago