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I am 50 % Nortic Viking, 25 French and 25 Spanish (from Spain not Mexico or S. America). I am a freshman at Canon City High School. I love violin, guitar, swimming, dancing, pickles (lol), dating, A-list parties, shopping, instant messaging, hanging out with friends, beach volleyball (on an actual beach, please), spa treatments (oh yeah), traveling, watching movies, oh yeah and spinning in my dad's huge office chair 'till i puke!

  • What's that song????? GRRR!!!! #&%^*@$%!?

    On the movie Mean Girls, there was a song playing at a party that I am DYING to find out what it is. I looked up the soundtrack, but it was not on there. It was the scene where Cady's parents were out of town and Cady, Gretchen, and Keren host a party. It's a pretty upbeat song, not the slow one (Built this Way) If anybody knows what it it is, PLEASE let me know! THNX!

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  • Cheerleading tryout tips?

    I want to tryout for cheerleading in April and i want to actually make the team! I am pretty good at gymnastics and dancing but i hear thats not all you need to get on the squad. I ordered a dvd to help me out with a few dances but if anybody has any tips...PLEASE let me know....especially cheerleaders! Thnx! :)

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  • Which artist?

    So i saw epic movie the other day and Ms. New Booty was played during the film. I decided i wanted to download the song, but when i got to yahoo music, there were more than one artist that sant the song (bubba sparxxx or ying yang twins). well i want the one that was played on the movie, so if anybody knows which one was on the movie, holla!

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  • How did apples become a symbol for teachers?

    I was talking to one of my friends and she showed me something her mom got for xmas from one of her students. Her mom happens to be a teacher and so randomly I just asked "How did apples become a symbol for teachers" She said that was a good question so I am posting it to get an answer! (hopefully)

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  • What are fphmelly eggs?

    I heard this guy on Andy Milonakis Season I say that he didnt like Easter because all you ate was fphmelly eggs....what are fphmelly eggs? Andy found it pretty funny...he kept having the guy say it over and over and over and over.

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