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  • My computer does not detect my harddrive.?

    It all started kinda weird. Everytime I started the computer it will never reach my desktop, it will restart itself during the windows boot process. Well I decided to re-install windows since I figure something went wrong with the Master Booting Record. I deleted the partitions on the hard drive and then went ahead and reformated the hard drive. After the format I went ahead and created a partition to install the fresh copy of Windows XP. It started to copy all the files to install Windows and it just stopped at around 53%, so I just went ahead and restarted the process. This time the computer said that there was no hardrive installed. Now not even BIOS recognizes it even though it's set to auto recognition. Help Please, I will appreciate any information

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  • Any russian speakers. I need a translation.?

    What does this mean?

    Sposibo za pokupku

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  • C: drive & D: drive somehow got swaped.?

    my C: drive shows 13GB of memory while my D: drive shows 55GB of memory.

    Funny thing is all the correct files are on the C: drive and it's using 93%(programs, documents, music, pictures, etc...).

    My D: drive has only four files and is using only 1%.

    I want to designate the drive with the most memory available as the local C: drive. How can I accomplish that?..

    Thanks in advance for the time and the help, appreciate it.

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  • I am New MagicJack user. Concerns about hidden billing.?

    Hello, I just purchased my very 1st MagicJack plug, my question is for people that have used this gadget for at leat more that 3 months. Have you been charged for anything at all after installing the device? If so, what were you charged for?. Have you heard anything from anybody about hidden charges?


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  • 90 Volvo 780 6 cylinders??

    Hello, my friend has the mention above vehicle. During real sunny days the car shut off and it takes a few minutes to turn on again. Sometimes when it real sunny the car won't start until the day cools off.

    I used to have the same problem on my car, I was told to change the camshaft position sensor and all my problems went away.

    In my friends case, that particular year did not have this sensor or it was named something else. What is it?

    1999 and beyond they started putting this sensor in this model or they begun calling it camshaft position sensor. Please guide me to clarify my question.

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  • Free download Acrobat reader not adobe reader?

    Basically I want to scan a document and be able to save it as a pdf file. I know that I need Acrobat reader. A lot of members mistake this with Adobe reader with only reads the files.

    I want to scan a file and be able to save a as a pdf file. How can I do it otherwise.

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  • HP Presario 6000?

    How can I find the total amount of RAM that I can add to this computer.


    CPU Celeron

    CPU speed 1400 Mhz/100 Mhz

    Cache RAM 256 k

    Core version 6.0

    Bios Revision 3.08 08/07/02

    This computer has only to slots to place the memory.

    I got rid of two 128mb sticks(256bm).

    I added two 512mb sticks but it's only recognizing a total of 256mb like before.

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  • Help with a Compaq presario 6000?

    How can I get to the BIOS menu? I installed a 512mb stick and it's only reading 128mb(weird). I want to get to BIOS menu, maybe I can configure the RAM from there. Any other suggestions to solve the problem. The computer only has two slots to place the RAM. I got rid of two 128mb sticks and installed one 512mb. I ordered the memory specifically for this pc. Help

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  • Are all computer processors the same.?

    I have an HP pc and has a processor with a 1.40 mhz. I want to update to a faster processor 2.80mhz. Will any 2.80mhz processor be compatible with my machine.

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  • Can anyone recommend a computer program to create animation to pictures.?

    I would like to ad animated electrical effects or thunder effects to my pictures. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.

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