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Hello fellow Yahoo Answers addicts. I am a 58 year old mother and grandmother on disability retirement. Entered cyberspace world in October 2006 and quickly become addicted to it. Recently got upgraded from dial up to DSL which makes life in cyberspace so much better. Have to ground myself from the computer on occasion to catch up with my housework. I live in the backwoods of the Ozark Mountains and really enjoy the peace and quiet. I spent 20 years in California working as an RN and would still be working in the field if I were physically able to.

  • Can some one help me with instant messenger problem?

    A few weeks ago I managed to click on something that removed my entire list of contacts, Now the only ones who show in the window are those who are on line. How do I get my list back so I can send off line messages and such?

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  • How many of you, who consider yourselves responsible adults, have to ground yourself from computer?

    in order to clean your house or finish necessary projects. I know I am one that does-how about you?

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  • Who will help me clear away a bunch of unresolves questions I have answered?

    Most are anywhere from 2 to 9 months waiting to be resolved. They are in my starred list-just go to my profile and click on the starred list button. I'm not looking to get points for best answer-just to get the list reduced down and clear some of the older ones away. Thanks.

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  • Can you answer these movie trivia questions?

    1. What actor starred in 2005's King Kong and also provided voices for the animated features Shark Tale and Ice age?

    2. Who plays the title role in the 2003 family flick Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat?

    3. What character was described as a "walking carpet" in what 1977 movie?

    4. What sitcom launched the acting career of Will Smith?

    5. Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria escape from the New York Central Zoo in what 2005 animated adventure?

    6. What is the best movie you've ever seen and why did you like it?

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  • Is it my imagination or has YA cleaned up its act recently?

    There seems to be less foul language and blatant sexual and racist commentary. I feel this is a good thing-how about you?

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  • How do I celebrate my first anniversary on Yahoo Answers?

    My first anniversary is tomorrow-Oct. 2nd. Has anyone else been here for a year or more and how did you celebrate the milestone of your first year?

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  • What is the best way to deal with these people?

    The ones who are posting the disgusting questions/answers with racist, child molestation, and such. Which is the best response to them

    A. Ignore them completely

    B. Respond in a negative manner to their questions

    C. Report them for abuse

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  • Would anyone be willing to vote on the unresolved questions in my list?

    I have placed all the unresolved questions in the starred list on my profile page. Some of them are up to 5 months old and need to be voted on to break the tie. Just click on my avitar, and click on the starred list. Thanks for your help in resolving these questions.

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  • Have you seen the Jessica bot? she has returned as Jessica R.?;_ylt=Ap5AHDk.c...

    This is the link to her profile. I did an abuse report on the 1st and 25th answed question. In some of the questions she has answered twice and left two separate links. Please check her out and report this spam bot.

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  • Have you seen the Jessica Bot?;_ylt=AgIhkCQr...

    This is the link to her profile. This time as Jessica R. and has answered 24 questions with more spam. Reported her to YA on one of them. Please check out this profile and tell us how she answers so many questions all at once and more than allowed as a level 1.

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  • Have you seen the Jessica Bot? She is back as Jessica R.?

    This time answered 22 questions all of them posted within a minute of each other. I answered one of the same questions so you can go to my profile and click on the question from Compton205 "I need a topic to write a paper on" . From there you can check out the profile of Jessica R. This is the second time I have noticed this person.

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  • Has anyone noticed the Jessica bot that has hit YA?

    Noted several answers that were exactly the same with a link added and all posted by Jessica. Checked the profile-all the answers were posted at the exact same time. Didn't click on the link as it may be a virus. Jessica just joined today, answered 25 questions with the same answer, and will probably be back tomorrow for another 25.

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  • Where would the descendants of those who were brought here as slaves be now if we had not has slaves ?

    Do not take this as a racist question. It is a thought I had after seeing the apology made by the state of Virginia. Think about it-if the ancestors of all the African Americans weren't brought here as slaves, where would all those American citizens be now? Would they be living in the African nation their ancestor came from? Many of those nations don't have the freedom that America has. This is not to justify the slave trade that went on in our past. It was a horrible part of our history. Just wondering what the situation of the current African American population that has had the benefits of living in a free society - education, the right to speak your mind, the right to vote, and the right to work in a career of your choosing - would be like if their ancestors had never been brought here as slaves. Please don't take this as approval of slavery-it isn't, it is just something to think about.

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  • Can any of you help with a special project for yahoo answers?

    I am working on trying to reduce the number of unresolved questions. There are thousands of them that date back a year. You could do this in one of two ways. Either go to your Q&A and vote on a best answer for all of your own unresolved questions asked or go to vote and click on by date. The unresolved questions from 1 year ago will be listed -it is amazing how similar the questions and answers are to the ones being asked today. It doesn't take very long to go through a page of 20 questions and you will get a point for each vote you cast. Hope anyone who is at level 2 or above will work on this with me. Lets make it a community project to clean up this backlog. So who is with me on this?

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  • What is your new name? Follow instructions to find out.?

    Use third letter of first name for new first name

    A= Snickle

    B= Doombah







    I= Dorky

    J= Doofus

    K= Funky


    M= Sleezy














    Use second letter of last name for first half of new last name

    A= Dippin

    B= Feather

    C= Batty

    D= Burger


    F= Barffy

    G= Lizard


    I= Farkle

    J= Monkey


    L= Fricken

    M= Bubble

    N= Rhino

    O= Potty

    P= Hamster

    Q= Buckle

    R= Gizzard

    S= Lickin

    T= Snickle

    U= Chuckle

    V= Pickle

    W= Hubble

    X= Dingle

    Y= Gorilla

    Z= Girdle

    Use third letter of last name for second half of new last name

    A= Butt

    B= Boob

    C= Face

    D= Nose

    E= Hump

    F= Breath

    G= Pants


    I= Lips

    J= Honker


    L= Tush

    M= Chunks

    N= Dunkin


    P= Biscuits

    Q= Toes


    S= Fanny

    T= Sniffer

    U= Sprinkles

    V= Frack

    W= Squirt

    X= Humperdinck

    Y= Hiney

    Z= Juice

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  • Why do so many people leave their questions unresolved for months?

    In my Q&A, there are some questions I answered 4 months ago that are still unresolved. Why don't the asker go to their unresolved question list and vote for an answer and possibly break the tie in the votes?

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • What is the rules of etiquette in using inasant messenger?

    When I am on line and one of my contact list comes on line, who makes first contact. Me or the person who has just come on line or does it make any difference? Am fairly new at using internet communication.

    2 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • Who and why are users on this site attempting to obtain my phone number?

    There have been attempts by several different persons to obtain this info. Please stop these attempts. If I wanted my phone number out there in cyberspace, I would have published it on this and other sites.

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  • Have you had problems with your Windows XP system since downloading IE7?

    I downloaded IE7 on my eMachines computer with Windows XP a week ago Sunday. By this past Sunday, I was having difficulty getting the explorer to connect to any site on the net. When I could get it to work I spent Sunday night through Tuesday night with eMachines tech support staff trying to fix it. In the process of repeated fix attempts, a required dll for the xp was deleted and today I had to completely restore my computer. The rest of the day I have been reinstalling the programs I lost-Yahoo Messenger, Mcafee security system, and anything else that wasn't included in the original xp programming. Don't download IE7 if you have Windows XP. Notice Yahoo still advertises it as the safest internet explorer. Don't believe it it will kill your computer.

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  • Should I risk accessing my previous e-mail account?

    I suspect a person I know was using info known about me and the old e-mail account to create a backdoor into my computer to drop trojan horse viruses until they killed my computer 3 times. How do I close that account without exposing my current info this person or can I access the account safely?

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