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Just a good ol boy, never meanin no harm.... Im 30, Im from and reside in Massachusetts, Im married, and I have 2 very large purebred Alaskan Malamutes and 2 indoor cats. Interests: Anything and everything dog, specifically working and sporting breeds (very specifically Arctic spitz-type breeds and Molosser type breeds) Guns, Hunting and Fishing, Camping. Weightlifting- specifically powerlifting (RAW) and Strongman Competing (currently a heavyweight, 231+ weight class, will be a 201-230lb by next year! and should be able to really kick A$$ in that group!) Gardening- specifically indoor and hydroponic gardening, but also organic outdoor. Biology and Science- BS, Pre-Medicine, work as an Analytical Chemist in the Pharma/Biotech industry in the Boston area.

  • Anyone know where I can find a plastic protector for a sectional couch?

    i know, I know... I sound like an old italian lady but Im trying to find a protector for a sectional I just purchased so my 2 big dogs wont destroy them (one of them will pee on it!, thus I need the plastic)....

    (ps, we are training it out of them but need these for now....)

    Anyone know? Thanks .

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  • I want to hook my laptop up to my TV wirelessly....?

    Have a Thinkpad T410, has tons of ports. HDMI, USBs, etc.

    TV is an HDTV, has a USB and an HDMI port right on the wide. I know I can get a HDMI to HDMI cord, but I want to connect wirelessly....

    What do I need? send links if possible? They Must make a wireless HDMI connection? no?

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  • Any idea on average cost to clear an acre of land?

    Stumps, 3ft diameter rocks, plenty of large pines, etc. Cleared, leveled and made ready to turn into a yard... any idea? Heard somewhere around $8,000 an acre....

    Any excavators or landscape construction or loggers/ landowners inputs would be appreciated.

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  • HD Antennas- what should I know, what should I get?

    I am no longer going to stay with Comcast. Too expensive. Im thinking HD Antenna but when picking one out, how do I find what I need? ...

    Any advice, guidance, etc. will be helpful.

    I have a 46 inch 1080dpi Sharp TV.

    (Plan to use hulu and netflix as well, just cant pay $185 a month any longer from Comcast)

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  • Laptop built in webcam, need to install a driver to get it to work?

    Hi guys, help me out, my knowledge of this stuff is limited.

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T 460. I had a friend of mine wipe the hard drive, install Windows 7 Ultimate and MS Office. (It was virus laden and not worth cleaning.. newer version of windows installed too.. easiest route was to wipe it clean)

    He did not install a driver for the built in webcam.. so it isnt working... my question is, is it as simple as going to or some site and installing the correct webcam driver?

    What do I have to install to get my webcam to work?

    Thanks guys

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  • Ethical Issue, Hunting specialty big game for sport. right or wrong?

    Now Im not preaching, not a liberal... not an anti-gunner (have several), etc.

    Just finishin up a hunters safety course and have a question I'd like some serious input on:

    Im taking the course to become a licensed hunter, I feel like most hunters do, that venison, turkey, upland birds etc make great meals.. means to feed the family w good wild fed, organic properly and humanely harvested meats. I respect the sport, the idea of "Fair Chase" and the ideals surrounding preservation.

    WHat I am having a hard time grasping is the ethics of hunting specialized large game for fur or trophy. For Eg, if I was made of money and had the time; I could hop a jet, fly to South America and hunt a Jaguar. I could fly to Africa and hunt an elephant, lion or leopard...etc.

    Is this ethically and morally right? Legality aside (it can be legal, but not ethical.. and vice versa) but is it ETHICAL to kill an animal for fur or rack, not harvest it for meat and use all that you can use off that animal?

    If you've ever done a Safari or exotic locale hunt, what was it for and why did you want to hunt it? Thrill of the chase, pelt or food?

    Just want hunter's opinions...

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  • One of my Mals has the beginnings of Cataracts... how much is a surgery?

    My 6 yo Malamute purebred has some cataracts starting in his eye. Vet said not to worry they will be slow to grow but eventually he will either need surgery or use one eye to see.

    I'd like to start saving for the surgery, but not sure on what the cost is of this type of specialty surgery... anyone ever go to a canine opthamologist for doggy cataracts surgery?


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  • Hey, need your help with clever Dog related quotes for a custom Christmas card?

    Hi Dog section,

    My wife and I got our 2 Malamutes to sit and pose with Santa (no easy task!!), We are sending out christmas cards with them on it this year and the photographer said she can custom print whatever we want the card to say. Instead of just Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we were thinking of doing a dog related card with some clever dog related Christmas wishes.

    I just think "have a doggone Merry Christmas" or "From our Kennel to yours" is too corny, anyone got any good ideas? Thanks in advance!

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  • Recipe for marinara sauce from fresh roma tomatoes?

    I grew 12 roma tomato plants this summer in hopes of making batches of fresh sauce from scratch.... no tomato sauce from a can for this guinzo!

    So, does anyone have a good, simple recipe for homemade red sauce? By simple I dont mean "easy to make", I mean pureness of ingredients (fresh romas, fresh basil from the garden, fresh onions from the garden, etc)


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  • Porcupines: how do I bait a nuisance porcupine and what caliber?

    We have a porcupine that has been around our house for a while... last night my dogs (on leash) went outside to go pee and the little bugger was right there at our steps, so the dogs lunged at him and got a face and mouth full of quills! Blood, painful crying, yelping etc and a trip to the late night ER Vet that topped out at $1,600 was the result...

    Im sick of this porcupine, Im gonna bait him with food and stake out at dusk/night... I was thinking dry cat food? maybe wet cat food?

    Also, heard they are tough little bastards so I was gonna use hollow point .22LR from about 20-30 yds but shall I go bigger? 12 gauge buck with a choke? I also have a Rem 700 in 300WinMag caliber but that's too much round for him....

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  • Positive reinforcement as I start crate training an adult dog, training tips and ideas needed?

    Back story-

    We rescued an Alaskan Malamute from an animal hoarder- she was in real bad shape when we got her.. Emaciated and easily 40lbs underweight, bacterial and fungal infection in both ears, Staph infection on her skin, etc. We fixed her up nicely! About 3 months ago we had our first "real issue" with her--- she ate a baseball hat, a tube sock and a cat toy. Tube sock and baseball hat came up, but cat toy got stuck in her stomach and we spent the $2,300 on life saving surgery..

    We changed food, started free feeding and really cleaned up our home after this, determined that it wouldnt happen again.... . but last week she did it again! She's extremely tall and very large (39inches at the top of the head and 140lbs) and she can reach counters and tabletops with ease!

    Went to the vet, did a barium X ray ($300) and found it was a "sock or some type of material in her instestines"..... We just can't afford a 2nd surgery for $2300! We've already spent over $4,000 on this dog in the last 8 months with all her medical problems! She seems to have passed this sock on her own after a touch and go few nights of lethargy, she seems to be back to her old self, eating and drinking (and not vomiting), thank God!

    We just spent $200 on an XXL dog crate, since she's proven herself to us and the vet to have "canine pica"... a small price to pay to ensure this doesnt happen again while we are at work! We've never crate trained before and certainly havent with an adult dog--- so I implore you, Dog Section, please provide me with some tips and training ideas to make this new crate a positive experience and a safe, private place for our troublesome Mal!

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Who would you give the "Biggest Drop Off From Last Season Award" to?

    Who had a stellar year or rose from obscurity last season or even 2008-2009, only to let down people this season? There are quite a few this year.... Drew Doughty, Mike Green, Vinny Lecavalier, etc.

    My vote is Mike Green.... from "can not be contained" last year to this year's lackluster performance thus far..... How does he get co-captainship at the all-star game, his performance this year doesn't warrant that.

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  • Varlamov or Nik Backstrom??? Who would you rather have as your goalie?

    Easy enough.... Nik Backstrom (G- Minn Wild) is on the Free Agent list up for grabs.. I have Varly and Im thinking about dropping him for Backstrom.

    Your thoughts: yey or ney?

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  • Anyone know a good website for wildlife track Identification?

    Found some tracks back on the property that are strange and very large...... Thought perhaps moose but its not cloven hoofed, thought maybe a skewed black bear track but the gait isn't right for a bear...I want to take a picture of it and submit it to a site for ID, anyone know any good ones?

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  • Seafood Stuffed Mushroom fillings---- what is a good recipe?

    I bought stuffing mushrooms, here was my plan just going off my head, no recipe perse:

    Chop up the stalks, add italian flavored panko bread crumbs, garlic chopped, onion chopped, salt and pepper, old bay seasoning, lump crab meat 2 cans, and an egg.......

    Does this sound OK or am I missing some thing like cheese or something:?

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  • Martin Brodeur- Is he finished?

    While this is a fantasy hockey question for me, it goes beyond just my team..... (I have Brodeur but am thinking about just dropping him to waivers, who'd have thought 45 wins and shutout leader would be this bad this year!)

    Do you think the Devils will underachieve all year? Do you think Brodeur gets hot and shows that late 30 something self still has some gas in the tank? Or is this the end of Brodeur?

    Bonus- Are we witnessing the twilight of other star's careers this year too, ie. Alfreddson?

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  • Daniel Alfredsson- WTF is wrong with him and the Sens? Does he turn it around 2nd half of the season?

    He hasnt scored in 7 games! He is having some big trouble this year and isn't the same guy as last...

    I just dropped him for Ryane Clowe (I like how him and Logan Couture have been playing!)

    Do you think Alfie turns it around 2nd half of the season or are he and the Sens done?!

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  • Flyers Fans- Bobrovsky or Boucher; Who's starting more games until Leighton comes back?

    Fantasy hockey league...

    I have Bobrovsky, and he's done well. But not that Boucher's back, he's been starting to show signs of taking the job for now.

    I dont follow the Flyers (Im still bitter....Im a Bruins fan!) but I could use some help figuring whether to drop Bobrovsky for Boucher or let Bobrovsky ride for a while?

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  • Can anyone recommend a wall paper remover that works well?

    Ive heard DIF doesnt work,

    Ive heard hot water and vinegar, along with scoring pad and a wallpaper knife (scrappin knife ala putty knife) works well

    Im not renting a steamer, there's just not that much wallpaper to take down....

    Anyone got any suggestions or used anything that worked quickly and effectively?

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