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  • My parents don't agree with my relationship?

    I'm 18 and he's 21 and he's just a simple worker in a factory. My parents say that they don't agree with him just because I should have better expectations of my life even though they didn't even graduate high school. I have a bad relationship with them and they argue all the time and blame me for the fact that they work for me and don't have time to look out for their ilnesses (even if they actually afford to go to a doctor, but they say they're putting money aside for me). They always yell at me because of school, even though I try my best and I got good grades, but they just don't seem to acknowledge that. They don't want me to see my boyfriend at all and yell at me whenever I go out to see him and keep bringing up sex and my sexual life, always telling me that I'll get pregnant, even though I use protection every time. I cry every day because of them. I'm tired of them and I can't keep with them anymore. They argue every day and my head is full of insults, yelling and bad things. They call me a whore and say bad things about my boyfriend every day. I'm old enough to stand up and protect myself, but I'm too scared because they made me feel like a piece of **** in front of them. I don't have the courage to confront them.

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  • I feel like my ex is playing games with me?

    We broke up in August 2018 for a stupid reason. I was still in love with him and I was messaging him apologies. He said he would never forgive me though. In December he wanted to meet me but I said no. In March he messaged me again because he needed some help with a project for college. I said that the next time he should message me just for the sake of seeing how I am doing. He said that he would never do that.

    In May his best friend started to talk to me. I kinda liked him. We went on a date and my ex was there too. He was still saying that he would never forgive me, but he kept looking at my body and saying that I look good and things like that. He even said something like ”I need to go to the bathroom because my little friend out there is feeling alone.” At some point, his best friend started to kiss and touch me and my ex was trying to avoid looking at us. We became a couple after a while, but it did not last too long. His best friend told me that my ex said some terrible things about me and I questioned him about those lies. They eventually got into a fight. They were not friends anymore. I also found out that my ex had a girlfriend (even by the time I had my date with his best friend). Yesterday I saw that he messaged me on facebook saying ”hi.” What the heck? Is he trying to play games with me?

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