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  • Song Stay With Me???

    At the end of Ghost Whisperer tonight I heard a song called "Stay With Me". Now I remember hearing this song in the late eighties I think. I cannot remember who sings it or how it goes but the woman who sang it on the show sang it slow and sweet. No its not the Shakespeares Sister one. I've been searching for anf hour straight now. Please help

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  • Anyone know anything about USB ports?

    Ok here goes... My USB port doesn't exist in my system anymore. Well it does but if you look for it in the hardware its not there. It worked fine 2 weeks ago but a few days a ago I plugged in my camera and got nothing. So I tried the printer...nothing. When I looked in my hardware it wasn't even listed. Now the computer was built for me by a friend a year and a half ago so I have no clue whats in it (brand wise) other than I run on XP. If someone could give me a nudge in the right direction on getting this fixed I would be so grateful. My baby girls birthday pics are on that dang camera and without the USB working I can't get them off :-(

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  • There is a song by Jo Dee Messina thats on her myspace page and I can't find it to buy/download! Help!?

    The song is called "I'm Home" I have checked everywhere I can think of and can't find it. Its not even listed in any of her albums on her web page. Any ideas?

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  • Antique silver sugar bowl with a crown emblem, intitials SA, and numbers 847A on bottom...?

    Any ideas where I can find out what its worth or where it was made or anything?

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  • Interenet Explorer keeps telling me it cannot display web page....ANY web page. Please help.?

    The computer having problems is my husbands. He can't get on any webpages at all. Not yahoo, mysapce, ebay, NOTHING. The following message displays:

    Internet Explorer can't display the webpage. Most likely causes

    The website is temporarily unavailable.

    The Domain Name Server (DNS) isn't reachable.

    The Domain Name Server (DNS) doesn't have a listing for the website's domain.

    If this is an HTTPS (secure) address, click Tools, click Internet Options, click Advanced, & check to be sure the SSL and TLS protocols are enabled under the security section.

    Etc..... We have DSL & run a router thing so both pcs can use the dsl box. Mine works fine, his won't & we've had it hooked up this way since Feb & are just now having a problem. His myspace im & yahoo im both work. We can send messages back & forth all day but no webpages at all. I hope I've given enough info. PLEASE HELP!

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  • Internet Explorer not responding. What do we do?

    My husbands computer is connected to the internet just fine but when we try to bring up yahoo or any web page it says the browser isn't working. It says to refresh the page or check internet connections. We've done this and still aren't having any luck. Please help.

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  • I'm looking for a game called Moster Madness or Roof Rats to download or paly online.?

    This game, or one like it, came standard on some pcs awhile back and I've seen similar ones on gaming machines at convenience stores. It could also be called Monster Madness or Roof Rats. You get rid of colored blocks to save the monsters on top of the blocks. Please help.

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  • My computer says there may not be a sound device. Whats this mean?

    This is what it actually says...."Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly."

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  • What type of spider is this?

    No I did not get a picture but to discribe it as easily as was awful, YUCK! lol. It was probablly the size of a half dollar coin and a reddish orange color. It had markings similar to the zipper spiders I see everywhere but the markings were the same color as it was only in different shades. Fond a couple of pictures of spiders that looked similar but none like it and I have never seen one before. It worries me because my kids play out there and the web it was making stretched several least 3 to 4 feet. Please someone help me figure this out or point me in the direction of a site that might help me identify it. I live in South Caroline by the way. If that even helps.

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  • I live in SC . Am trying to identify redish colored spider I saw this morning in a web that stretched 3 feet.?

    I got out of my car this morning and ran slap into a web that stretched 3 to 4 feet from a bush to my front porch. This spider landed on the sleeve of my jacket and was immediatly slapped off with the newspaper I was holding. I didn't get the best of looks at it because I was strangled with fear but to the best of my knowledge heres what I saw. The spider had a body at least the size of a half dollar not including legs. It was a red color that almost looked see through but not quite. I have never seen one before and being as I am terrified of spiders I truly hope never to see it again. I did not get a chance to see if it had markings of any kind. Please someone let me know if they can identify it. I have 3 children who play in that area of the yard and would really like to know if its dangerous.

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