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  • Is this a healthy diet? My doctor recommended it, but I"m not so sure.?

    A littel background---Just had my yearly medical checkup. I am overweight, have high cholesterol(on meds so numbers are in normal range) , low thyroid (latest tests are normal) and am in the pre-diabetic range in glucose. Watching my caloric intake on my own--NO white flour carbs, and only about 4 servings per day of complex carbs(15g. per serving). Heavy on vegetables, raw and cooked--and minimal fruit. No red meat--chicken, beans and fish. Eating whole foods and low GI as much as possible--NO fast food or prepackaged diet dinners. My stressful job has made it hard to exercise, but I didn't gain any weight over the past year--in fact I lost 5 pounds.

    My doctor and I talked about how I can lose more weight. I mentioned joining Weight Watchers because i had success with it in the past to get the weight loss moving and to keep me honest as well as getting out of work at a reasonable hour to exercise to get rid of stress. He wants me to go on a vegan diet--but the kind he does. Here is what he says I can and can't have---NO meat (too many chemicals, hormones) no dairy including yogurt (he says casseine in milk products causes cancer), no carb from pasta, rice, bread, oats etc. (because of glucose), no fruit (becausee of glucose). All he wants me to eat is a HUGE salad every meal full of raw veggies and some balsamic vinegar. I can have some legumes-as long as low GI. He says this will not only help me lose weight but cure me of my cholesterol and pre-diabetic issues. I told him I'd try--but a week into it and I'm tired all the time, cranky and HATE eating nothing but salad. He insists if I keep on it, I'll enjoy it so much (like he does) I won't want anything else. I'm afraid I'm going to end up going off the wagon. Is this to restrictive or healthy to keep up? My friend who is a nurse says it's tantamount to failure as I can't keep up the restrictive eating pattern. My other friend says that his claims that eating this kind of diet curing disease doesn'tt sound like solid science-sounds more like a fad diet. I'm curious what others think--is this a solid diet or too restrictivee to keep on long term?

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