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  • Can a PA car dealer sell a used car that won't pass inspection?

    I bought an SUV they said they just got it in and hadn't had it inspected yet I told them I wanted a vehicle with an inspection sticker already didn't want to pour more money in. they were so hungry to sell it they told me I could go to there car shop the next morning to get a sticker. I did then all of a sudden it didn't pass inspection. Minor piddle things like washer fluid motor but when he said the shocks I was surprised because none of the lights were on. This car was inspected and passed NY inspection just 5 months befor and less then 3000 miles. While waiting for an opening at their shop I brought it down to another place and they said the shock would pass inspection. But because they at the dealership red flagged it he wouldn't fix and inspect. Does anyone know the laws?

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  • What happens when u default on a car title loan?

    Like can u be arrested? I got duped into a car title loan thinking that if I made the payments I would be able to finish paying for it. I borrowed 1000 and each month paid 340 on the paperwork it said that I would pay a total of 1200 but it seemed like each month the balance got higher, like it was 958 I paid 340 and it went to 618 and when I went to pay the next month I forgot the balance still owed so I called and she said 988 I was like WHAT? so after I paid the 1200 the balance kept getting higher so I stopped what is going to happen?

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  • How can I get my computer back to reg size text?

    My daughter was playing Webkinz and when she was done everything text and pic wise was small. I tried having her go back into webkinz but there is no edit or anything of the sort. How can I get my pages I go to, to go back to normal?

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  • Where can I find values of Yugi-oh and naruto? cards.?

    I really don't want to hear check ebay cause anyone can put any price they want. I have a bunch of first edition and limited edition cards my son wanted to throw away when he went off to college. Trying to see if I made a good investment or not.

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  • Can you get a home equity loan for yourself if there are 2 on the deed?

    I bought a house with my mother 20 years ago. The house has been paid off for about 10 years now. She is elderly and living in the house with my 18 y/o son. He is going to be going to college in the fall and she was thinking of moving to a senior apt. I want to move there and she said she would take her name off the deed. There are repairs that are needed and need to get a home equity loan. But I dont know exactly when she is moving cause there are waiting lists etc. Could I apply for a HQL now by myself or does she need to be on it? I would like to get the things fixed asap cause one is a side roof that rain gets in.

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  • My 7 y/o daughter 2 front teeth were pulled during a cleaning when will they grow in?

    my daughter had an appointment to get her teeth checked and cleaned. Her two front teeth were not loose to my knowledge. I am in the bathroom when she brushes never said they were loose. She goes in to get the cleaning her father was back there. The hygienist said that her front teeth were loose and that the dr would pull them out. Her father didnt know that they havent been loose before and was just going on the word of the lady. The hygienist said that the cleaning was difficult since they were loose. so the dr pulled them, she said it hurt. Now this was at the end of May, I was told that we should be starting to see the new teeth in a few days. The end of June I took her to another dr cause they werent coming in. They said that they will come in eventually. But here it is halfway thru Aug and nothing. her gums are puffy but they have been like that since day one. I keep telling her they are going to come in but even I am starting to doubt that. Will pulling them early have an effect on when they do come in? What would you do if you were in my situation?

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  • Can you make buffalo chicken dip without cream cheese?

    stupid me looked online at walmarts ad and saw franks red hot chicken dip and it showed the ranch dressing, the hot sauce and the chicken. no cream cheese so I while I was at Walmart I picked them up. then looked for the recipe and see it says cream cheese. there is no way I am going out again just for cream cheese and would really like this for tonights game any suggestions?

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  • If two people buy a house, and there is a falling out how can one sell?

    My mother and I bought a house back in 93, I was working and paying rent which was suppose to go toward rent etc. well its been paid for since 98 and I no longer live there. My mother and I have had a falling out and I am out of the family. So my question is, Can she sell the house without me? She claims I took her idenity and signed apts all over town, but I didnt, I havent lived in that town since 07. There is no talking to her, she is set in her ways so I wanted to know what I can do if she tries to sell the house without me.

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  • How long does it take to get SSDI when you have an automatic acceptance.?

    I am wondering how long it takes from when you file for SSDI to when you get your first payment. My husband has total renal failure so I was told he would automatically be approved for medicare and SSDI. He just wants to know how long from point a to b because financially things are bad. I am on SSDI and its only 815 and for a family of 3 well you know how that goes. anyone know.

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  • My husband is on dialysis and I am getting confused as to the things he can not eat.?

    He went into acute renal failure on Memorial Day (35y/o) He is now getting dialysis 3 times a week. We have spoken with the nutritionist there but from the lists she gave me to the lists on the kidney site for people with dialysis they differ greatly. Just one point is nuts. on the list of do not eat it says under high potassium no nuts/peanut butter. but I went to the kidney website for a dialysis menu and the snack said mixed nuts. So I am totally confused. They also told him to eat alot of protein/meats etc but all the menu's have chicken turkey etc. They also said to stay away from wheat based foods but in the breakfast they have wheat as part of a cereal mix. I am soo confused as to who I should listen to if you have any suggestions that would be great. He has other issues besides the kidney failure he also has pericarditis (fluid around the heart) a blood clot in his leg, and high blood pressure for which is is on medicine for all of these. but there was not restrictions in eating from them. well except for the salt but that is part of the dialysis do not eat anyways.

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  • How do you transfer files from an internal to an external hard drive?

    I received a HP netbook but need to transfer the files to an external hard drive then I can keep the netbook. How exactly does one do this? My friend tried to do it like he did before on a reg computer but it didn't work. This is a netbook and its going to an external hard drive.

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  • Can a cop give you a ticket after the fact?

    I am confused because this has never happened to me before. I got pulled over for an expired sticker. I was told get it inspected and bring it to the police dept to show it before 5 pm the next day. I went to get it inspected. it failed(tail pipe)the garage didn't have any failed stickers so I have to get it fixed the next day. Can he still come by and give me a ticket? or mail it to me?

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  • What are the tax credits HR Block finds that I cant?

    My bf did his taxes at HR Block last year and got a sizable refund. The IRS actually found a problem and fixed it. Cant remember the exact amount they charged but it was substantial for something I use to do myself when I had to file. I tried doing his taxes this year to see how they get all these credits but alas I only came up with eic for 350. He work for about 1500-2000 the year of HR Block. and this year unfortunately he only made 840 We have one child and I do not have to file taxes because I am on disability and do not work. I also can not claim our child. So could anyone tell me what is soooo magical about HR Block how do they find these deductions? I think last year he said it was an additional child tax credit but I tried looking at that and it said he didn't qualify. Then of course he talks to his brothers who made more then him and they are like yeah you get 1800 per kid I haven't seen that anywhere. I just need a point in the right direction.

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  • does anyone know a kids school song that goes something like this.?

    Alabama Arizona Arkansas and Florida California Maryland Kentucky and Nevada.? I remember this from school about 30? or 28 years ago. it went with the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy I think.

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  • I have leg quarters and want to make chicken pot pie or chicken and dumplings .?

    I have only made these before with boneless skinless chicken breasts. so what I need to know is do I cook them first? or just take all the meat off and then boil it? also how long do i boil them since they have bones.

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  • how many exits must you have in your apt?

    I just realized in my apt that i just moved into last month there is just one exit. its 2 floors on a hill so the bedroom window is basically 3 stories. Every other apt I have ever had was either 2 doors out front back/side or front and fire escape. Is there a place I can look up to see if its the law? I live in luzurne county pa.

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  • how bad is only 40% of your kidneys are working?

    husband goes in for a blood clot in his leg that has since traveled from back of calf which was at another hospital on monday to up to the knee at a different hospital. didnt get good care at first hospital. but when they were running tests at new hospital they said his kidneys were working at only 40% he has known his kidneys were bad but OMG is this seriously bad?

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  • where can i find a CIF single chip driver download online?

    I tried to google it and came up with alot but when i get to the sites I didn't find the driver. My husband just got admitted to the hospital and will be there a while and I can not get there so he brought the laptop. He told me there was an old webcam in the box with all the wires and I found it I haven't a clue which brand. its got a lower case i and a swirl going thru it kind of looking like a c but its not. when I go to install it it says its a CIF single chip it goes looking for it and doesn't find the necessary hardware. am I able to download it from the web? it has never been installed on this computer heck I didn't even know we had it. My little girl is only 4 and she keeps saying daddy can you see me daddy look look and I feel SO bad because I cant figure this thing out. He may be there for a while (kidneys and blood clot) and hasn't been away from her for more then a day so she needs to have him see her. I know it sounds silly but it is what it is. any help?

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  • How long should you be hospitalized for DVT?

    My husband finally went to the ER with his severe leg pain. and told him he had DVT. He has no insurance. He was hospitalized monday mid afternoon given shots of the drug that starts with an H. as of last night when he called he said that they took out his IV and was going home in the morning (wed) I have been reading around and it says that they should be taking that med for 5 days. He said that there is going to be a nurse coming to give him shots but I doubt that I think they are just trying to get him out because he doesn't have insurance. They gave him forms for medical assistance but as everyone knows that takes time. Is this correct? to get him out this early? and is there really going to be a nurse coming by? we live in the boonies. and dont have a car so he would be using a bus which is very infrequent. I was able to go see him yesterday for an hour but the Dr wasn't available to talk to me about this. He has tried to understand the dr but with pain meds and not being able to sleep (they wont give him anything for the sleep either) he cant really comprehend everything he is saying. He did remember the Dr. saying that the clot was big. any suggestions what I should do? also he is 34

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