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I love the nfl, Denver Broncos, going fishing, playing pool and all that other fun stuff...i'm a saggitarius, what else do you expect :).....I'm just taking the days as they come, love life and all that comes with's all an experience to learn and be wiser <3

  • my 6 month old puppy died! Plz Help!?

    The other night, the temperature was 30 degrees. I put my 6 month old pit bull/mastiff outside on my porch to do his "duty". His water bowl and food was outside too. When I went outside to let him in, and hour later, I found him lying on the pavement, eyes wide open, stomach bloated and barely breathing. More like taking one breath every 10 seconds. I tried to revive him, but he was pretty much lifeless. I noticed his water was gone, but his food was untouched. Can someone please tell me what might've happened? I'm thinking he drank his water so fast that he froze to death. Please keep in mind that he had a good coat of hair on him, and a thick blanket by the door. Also, I tried calling the vet, but in this small town, it was closed.

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  • Does Anyone Know Why?

    My miniature pinscher had 2 puppies her first time, one had an extra toe on his rear paw...her second litter, she had 5, all have that extra toe in the rear paws..the father is also a min pin..what I'm wondering is, what causes this? Does it affect the value of them? Any info would be helpful & appreciated =)


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  • Can Someone Please Tell Me If.........?

    Can someone please tell me if it's alright to use two virus scanners on my computer? I currently have Norton Antivirus 2007, but something tells me it's not doing it's job. I had a bunch of spyware popups showing up & my home page got changed. I cleared out my cookies, changed my homepage back, & somehow (I don't know how I did it) I saw my browser wasn't through internet explorer anymore, it was through I got rid of my real player, closed my computer down for a few hours, came on & they were all gone...after I came back on, Norton did a scan & found there was a trojan horse virus on my computer & it deleted it automatically...I'm thinking of adding Alwil Avast! 4.6 home edition to my computer, but the last time I had more than one, my computer seemed to attract more viruses & spyware :(....What do you think? Should I or shouldn't I?...........Thanx

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  • Medical question!!!!.......Please Help?

    While I was growing up, my mom used to slap my upside my head alot (lol it sounds funny I know); from ages 16-24 I got beat by my ex bf, most of the time, him slamming my head into the walls, most of the walls being stucco cement...and at age 17, I was in a fight, while I was on top hitting her, her friend came and kicked me solid in the back of my head 3 times, right above my neck. I saw a light flash, my ears rang & nearly passed out.When they broke us up, I got up and walked away with slightly blurred vision. Ever since those times, I've been having migrane headaches, so severe I throw up..and my memory is really short..I mean, I remember things from when I was like 3 til now, but some ppl I used to talk to come up to me & I don't remember who they are, my short term memory's shot, I don't remember appointments or simple things like where I left my keys 5 minutes ago, even forgetting If I said asked something, repeating the question 20 seconds later...So, did the hits cause these?

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  • Is doing this safe for my computer???

    I was told that if I turn off my computer whenever I'm not using it, it'll last one person..........then I was told by another person that if I do this, it'll waste my memory and actually make my computer get problems sooner.......So which is right?....What I've been doing since I bought it is just close the browser & leave the computer on...letting it go into sleep mode on it's own.......thanx..........DreO

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  • What kind of oil is in back of my parent's big screen??!! HELLLP?

    My dad has a 52" Crosley big screen projection t.v...He's low on his budget, so taking it in to a repair shop may empty his pockets..He's skilled in fixing electronics & wanted to do it himself...but I told him to wait til i find out exactly WHAT KIND OF OIL IT IS to put in the lamps?..What happened when he was cleaning the lamps is he accidentally spilled a little of the oil & now the picture on the screen is "fisheyed"...Is there anywhere I can find the oil to replace in the lamps??.....Also, IS IT SAFE TO DO AT HOME?...The T.V's around 10 yrs old :(.....your helps appreciated :)...thx...DreO

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  • Which Car Of These Would You Choose???

    Hi...I'm gonna buy a new car..well, actually trade in my '05 Malibu LS...I'm kinda torn between these 5 cars..can you help me to choose which one's the best? Please keep in mind that I'm looking for a SMOOTH RIDE, GAS EFFICIENT, SPEED & FEATURES...The cars are as follow:

    1. '08 Toyota Camry, white, 4 dr, tinted windows & rims, 4 cyl

    2. '08 Toyota Yaris, blue, 2 dr

    3. '08 Toyota Scion TC, frosty/ice blue, 161 hp engine

    4. '08 Toyota Scion XD, 1.8L 128 hp dual VVT-1 engine, black

    5. '08 Mitsubishi Eclipse, metallic blue..badass ride..(haha).....

    OK...I didn't get to test drive these yet, since I went to the lot on a Sunday to avoid dealer, can you tell me, in your opinion what you'd get?.....and the reason please?...THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME IN MY DECISION :) :)


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  • Steve...........Where's Steve??


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  • Got Cheating.....?

    There's a question on here that goes: "How difficult is snooker compared to pool as in billiards"....the person who got best answer had 3 bad votes...but 2 votes @67%...there was a person who had 4 good votes with 1 bad...he didn't win what I'm asking is, how the hell does something like that happen??...I think someone's cheating on here or, I'm not taking this thing too serious...just think it's funny how sh*t like this happens.......=P....DreO

    **OH, AND I ALSO THINK IT'S FUNNY HOW when you're posting your question, it tells you.. "please do not use ALL CAPS. It's rude."..this is the frickin' computer!..who the hell gets offended by someone using CAPS??!! sh*t's getting dumber and dumber.........lmmfao

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  • Plz Help Me Find The Name Of This Cartoon Strip/Book?

    I had a flashback of a comic strip or child's book I used to read about a little kid who used to get into mischief..I forgot the name of it..It's NOT Dennis the menace's about a little kid with his/her hair in a ponytail that stuck straight up & messy..One particular part I remember is him/her trying to bake something in the oven for his mom as a surprise, he overdoes it & the food starts bubbling out of the oven, all over the floor, & he scoops it up and starts eating it...and it's sticky...i'm not sure if he has an imaginary friend or not, but there's always something or someone there with him in his/her mischiefs.....please help me remember and find the name of might start with a "P"...i'm not sure...the era I read it was in the 80' it might be a "70's -80's" strip/book....the book wasn't in a magazine style like Marvel either......THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING!! :D :D :D

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  • Pool/Snooker/Billiards question? Are You Educated??

    see...I was out on the town shopping for a customized cue case..I've seen a brochure of a store/pool hall called the SharkShooter Billiards/Pool Hall selling/making them, but when I walked in, I saw nothing but fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing items, rifles, magazines, demo deer, Yahoo pool disks, Yahoo pool help handbooks, swimming pool cleaners, hoses & the such..I asked the clerk if he knew where I could find the cue case dealer, since I got directions for his store, & seen the brochure..He told me that he does indeed sell nothing but billiards supplies...the only reason why he had all this other crap in his store is due to the mere fact that he got tired of all the ppl who don't know how to read & didn't have proper education always coming into his store, with him having nothing to do about he may as well kill 2 birds with one about the confusion i had on my face when i approached the store....damn...i wonder...should I get a job there & chase out all the ppl & put the proper stuff on display? Or should I just go along and take it up the tail pipe as did the owner?..........waddya think Johnny???

    Dre O

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  • Name My Cue.."J&J".....WHAT IS IT???!!!?

    Ok..I Bought A Cue Stick From Someone Up In Denver Recently...No, I Didn't Pay Much, But I Fell In Love With It, And My Stroke Is Hella Nicer With It..It's Just....Me :)....But The Problem Is, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS :(..I Thought It Was A Viking When I Got It...But It Dont Have "Viking" On It..It Has The Letters "J&J" On The BottomOf The Butt..HaHa, And No, It's Not Johnson & Johnson. :P It's Only 17 Oz..So, Can anyone plz tell me what it is?...And If you find it on a site somewhere...and how much they're worth...Much Luv..DRE O**WOW, I ASKED A QUESTION**

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