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  • I need some help estimating how much my paycheck will come out to....?

    So I'm temping for a company and I make a whopping 13 bx an hour -_-

    We've been really busy these days so I've been putting in some overtime. I need help estimating how much my next paycheck will come out to.

    I get paid weekly so a normal 40 hr paycheck after taxes is about 420. I worked 13 hours of overtime this week though and I get paid time and a half for any hours worked over 40 (19.50). How much should I expect on my paycheck? Please and thanks :)

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  • Attachment image

    How can I get my 7 month old lab to stop being so chew-crazy?

    When my puppy was about 2 months old I tried getting her a little dog bed and she would chew on it. It started tearing, so I threw it out. So to this day she just sits in her kennel with that hard floor. I want to put some type of cushion or doggy bed in there but I worry bc I don't want her to basically eating it up while I'm asleep. I've bought her plenty of chew toys and they never last very long bc she'll start to eat them. I've even bought her the "Kong" brand toys which are supposed to be extra durable and even those won't last. Now Xmas is around the corner and I probably won't be able to put up my tree :( Help!

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  • Did this vendor from Amazon rip me off?

    I ordered my costume last Thursday on amazon and I paid extra to have it expedited. The expected time of delivery was between Oct 29th-Nov 1st. In my experience, most companies have usually been very good about getting products to me on the first expected time of delivery date, if not sooner. With this order however, I have not been able to get any tracking info with the tracking # the vendor provided me with. Finally today I attempted to track it and it looks like it was JUST shipped yesterday from California (Im in TX) and its being shipped USPS. Doesn't USPS mean its being delivered via regular mail through my local post office? I paid extra for expedited shipping. Did I get ripped off?

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  • How much should I sell my iPhone 4S 16G?

    I recently lost my iPhone that I just bought in march, it was taking way too long

    to turn up so I just filed a claim with my insurance company, payed a deductible and ordered a new one. Well today the phone turned back up. I obviously don't need two phones so I'm selling it to a friend. Friend's asking for how much and I want to say 100. I still have the box it came in and it's in very good condition.

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  • iPhone was stolen :(?

    My phone was stolen Saturday night. I was at a bar. Went to use the RR and I remember placing it on a shelf above the toilet. About 10 seconds after I realized I had left it, I went back for it and of course, it was gone and no one in the RR admitted to having it. Naturally.

    Anyway, I've already reported it to my local police but not sure what other steps I should take. People keep telling me about a tracker that iphones have. Not sure how to use it. I just need some advice on what next steps to take. I thought about reporting it stolen to Verizon (my phone carrier) but if the phone has a tracker, maybe reporting it stolen to my phone company isn't the best idea since they will turn it off. (and turn off the tracker) I need help :(

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  • How long should I walk my 3 month old lab mix?

    I've done some research and I've heard about the "five minute rule" and not over exerting your puppy at a young age, but 15 minutes a day seems like such little exercise . She has so much energy leftover. I do still allot her playtime outside of her kennel several times throughout the day but I need some advice on how long and how many times a day she should be walked. Thanks.

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  • Puppy potty training problems...?

    I brought home a beautiful little lab mix who is now 10 weeks old and I am in the middle of potty training her. I plan on keeping her indoors so it is very important that she is properly trained. Throughout the night I keep her in her kennel in my bedroom with me and if she starts to whimper, I know she has to go outside to "go". Here's the problem...

    Over the last few nights, she starts to whimper and when I take her outside, all she wants to do is play. I give it about a good 10-15 minutes and I even try leading her to an area that she might have gone potty earlier in the day and she just won't go. I read an article that stated when you're crate-training a puppy, you should not take them out every single time they start to whimper because then they'll think that's all they have to do to make you let them out to play.

    So I took her out tonight before bedtime, and about an hour later she started again. This time I decided to let her ride it out hoping she would just fall back asleep but she just started to get louder and louder. So finally I got out of bed to take her out and she ended up going "number 1" in her crate. I felt so terrible :( I love her so very much and it broke my heart that I let that happen.

    So.... when crate-training a puppy, are there any signs to look for that would help determine if she really needs to go outside or if she just wants to play. Any tips or advice on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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  • Adobe Flash Player install?

    As of recently I am unable to see any videos from my laptop. Every time I try to see a video or slideshow I get a msg saying "Oops looks like you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed." Then it has a link to the Adobe page to download it. So I download it from the page. I get the prompt that says it's been successfully installed, but I still can't watch the video and I get same message. I've searched through my programs installed on my laptop and it does look like it was installed correctly but for some reason I cannot see videos anymore no matter how many times I've tried installing Adobe Flash Player. Help!

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  • In Red Dead Redememption... On PS3, what button do you press to say hello back to people?

    Not during multiplayer. I mean in Story Mode. When you pass by people and they say hello. What do I press to greet them back?

    I know it's a gay question lol but I forgot :(

    Add me on RDD! Gigi331

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  • Need some with an interview answers...?

    During most interviews, one of the first things you go over are your previous jobs. What you did and why you left them. I'm worried that the answers that I'm giving employers about why I left each job may be hurting me. I need your opinions.

    My most recent job was at Humana Inc. The reason I left that job was because my mom had a heart attack and she was going to be needing a heart procedure done. Obviously because of the dire circumstance I couldn't give them too much advance notice. Anyway this incident took place during one of Humana's peak times. Throughout the year they are very adament about not calling in or being tardy during these months as they are very busy. So when I came to my supervisor about what happened and asked for some time off to be present with my mom for her procedure and her recovery, although she was very empathetic about my situation, she told me that she could not grant me any time off. She said it was out of her hands. It was a great job and I had only been there a few months but I certainly wasn't going to leave my mom alone during this procedure. So I made the difficult decision to resign after only 5 months.

    My 3 jobs prior to that, I resigned with 2 weeks notice. I resigned from each of those jobs because I give myself 2 years to advance or grow within a company. I give every job 110% and I constantly look to move up but if I don't see that happening, I start looking for another job. Now when I say "advance or grow within a company", I don't just mean moving up positions. I mean opportunities for incentives, bonuses, raises, more responsibilities, and more feedback on how I can better myself. I work very hard at each job I work for and when I start to feel myself in limbo for too long, I start to look for employment elsewhere. I give it 2-3 years before I start looking.

    Do you think in the eyes of potential employer this is wrong? What about the situation with my mother? Do you think my reasons for leaving each job make me appear unstable? I've always believed in being as honest as possible in my interviews, but I'm worried that my honest answers are hurting my chances.

    What are some good examples of why people resign from jobs? What do they want to hear?

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  • Need some math help to determine how many hours of overtime I should put in to earn an extra 200 on my check.?

    I am horrible at math so I need some help with this...

    If I get paid at the rate of 12.00 an hour, how many overtime hours would I need to put in to earn an extra 200 dollars on my paycheck. I work forty hours a week and get paid bi-weekly. Also, if I work more than my usual 8 hours a day, I get paid time and a half which is 18.00.

    I need to know how many extra hours do I need to work each day to earn an extra 200 dollars this coming pay period.

    Thanks again :)

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  • Keep getting private calls from collectors threatening to pursue legal action for fraud?

    Okay so I'll be honest I have several accounts in collections (credit cards, small loans, etc) Before you judge me and lecture me on how important taking care of my credit is please understand that I KNOW lol. I am unemployed at this time and I'm barely scraping by with my savings but I plan to pay my debts as soon as I can manage to find a job.

    My problem is... For the past couple of months I've been receiving private calls. I don't answer private calls but they usually leave voice mails and it's always a different person and sometimes they call at odd hours. They throw around alarming phrases like "pursuing you due to a fraud investigation", "we will have to take legal action", "you have until the end of the day to contact us otherwise we will have to take this to the field and pursue you in person" and then they leave an 866 number to call back to. I've called back once and it just sounded like a collection agency.

    I'm worried because I do owe certain places and I certainly don't want to go to jail, but something about these messages seems fishy. Escpecially the fact that they call private. Has this happened to anyone?

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  • Glue stick is too long for the mini glue gun I bought... Help!?

    I bought a mini glue gun earlier from Michaels thinking it came with a glue stick. It didn't so I ran to Walmart to see if they had glue sticks for mini guns and they did. It seems to fit well but it sticks out too much in the back of the gun. Is it safe to just cut off the part that is sticking out or should I buy new ones. I know they are very inexpensive but I just hate the idea of flushing 3 bucks down the drain. lol I'm terrible.

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  • Problems with my Ipod Nano...It won't play when I hook it up to the aux jack in my car?

    My bf bought me the ipod nano for xmas. He bought it from best buy and threw away the receipt and didn't take out the protection plan on it either (Dumb... I know lol). Well it works fine when I plug in my headphones, but I especially wanted it so I can listen to my music in my car. I bought an aux cable so I can use it when I drive around and it worked fine at first, but after a couple days it started to just randomly stop playing the music. I thought it was the cable I bought so I bought another. Had the same problem. Well, I tried listening to music from my phone with both aux cables and it works just fine. So it seems like it's the ipod and unfortunately my bf threw out the receipt so Best Buy can't help me. I do have a 1 year limited warranty on it though so it looks like I may have to contact Apple but before I do, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it. Thanks!

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  • In "Red Dead Redemption" I stopped accumulating Honor.?

    Haven't done anything illegal & Im wearing Johns original outfit. Any ideas on why this is happening? My Fame meter continues to go up but no Honor.

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  • Need some help analyzing an interview question that I was asked. I'm unsure if I answered it correctly.?

    I am looking for a job as an insurance agent and have been interviewing for several different agencies. I'm usually very comfortable with interviews and I never really get stumped on questions.

    However the company that I have been anxiously waiting on hearing back from finally contacted me for a phone interview and during the interview I was asked.

    "Are you interviewing with any other companies at this time?"

    Truthfully, yes I have. But this is the company that I prefer from all of the other offers. I was worried that if I had told the truth and said I had been interviewing for several different places they might think that I wasn't that serious about pursuing a job with them. So I said "Yes. I am in the process of interviewing with one other company so far for a similar position."

    I still didn't feel too good about that response either.

    So do you think an employer would rather hear that you're interviewing for several jobs, or just one or two besides theirs?

    Need some opinions. Thanks.

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment8 years ago
  • Is it true that not many businesses/banks take medical debt into account when running credit checks?

    If so, why not?

    I have heard this when I have applied for the lease on my apartment. The leasing agent said " If you have any medical bills in collections, that's okay. The only things that we really look at are loan/credit card/ bank debts." I heard more or less the same thing when I applied for a bank account a couple of years ago.

    Is that true?

    Thanks in advance :)

    4 AnswersCredit8 years ago
  • What is the difference between an automatic draft (for online bill payments) and ACH payments?

    I have recently set up a very basic savings account at my mothers credit union and yesterday when I called the credit union to ask if I could set up online payments to come out of this account, the teller told me that this account only accepts ACH payments. What does that mean?

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  • I am looking into bringing up my credit score...?

    I have heard about debt consolidation companies but I am unsure which one is the best to go through. Or would it be easier to look up my own credit score and pay off the collectors individually? Some advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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